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FTR #975 Operation Mind Control, Part 2: Creating the Perfect Killer, Part 2

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This broadcast was recorded in one, 60-minute segment.

Introduction: The program begins by setting forth possible mind control connections to some of the “persons of interest” in America’s major assassinations.

Focusing initially on Oswald handler George De Mohrenschildt, the broadcast notes that:

  1. De Mohrenschildt had apparently been a Nazi spy in World War II, working with North American Abwehr chief Baron Hugo Maydel during the war. De Mohrenschildt had been one of Oswald’s handlers.
  2. De Mohrenschildt had apparently come to have regrets about the killing, and had been writing a book about the conspiracy, according to Dutch author Oltmans.
  3. After giving voice to his regrets and reservations and apparently naming CIA and FBI personnel allegedly involved in the conspiracy, De Mohrenschildt was interned in a psychiatric hospital, where he appears to have been subjected to various forms of mind control.
  4. His daughter Alexandra opined that De Mohrenschildt shot himself to death after receiving a phone call, which she believes contained a hidden cue that triggered his conditioned suicide.

Next, the broadcast highlights some of the aspects of Sirhan Sirhan’s apparent programming at the hands of the intelligence operatives who masterminded the assassination of RFK. As discussed in AFA #9, the forensic evidence disproves the prevailing theory of Sirhan as the killer of Robert Kennedy. In discussing the apparent mind control to which Sirhan was subjected, we note that:

  1. There were fundamentally different analyses of Sirhan from Dr. Bernard Diamond and Dr. Edward Simpson.
  2. Diamond noted that Sirhan was a very easy subject to hypnotize and that he was also a “paranoid schizophrenic.”
  3. Simpson noted that paranoid schizophrenics are virtually impossible to hypnotize.
  4. The available evidence suggests that Sirhan was under mind control and that the focus of that conditioning was to propel him into self-incrimination.

Continuing exploration of the intelligence community’s mind control programs, the broadcast features an interview with a U.S. government assassin, termed by author Walter Bowart “The Patriotic Assassin.”

Having been involved with the laboratory work that spawned the creation of mind controlled assassins, the operative interviewed by Bowart:

  1. Confirmed that the killings of the Kennedy brothers and Martin Luther King were acts of state. He opined that the assassins would have received medals.
  2. Confirmed that the country had experienced a fascist coup, with the country being run by a relative handful of interests, with the military in charge.
  3. Asserted that many operatives in the military and intelligence community worked both for the federal government and for powerful corporations, helping to steer policy in the directions preferred by the corporations and, ultimately, retiring with both federal and corporate retirement benefits.
  4. Confirmed the operational use of mind control in covert operations, as well as aspects of larger military operations.
  5. Maintained that assassins did not need to be subjected to mind control to direct them to perform their missions, but that mind control was necessary to keep them from remembering what they had done.
  6. Asserted that, because critical functions in the high-tech, nuclear state were performed by enlisted personnel, mind control was necessary to keep them from remembering what they had done. The Patriotic Assassin asserted that commissioned officers were dependent on the benefits attendant on that level of service after retirement and maintained that this was sufficient motivation to maintain silence.
  7. Commented that the oft-repeated claim by intelligence agencies that mind control “research” had been discontinued was a veil for the fact that it was fully operational.
  8. Foreshadowed a largely-overlooked and possibly abortive assassination attempt on Jimmy Carter in 1979. Carter had stated that he thought the assassinations of President Kennedy and Martin Luther King had been the result of conspiracies. Shortly afterward, two men were arrested in Los Angeles, after crossing into the country from Mexico to murder Carter. The names of the conspirators were “Ray Lee Harvey” and “Oswaldo Ortiz”–reminiscent of the names of James Earl Ray and Lee Harvey Oswald, the patsies for the murders of JFK and Martin Luther King.





One comment for “FTR #975 Operation Mind Control, Part 2: Creating the Perfect Killer, Part 2”

  1. Tuesday August 24 2018 was mostly a bad news day for the beleaguered presidency of Donald Trump with
    former personal attorney Michael Cohen pleading guilty to tax evasion, bank fraud and campaign finance
    violations. At the same time Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort was found guilty of eight fraud
    charges. It will be interesting to see how mainstream and progressive media handle these twin developments.

    On CNN former Republican senator Rick Santorum thought the big story of the day was the first degree murder
    charge laid against an “illegal” Mexican migrant worker following the discovery of a deceased white Iowa college
    girl Mollie Tibbetts who vanished a month ago while jogging in the evening. Sad outcome or rallying cry for
    Trump and his anti-immigrant and racist dead enders?

    Authorities studied a particular residential security video for two weeks (quite a long time) and concluded
    Christhian Rivera pursued the jogger in his black Malibu SUV, ran beside her then abducted the young lady.
    According to law enforcement Rivera “blocked his memory” regarding what happened next but came to at an
    intersection with the dead student’s bloody body in his car. Authorities say he carried the body into a cornfield and covered her up. He led police and FBI to the exact location.

    Yet the owners of Yarabee farms who, according to the Daily Mail have connections to both the victim AND the
    Iowa state Republican party, claim Rivera was an employee in good standing vetted by the government E-Verify

    “It seemed that he followed her and seemed to be drawn to her on that particular day” according to the Iowa
    Criminal Investigations spokesman.

    While we don’t know exactly how Mollie Tibbetts’ death came about there are perhaps some connections here
    to mind control. The memory blocks, blacking out and being drawn to the victim resembles Sirhan Sirhan on
    the night of the Robert Kennedy assassination. A Chevy Malibu SUV is a pretty nice car for a farm worker living
    at a work camp to be driving. And a neighbour saw a black SUV circling the victim’s house much later (11:30 pm
    to 1 am) than the timeline which initially reported her disappearing between 7:30 pm and 9 pm.

    The family of Ms. Tibbetts met with Vice President Mike Pence recently. If the Trump administration can push
    the “illegal Mexican murderer” angle in the coming days through right wing media and propaganda trolls maybe
    Trump rides out the bad news from the courts by exploiting the murder of a pretty white college farm girl.

    Posted by Dennis | August 22, 2018, 12:51 am

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