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Repost: Interview with Keyenne Brussell, daughter of the late Mae Brussell

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In recent years, considerable interest has developed in the work of Mr. Emory’s friend and colleague, the late Mae Brussell.

For the better part of a decade, Mr. Emory played Mae’s tapes four times a week on KFJC-FM and KKUP-FM–twice a week on each station. The time slots were specifically selected to be accessible to working people–a weekday evening and a weekend morning or afternoon. The combined signal radii of the two stations stretched from Monterey to Berkeley [California], with the Silicon Valley being the main listening area.

She was also a very, very close friend and research colleague of Mr. Emory’s.

This interview, conducted on December 15, 1991, is the only public pronouncement by the Brussell family on the subject of the Mae Brussell Research Center, conceived of, and administered, by one John Judge, and is their official stance on the matter. Note that Keyenne was, and is, the sole member of the Brussell family dealing with this unfortunate affair.

Rumors that other members of the family endorsed Judge’s activities in the distant and recent past have been spread by associates of Mr. Judge and are without basis. Judge apparently claimed this in an e-mail he crafted before his passing.

Note that this interview was part of a longer program recorded on that date. 

Since there appears to be continued interest in some quarters about the events in and around the Mae Brussell Center, we present the balance of that program.

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Boyd Rice (left) in his Nazi uniform. Feral House’s founder–the late Adam Parfrey–was a close friend of Rice’s. Rice named Feral House.

Sadly, Mae made no provision for managing her estate following her death. The creatures who have settled upon her legacy are exemplified by a severely disturbed individual named Dan Rightmyer, aka “Alex Constantine.” 

Neither Rightmyer nor any of the other vultures that gathered around Mae’s grave did anything to support her during her lifetime.

Some points of information about Rightmyer, currently residing in Monterey, California:

  • That unfortunate individual claims he has repelled magnets from his head. He also says that: “. . . . I have been burned by microwaves, kept awake for days at a stretch by shrieking noises in my ears, the effect of pulsed audiograms. . . .” An audiogram is a graph of a person’s ability to hear sound waves. ” . . . . The audiogram is a graph showing the results of a pure-tone hearing test. It will show how loud sounds need to be at different frequencies for you to hear them. The audiogram shows the typedegree, and configuration of hearing loss. . . .”  The worst thing one can get from an audiogram is a paper cut. There is no such thing as a “pulsed audiogram,” any more than there is a “pulsed telegram.”
  • In addition, he claimed that “. . . . I also blew out a light bulb and a new CD player. . . .”

Constantine/Rightmyer: “Is this a magnet I see before me?”

  • Associates of Rightmyer allege that his perceptions stem from drug abuse: “. . . . But there is something else you good folks really ought to know about Dan ‘Alex ConstantWhine’ Rightmyer. (Sung to the tune of the ‘Beverly Hillbillies’ theme…) Come and listen to my story ‘bout a nut named Dan, Hears voices in his head he says are from ‘The Man.’ He says ‘They filled my noggin full of electronic bugs!’ But he doesn’t let you know that he’s done a lot of DRUGS. (ACID, that is. LSD. ‘Hundreds of trips.’) ‘Hundreds of acid trips’ is the admission Dan made to his former best friend, S.M. Any reasonable person who wants the full story should feel free to write me or call me. I’ll tell ya how to talk to this former best friend for yourself — you’ll hear all sorts of outrageous, hilarious stories about Dan’s history of massive drug abuse, as well his insane behavior. (Here’s a sample: Once, one of Dan’s inner ‘tormentors’ identified himself by name. Dan found that a gentleman of this name was listed in the phone book. Dan, who owned a firearm, threatened to go to the house of this obviously-innocent party and shoot him!)” . . . .
  • Rightmyer/Constantine initially claimed that the witnesses to his “magnet dance” were “two of the leading child psychologists in the country. . . .”
  • Subsequently, he identified the alleged witnesses to his “magnetic personality” as “two former colleagues of a well-known KPFK talk show host witnessed the episode. . . .”
  • Rightmyer’s political milieu is detailed in FTR #437, one that caters to, among other elements, Charles Manson acolytes, neo-fascists and Satanists. These are among the forces against which Mae struggled during her lifetime. His publisher is Feral House, headed by Adam Parfrey. The company was named by Parfrey’s friend and associate Boyd Rice, pictured above, right in his Nazi uniform. All one needs to know about Rightmyer’s professional cache concerns the fact that Parfrey–his publisher–employed the late Keith Stimely as an editorial assistant. Stimely had edited the journal of the Institute for Historical Review. ” . . . While in Portland, Parfrey (whose own mother is Jewish) hired the late Keith Stimely, an openly gay former editor of The Journal of Historical Review, the world’s leading Holocaust-denial outfit, to write Feral House press releases. . . .”
  • In effect, purchasing a Feral House volume would be supportive of the very forces Mae Brussell worked against during her lifetime.
  • Perhaps most tellingly, Rightmyer/Constantine also networks with supporters of the Warren Report, who attack its critics.
  • Rightmyer/Constantine also networks with Tim Canale, who runs a website featuring some of Mae’s tapes.
  • Using his real name–“Dan Rightmyer”–“Alex” pens glowing reviews of his own books!
  • One can but wonder to what extent elements of the intelligence community may be manipulating Rightmyer/Constantine. It would be difficult to imagine a more perfectly cynical way to discredit Mae’s work than having her presented by someone as obviously psychotic as this benighted creature.


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  2. I’m happy to find this information Re Alex Constantine.
    I just had my own run in with this clearly unstable man.
    I have recently published my book. “The Psychopath Machine”.
    My publisher pointed out a section in one of Constantine’s books that is a direct rip off from part of a manuscript I sent to him almost twenty years ago.
    He didn’t bother to ask permission.
    Moreover when I confronted him and his publisher the hostility from both was astonishing.

    Posted by Steve | October 8, 2016, 11:10 am

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