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FTR #97 Update on the Oklahoma City Bombing

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Building on the informational foundation developed in previous broadcasts, this program sets forth compelling documentation of a far-reaching fascist conspiracy underlying the Oklahoma City bombing. (See the previous programs entitled: Specialized Knowledge and Abilities, Blood Oath, various interviews with Stephen Worth and Updates on the Oklahoma City Bombing – one from 1997 and two other updates from 1998. All of them are available from Spitfire.) This program presents information confirming that many more people than just (Terry) Nichols and (Tim) McVeigh were involved. In addition to German Nazi Andreas Strassmeier (a former Bundeswehr officer and the son of Chancellor Helmut Kohl’s former chief of staff), alleged participants include a number of domestic and foreign fascists, including a Czech-born Nazi associated with the Aryan Nations. The broadcast also covers: alleged participant Dennis Mahon’s contentions that he was receiving funding from Iraq; the contention that Strassmeier’s grandfather was one of the founders of the Nazi Party in Germany; the search for a mysterious “Robert Jacks” (a name that crops up in a number of contexts in connection with the bombing) and the contention the the Murrah building was mistakenly bombed during a plot to kill a judge in Oklahoma City.


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