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Repost: FTR #602 The Plot to Seize the White House – Interview with Jules Archer

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NB: This stream contains both FTR #602 followed by a FTR #448. Each is a 30 minute broadcast. Originally recorded July 1, 2007

PREFACE, DECEMBER 30, 2008: With an apparent new Great Depression bearing down upon us and a Democratic reform President-elect waiting in the wings, it is vital to remember what transpired during the first Great Depression and Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s first administration. Dominant elements of the American power elite attempted to stage a fascist coup. It is noteworthy that many of these same individuals and institutions supported and financed Hitler and Mussolini. The Bush family was part of the milieu that birthed the coup attempt. The Bush family’s support for the Third Reich continues to be a source of controversy, despite the fact that it is well documented.

(For a brief and interesting historical synopsis of the coup attempt, listen to the BBC Radio programme: The White House Coup.)

Supplementing previous coverage of the U.S. fascist coup attempt of 1934, this broadcast is an emotional professional milestone for Mr. Emory. When first undertaking this field of research, he read investigative reporter, author and anti-fascist Jules Archer’s The Plot to Seize the White House, published in hardcover by Hawthorne books.

After learning that Mr. Archer was alive, well and 90-years young, Mr. Emory was delighted to find out that The Plot to Seize the White House is being republished in paperback by Skyhorse Publishing. This interview commemorates Mr. Archer’s work and celebrates the publishing of the paperback edition of his book.

Program Highlights Include: Discussion of the Liberty League, a consortium of wealthy and powerful industrialists and financiers who were the core of the coup plot; the coup plotters’ enthusiastic support for Hitler and Mussolini; the nomenclature of the members of the coup cabal; an overview of the career of General Smedley Butler, the patriotic hero who betrayed the coup plot; the media’s suppression of accurate reportage on the coup plot; the role of a small number of investigative reporters who brought the coup to light; the suppression of part of the report of the McCormack-Dickstein Committee (formed to investigate the coup).

1. Beginning with analysis of the career of Marine Corps General Smedley Butler, the program highlights Butler’s singular popularity among enlisted men. “A soldier’s general” Butler stood up for the “grunt” and didn’t automatically favor the “Brass” (the officer corps). This quality made him the choice to be “The Man on the White Horse” to lead the coup attempt. Men who served with Butler (such as former Marine Corps Commandant David Shoup) praised Butler in the most extravagant terms. It is worth noting that Butler was a practicing Quaker who came to feel that war, in general, was “a racket.”

2. After noting Butler’s extraordinary career, the discussion sets forth two issues that might be unfamiliar to younger listeners: the “bonus” from World War I and the Gold Standard. Soldiers who enlisted in World War I were promised a cash bonus, which they never received. When the Great Depression struck, many of the veterans organized and mobilized in order to pressure the government to grant them the bonus to which they were entitled. A march by the “Bonus Army” in Washington, D.C. was violently broken up by troops under the command of General Douglas MacArthur, the first choice of the plotters to lead the coup. Franklin Delano Roosevelt removed the U.S. from the Gold Standard, a decision which alienated many of the wealthy. The coup plotters wanted Smedley Butler to make a speech at an American Legion convention in favor of the Gold Standard, the theory being that Butler could present this as desirable to the bonus marchers. Their “bonus” would then be backed by gold.

3. Much of the program highlights points of information set forth in FTR#448 about the coup attempt itself. In particular, this portion of the broadcast centers on the Liberty League, a domestic fascist organization that was the backbone of the coup plot.

“ . . . Heading and directing the organization were Du Pont and J.P. Morgan and Company men. . . . Heavy contributors to the American Liberty League included the Pitcairn family (Pittsburgh Plate Glass), Andrew W. Mellon Associates, Rockefeller Associates, E.F. Hutton Associates, William S. Knudsen (General Motors), and the Pew family (Sun Oil Associates). J. Howard Pew, longtime friend and supporter of Robert Welch, who later founded the John Birch Society, was a generous patron, along with other members of the Pew family, of extremist right-wing causes. . . . Two organizations affiliated with the league were openly fascist and antilabor. One was the Sentinels of the Republic, financed chiefly by the Pitcairn family and J. Howard Pew. Its members labeled the New Deal ‘Jewish Communism’ and insisted ‘the old line of Americans of $1,200.00 a year want a Hitler’. . . . ‘The brood of anti-New Deal organizations spawned by the Liberty League,’ the New York Post subsequently charged, ‘are in turn spawning fascism.’”

(The Plot to Seize the White House; by Jules Archer; Copyright 1973, 2007 by Skyhorse Publishing Inc.; Skyhorse Publishing [SC]; ISBN-13: 978-1-60239-036-2; p. 31.)

4. An important point of information for younger listeners concerns the American Legion. Originally formed as a reactionary organization used by the National Association of Manufacturers to break strikes, the American Legion eventually cast off its reactionary leadership and became the respectable veterans organization that it is to this day. In Butler’s time, the Legion was seen as a possible recruiting ground for soldiers for the coup plot.

5. Jules highlights some of the key figures in this drama including: coup figure Gerald McGuire (a wealthy bond salesman who was selected by the coup plotters as their primary contact with Smedley Butler); Robert S. Clark (another coup plotter who had known Butler when serving in the military in China); Grayson M-P.Murphy (another of the wealthy coup plotters, Murphy was a Morgan partner and had been decorated by Benito Mussolini); Hanford McNider (a wealthy former leader of the American Legion, seen as a possible second choice to Butler to lead the coup.)

6. In addition, Jules Archer sets forth some of the journalists who worked to expose the coup: Philadelphia Record journalist Paul Comly French (assigned to help cover the story as it was being revealed by General Butler); George Seldes (the venerable anti-fascist writer whose work has been accessed by Mr. Emory for decades, Seldes was an early and prolific writer about the coup attempt); John L. Spivak (another early anti-fascist writer who revealed that the report of the McCormack-Dickstein Committee contained key omissions about the coup plot).

7. Sadly, the mainstream media did not give effective coverage to the coup attempt—in fact they helped to cover it up. Jules Archer cites The New York Times and Time as two of the many publications that exercised willful censorship of the coverage of the coup plot. It is also worth noting that American academia has also remained largely oblivious to this pivotal event.


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  1. Actually what many don’t realize is that this attempt is being made at this time. I was in a family for more than 26 years who are directly involved. They joined in the later 70’s and were part of laundering money for those involved. in the 90’s they admitted to family members including myself for what the “family” is involved in. Many of us knew from rumors and talk around the family but to hear them admit it was shocking since many of us didn’t believe what we saw.

    Meet the family:
    Mexico drug plane used for US ‘rendition’ flights: report
    Sep 4, 2008

    Clyde O’Connor is my ex-sister-in-law’s brother. Her husband, my ex-wife’s brother is the money mann behind Clyde. Notice that Clyde was flying Rendition flights and understand the family often bragged about being a CIA Asset when questioned by me for why they aren’t worried about being prosecuted. Being connect like this means you can get away with anything even if it is murder.

    Chicago gets a qweekly $100 million dollar drug shipment that is split with Florida and New York. Other cities get shipments as well. The drug proceeds are being used to FUND Black-Op’s for support of another White House Coup. As told to me by the family.

    This is a huge criminal system involving far too many to count. It involves many large Banks and corporations. That big banks have an integral part in the coup.

    And so does the Military:
    Pentagon is Muscling In (Military takeover of US Gov) WaPo

    I shuold warn everyone that the involvement extends further than many realize. It reaches directly into everyone homes under the cloak of being entertainment. Their intention is to “micro-snoop on everyone” in support of when what they call “The Change” comes. The Change is when our government switches over to be a Dictatorship. That is when the “Detention Camps” open up and we start mimicing what happened during Hitlers time. The extermination areas have been in operation for decades using common service areas with mishaps to cover up what happened to the deceased. Chicago has had three in operation for decades and there may be more operating at this time. I heard about all of this during the 90’s.

    The family threatened me during the 90’s that if I should talk about this I would end up being setup to be put away indefinattely just like what was happening in Texas while Pres Bush was Governor. I was told that all of this was being prepared and to start after something BIG was supposed to happen. At that time, they were reviewing three sites with New York being one of them (Twin towers). After a while, our economy was to collapse starting with the Lending area with Homes and building. The Big Banks were part of the planning with setting this up.

    The Police have an involvement as well…
    More Groups Than Thought Monitored in Police Spying

    Gang Stalking is a big part of their early operations on someone. I’ve been stalked for years by not less than three people at any one time. After a few weeks of study that is when I start to encounter trouble with driving or while in my office or while out with friends. Setup car accidents working along with corrupt Police help eliminate you.

    Everything they do is done to not draw attention and must end up looking like an accident. I know about many murders and attempted murders. Lawyers with judges along with law enforcement work together. If you end up in an accident, the person that hits you gets away scott free and the insurance company won’t help you. Lawyers that once helped me refused to help me after my troubles increased where there was a focus to get rid of me.

    How Intel Agencies Do Gang Stalking

    They commonly use poison are one of their weapons of choice. Accidents especically with cars is their favorite because it’s easy for them to arrange that it was an accident. Since this mainly involves a Political Mafia where there is access to all records you can’t feel safe anywhere. They have access to your home records to know wher the power is and water shut off is. The ongoing problems involving tricks and other things never stop. There are breakins that happen weekly or more frequently. They usually leave a message with smoking cigars or pulling the batteries from your clocks or something to let you know they were there. They will unplug your freezer so in a few days all of your food turns bad and more. You really end up feeling that you aren’t safe anywhere and especially if you venture outdoors, they immediately start up with the car accidents to harm you.

    Is this REALLY a SUICIDE?
    Real estate mogul found fatally shot in suburban wildlife preserve
    STEVEN L. GOOD | Body discovered in Kane County preserve with self-inflicted gun wound, police say

    This is commonly how they get rid of someone who is a threat and there isn’t any other way to make it look like an accident. Or you may be shoved out a window multiple floors up and the news will say you were mentally ill.

    Guess who setup the family’s drug shipping business in Florida?
    During Rezko’s trial it surfaced that he invited Obama to work at the law firm. But remember, Rezko didn’t own the law firm… Clyde O’Connor and his family were over at my house and him and my brother-in-law were talking in front of me of starting the shipping business. However, it was mentioned that Clyde had to be aware that they were working along with a group who didn’t play around. Research on Clyde O’Connor and Fleet of 100 planes for shipping drugs.

    I asked my brother-in-law if he was concerned about how his business was setup. His reply was that he wasn’t worried since he had the best involved. He said more but what he was explaining was that the law firm had someone special who assisted them with setting up the business. Guess who that may have been? Obama. The family worked closely with the law firm that Obama worked for and that Rezko worked along with. To my dismay, my youngest son is directly involved with Rezko.

    In Chicago they call this criminal system “the Combine”, but it’s better known as “The Shadow Government” but best known as “The Political Mafia” and extends all the way up into the highest levels of the Federal Government. It also extends down into the lower areas including towns.

    How the family got started is another story that can explain how this group works. Being Political, they study people to generate a profile so they know your hot buttons and are able to manipulate you to do what they want.

    Sadly there have been many State Sponsored Terrorism over the years that we are led to beleive is by a lone person or people who are mentally ill. At the time, the family knew about a few as we were told NOT to go to certain places when out.

    There is more but for another time….

    Marty Didier
    Northbrook, IL

    Posted by Marty Didier | January 7, 2009, 1:49 pm
  2. Posted by ce399 | December 16, 2011, 3:53 pm
  3. There’s an interesting piece in today’s NY Times about emergence of “Christian libertarianism” from the same “American Liberty League” folks that brought us the 1934 Coup plot:

    January 17, 2012, 9:00 pm
    For God So Loved the 1 Percent …

    Princeton, N.J.

    IN recent weeks Mitt Romney has become the poster child for unchecked capitalism, a role he seems to embrace with relish. Concerns about economic equality, he told Matt Lauer of NBC, were really about class warfare.

    “When you have a president encouraging the idea of dividing America based on the 99 percent versus 1 percent,” he said, “you have opened up a whole new wave of approach in this country which is entirely inconsistent with the concept of one nation under God.”

    Mr. Romney was on to something, though perhaps not what he intended.

    The concept of “one nation under God” has a noble lineage, originating in Abraham Lincoln’s hope at Gettysburg that “this nation, under God, shall not perish from the earth.” After Lincoln, however, the phrase disappeared from political discourse for decades. But it re-emerged in the mid-20th century, under a much different guise: corporate leaders and conservative clergymen deployed it to discredit Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal.

    During the Great Depression, the prestige of big business sank along with stock prices. Corporate leaders worked frantically to restore their public image and simultaneously roll back the “creeping socialism” of the welfare state. Notably, the American Liberty League, financed by corporations like DuPont and General Motors, made an aggressive case for capitalism. Most, however, dismissed its efforts as self-interested propaganda. (A Democratic Party official joked that the organization should have been called “the American Cellophane League” because “first, it’s a DuPont product and, second, you can see right through it.”)

    Realizing that they needed to rely on others, these businessmen took a new tack: using generous financing to enlist sympathetic clergymen as their champions. After all, according to one tycoon, polls showed that, “of all the groups in America, ministers had more to do with molding public opinion” than any other.

    The Rev. James W. Fifield, pastor of the elite First Congregational Church of Los Angeles, led the way in championing a new union of faith and free enterprise. “The blessings of capitalism come from God,” he wrote. “A system that provides so much for the common good and happiness must flourish under the favor of the Almighty.”

    Christianity, in Mr. Fifield’s interpretation, closely resembled capitalism, as both were systems in which individuals rose or fell on their own. The welfare state, meanwhile, violated most of the Ten Commandments. It made a “false idol” of the federal government, encouraged Americans to covet their neighbors’ possessions, stole from the wealthy and, ultimately, bore false witness by promising what it could never deliver.

    Throughout the 1930s and ’40s, Mr. Fifield and his allies advanced a new blend of conservative religion, economics and politics that one observer aptly anointed “Christian libertarianism.” Mr. Fifield distilled his ideology into a simple but powerful phrase — “freedom under God.” With ample support from corporate patrons and business lobbies like the United States Chamber of Commerce, his gospel of godly capitalism soon spread across the country through personal lectures, weekly radio broadcasts and a monthly magazine.

    In 1951, the campaign culminated in a huge Fourth of July celebration of the theme. Former President Herbert C. Hoover and Gen. Douglas MacArthur headlined an organizing committee of conservative all-stars, including celebrities like Walt Disney and Ronald Reagan, but largely comprising business titans like Conrad Hilton, J. C. Penney, Harvey Firestone Jr. and J. Howard Pew.

    Posted by Pterrafractyl | January 19, 2012, 12:28 pm

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