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FTR #88 Update On the Oklahoma City Bombing

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Although much of the American public has turned their attention to other matters, new information continues to come to light concerning America’s most significant terrorist incident. These segments highlight some of that information, including a grand jury investigation underway in Oklahoma City (as of mid-1997.) That investigation has turned up considerable evidence of the participation of additional people in the bombing. These segments explore some of the international elements figuring in the investigation, including evidentiary tributaries leading in the direction of Latin America and Europe. FBI investigators have uncovered evidence of connections between participants in a 1994 bombing in Argentina and Tom Metzger’s White Aryan Resistance group, alleged by some to have included convicted OK City bomber Timothy McVeigh. Alleged to have participated in the milieu implicated in the bombing, White supremacists Kirk Lyons and Dennis Mahon are both connected to Bernd Schmitt, a German Nazi martial instructor whose trainees include participants in a deadly firebomb attack in Germany. Schmitt doubles as a German government operative. The segments also include: sworn testimony of a former ATF informant concerning the involvement in the bombing of German national Andreas Strassmeier; discussion of the death of one of the people involved with convening the Oklahoma grand jury investigation; discussion of possible connections between the bombing and the Aryan Nation Nazi organization; and analysis of why the contention that “the Government” blew up the Murrah Building is probably incorrect.


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