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Hitler, Mussolini and the Ikhwan: The Fascist History, Associations and Ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood

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Al-Taqwa's Youssef Nada

Al-Taqwa's Youssef Nada

With elements as disparate as advocates within the CIA and State Department on one hand and prominent personalities on the progressive Pacifica Radio network on the other touting the Muslim Brotherhood [4] as a benign or even laudable organization, it may prove useful to newer (and younger) listeners to take a few weeks to reexamine the true nature of the Brotherhood (“Ikhwan” in Arabic).

Representing itself as a civil rights organization and successfully fronting for elements of the American (and international) Muslim community as a “moderate” influence, the Brotherhood is actually fascist in nature and can only be properly understood as part of what some analysts have called “the fascist international,” before, during and after World War II.

The parent organization of Al Qaeda, the Mujahideen in the first Afghan war against the Soviets, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (among other organizations), the Brotherhood was allied with the Axis in World War II and continues to network with successor fascist elements to this day. FTR #343 [5] presents the Brotherhood’s profound and definitive alliance with German fascists–both those of the Hitler period and so-called “neo”-Nazis in the Federal Republic today.

Francois Genoud (left) and Achmed Huber (Right)

Francois Genoud (left) and Achmed Huber (Right)

Of particular significance is the Brotherhood’s Bank al-Taqwa [6], founded by Nazi banker Francois Genoud [7], headed by reputed former Nazi spy Youssef Nada and including neo-Nazi Achmed Huber [8] as a director. Al-Taqwa helped to finance and assist Al Qaeda, even after the 9/11 attacks. Genoud is the heir to the political last will and testament and collected literary works of Adolf Hitler, Martin Bormann and Joseph Goebbels! Huber is a protege of Omar Amin von Leers [9] (nee Johann von Leers), Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels’ chief anti-Semitic theorist, as well as an associate of the NPD [10] (Germany’s top neo-Nazi party.)

The following week, FTR #377 [11] will highlight the Brotherhood’s operational and institutional links with Italian fascists. Interestingly and perhaps ironically, the “Ikhwan” as it’s known in the Arabic-speaking world overlaps individuals and institutions linked to the P-2 lodge [12]. A masonic lodge that functioned as a crypto-fascist shadow government of Italy for decades, the P-2 lodge was close to the Vatican and profoundly influenced its policies. Individual stockholders in the Bank al-Taqwa (the Brotherhood’s main financial institution) are linked to the Alleanza Nationale–the Italian fascist party descendant from Mussolini’s blackshirts, as well as Ordine Nuovo (a fascist terrorist organization that authored numerous bombings and assassinations in Italy.)

The Brotherhood’s economic agenda is based on the “corporatist” [13] model of Mussolini’s Italy.

Lastly, we’ll follow FTR #377 with a broadcast illustrating how the Brotherhood survived and prospered in the postwar period, in part due to its connections to the Central Intelligence Agency. FTR #518 [14] examines the pivotal role of Muslim Waffen SS veterans in the founding and perpetuation of the Munich Islamic community in Germany. Ultimately coming under the sway of the CIA, the Waffen SS-connected Brotherhood community in Munich became the epicenter of a German and global islamist network that functions to this day. This German Islamist community figured prominently in the network that perpetrated the 9/11attacks.

With such an infamous history, it should come as no surprise that the Brotherhood-controlled government of the Sudan perpetrated genocide against its Christian and animist religious minorities in the 1990’s and against its black African population in Darfur as this text is being written. The Ikhwan’s pretense to being a “civil rights” organization is belied by its ongoing efforts in Egypt to ban sanitary napkin dispensers from women’s rooms in public high schools and supporting female genital mutilation. (The Brotherhood seeks the ban of sanitary napkin dispensers in order to force female students to stay home when having their periods, in accordance with the Koranic ban on men associating with menstruating women–considered “unclean.” Female genital mutilation is a euphemism for the surgical removal of women’s clitorises in order to protect them from “impure” thoughts and feelings.)