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FTR #95 Fascism in Europe

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The SS were the deadliest and most feared part of the Third Reich. In early 1998, residual elements of the SS were manifesting themselves publicly. This program details a march by Latvian Waffen SS veterans, including participation by important Latvian governmental officials. Controversy over their participation led to the resignation of several of them. In Austria as well, Waffen SS veterans have been making their presence felt. Already shaken by the rise of Jörg Haider (the so-called “yuppie fascist” discussed in an earlier series available from Spitfire), Austria experienced renewed controversy when Austrian Waffen SS vets launched a high-profile protest against a traveling exposition about the participation by the German Wehrmacht in Nazi crimes. Much of the broadcast centers on the re-emergence of Nazism in Germany, fueled by continued high unemployment. The recent electoral success of the pro-Nazi DVU of Gerhard Frey (see the previous description) points to the probability that, if unemployment continues at the present levels or goes higher, it will engender more extremism. High unemployment is stimulating fascist sympathy and activity in other European countries as well. With the coming of the “Euro,” it is quite possible that the fiscal constraints imposed by the qualifications for membership in the EMU will perpetuate joblessness at present levels, with results that may be tragic.


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