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FTR #99 Tides of 20th Century Capital Flow

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This broadcast documents several large flows of investment capital that were central to the history of the 20th century. The creation and perpetuation of fascism were largely made possible by the enormous foreign capital invested at the end of both World Wars in Germany, and to a lesser extent Italy, primarily by American financial and industrial interests. Beginning with analysis of the re-capitalization of Germany and other European nations by American corporate interests in the 1920s and 1930s, the program sets forth the complex financial machinations used by the Third Reich to loot the wealth of occupied Europe and locate it abroad during and after World War II. Guided by powerful Wall Street investment professionals, such as John Foster and Allen Dulles and William Draper, American capital was instrumental in building German and (later) Nazi industry prior to and, again, after World War II. Allied with members of the “Riga Faction” of the State Department , the members of this “trans-Atlantic industrial and financial Axis” sought a strong (and profitable) Germany as a bulwark against the Soviet Union after both World Wars. This resulted in the post-war perpetuation of the same German “corporatists” who had backed Hitler and armed and profited from his conquests. They then utilized looted capital and Marshall Fund money to sustain and expand their positions in the Federal Republic.