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The Guns of November  

The Guns of November G-4: The Nazi Connections & Connections to Other Assassinations

Part 1 44:28 (10.2MB) | Part 2 44:27 (10.2MB) | Part 3 44:38 (10.2MB) | Part 4 44:33 (10.2MB) | Part 5 23:45 (5.5MB)
Recorded November 22, 1983. (Approx. 200 min.)

Focusing on the role of foreign and domestic fascists in the assassination of JFK, the program sets forth the activities of elements of the Gehlen spy milieu and the closely-related Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations in connection with the killing.

Deeply involved in trafficking the Oswalds around in the New Orleans and Dallas areas, this Nazi milieu was instrumental in setting up Lee Harvey Oswald as the patsy.

The conclusion of the program highlights some of the many areas of overlap between the assassination of JFK and the assassinations of his brother Robert, Martin Luther King, Jr., and the shooting of former Alabama Governor George Wallace.

Program Highlights Include:

Spas T. Raikin’s greeting of Oswald upon the latter’s return from the Soviet Union (Raikin was very closely-connected to the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations);

The use of a Gestapo memo to discredit Warren Commission critic Joachim Joesten;

A CIA memo urging that all “assets” compare the Kennedy assassination to the Reichstag fire as examples of major acts performed by “lone nuts” (this in an attempt to discredit Warren Commission critics);

Alleged involvement of the Project Paperclip Nazi rocket scientists in the assassination;

Oswald “handler” George De Mohrenschildt’s apparent activities as a Nazi spy during World War II;

The fascist connections of Clay Shaw (a defendant in Jim Garrison’s investigation;

The Nazi affiliations of Albert Alexander Osborne, a domestic fascist associated with Oswald and believed by some analysts to have been connected to the actual shooter’s team;

The statements of domestic fascist Joseph Adams Milteer (he describes the circumstances of Kennedy’s assassination eleven days before it happened, states that the killing was the product of a conspiracy and links the crime to the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.);

Percy Foreman’s representation of Jack Ruby (Foreman was a lawyer for James Earl Ray);

Numerous evidentiary tributaries running between the Garrison investigation of John Kennedy’s assassination and that of Robert Kennedy;

The role of two CIA-connected Los Angeles Police officers to head up the investigation of Robert Kennedy’s assassination;

Connections between Arthur Bremer’s sister and one of Sirhan’s alleged handlers (Bremer the “lone nut” who allegedly shot George Wallace and Sirhan “the lone nut” who allegedly killed Robert Kennedy).

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