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The Guns of November  

The Guns of November G-2: The Assassination

Part 1 44:14 (10.2MB) | Part 2 44:42 (10.3MB) | Part 3 43:33 (10MB)
Recorded November 8, 1983 (Approximately 140 minutes)

In dealing with the actual event of President Kennedy’s assassination, Mr. Emory chose to deal primarily with the cover-up of the killing, a crime more damaging to our national institutions than the actual killing itself. The perversion and/or degradation of our judicial, journalistic, military, economic and intelligence establishments that arose out of Kennedy’s assassination continue to haunt this country.

The program begins with the single bullet theory, or “magic bullet theory,” as critics have termed it. Midwived by Arlen Specter (then a Warren Commission Counsel, now a Republican Senator from Pennsylvania), this thesis maintains that all the numerous non-fatal wounds in Kennedy and Texas Governor John Connally were made by one bullet. Central to the “lone-nut Oswald” finding of the Warren Commission, this is not only wrong, but physically impossible.

The program presents testimony from numerous eye witnesses describing a shot from the famous “grassy knoll” and suspicious people operating in that area.

The broadcast presents accounts from Parkland Hospital doctors and medical personnel which contrast markedly with the official finding. The Warren Commission’s contention that Oswald shot Dallas Policeman J.D. Tippit falls apart under scrutiny. Eyewitness accounts differ with the finding of the Commission, and there are discrepancies in the ballistic evidence, as well.

Next, the program focuses on the disturbing number of suspicious deaths of people important to the investigation of Kennedy’s murder.

The program highlights the role of then California Governor Ronald Reagan in covering up Kennedy’s assassination. The final section of the broadcast highlights the complicity of major media voices in disseminating the official lie concerning the assassination.

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