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FTR #89 The Nazi Anthrax Scare of 1998

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In February of 1998, the reported attempt by a Nazi activist to bring military grade anthrax into Las Vegas generated headlines. Acting in conjunction with a businessman named William Leavitt, “former” Aryan Nation member Larry Harris was reportedly transporting the deadly biological weapon by automobile. Eventually, it was determined that Harris possessed an anthrax vaccine, and not weapons-grade anthrax. Nonetheless, serious questions remain concerning the incident. Harris had been convicted of ordering bubonic plague bacteria via the mail. He claimed at the time that he had worked for the CIA (a claim that has been rebuffed) and that he was working with the bacteria because he sought to protect the U.S. against biological weapons smuggled into the United States by Iraqi nationals working for Saddam Hussein. Harris has continued to hold forth on the subject of biological weapons, claiming that he was working to protect the U.S. against an attack with biological weapons. Critics have claimed that his efforts are actually a “how-to,” instructional course on developing, not neutralizing such weapons. Harris and Leavitt were reportedly seeking to obtain radar detectors, police scanners and other devices that could hardly be used for “vaccine production.” Harris has warned that attempts by the government and law enforcement to interfere with attempts to create a white-supremacist breakaway state in the Pacific Northwest would be met with biological terror attacks on American cities. Significantly, Leavitt owned a biological laboratory in Frankfurt, Germany (experts on BW weaponry have noted that a laboratory used for vaccine development can be readily utilized for biological weapons production.) Assertions by German authorities that they could not find the laboratory should be viewed with great skepticism.


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