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L-1 The Political Implications of the UFO Phenomenon and the “ET” Myth

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(Approx. 171 minutes)

A 1997 Gallup poll revealed that 42% of college graduates in the United States believed that the earth had been visited by extraterrestrials. This astounding statistic underscores the political importance of the UFO phenomenon, a subject generally regarded as the province of either fiction or psychopathology. This lecture addresses some of the salient political aspects of the subject. The concept of salvation from above by a superior power or entity is a powerful element of the mythology, folklore and belief systems of many cultures and religions. It is also a notion that can have particularly strong appeal in a time of dire social and political crisis.

Central to the discussion is an analysis of the political philosophy espoused and practiced by some of the “UFO contactee” cults. Professing a variety of beliefs about aliens, these cults hold in common a belief in extraterrestrials, a belief in the intellectual and scientific superiority of those “ETs” and (in many cases) advocacy of the governing of human affairs on earth by “our brothers from space.” These cults are infiltrated by the intelligence community, which devotes considerable attention to such groups. It is noteworthy that the system of government selected (presumably) by our space bretheren is essentially a totalitarian and fascistic one. The possibility of the political manipulation of the UFO phenomenon in order to bring about fascism is one that should not be too readily cast aside.

It is significant in this context that the ET myth originates to a considerable extent from elements associated with the intelligence community and a milieu that includes prominent American fascists such as William Dudley Pelley.

The human propensity to believe in UFOs as indicating the presence of ETs takes on an added significance when considered in light of the considerable evidence indicating that the “flying saucers” of popular imagination are real, but have a terrestrial origin. Mr. Emory presents evidence that the machines have their genesis in the closing phase of the Second World War, when the Germans developed disk-shaped, high-performance flying machines as anti-aircraft devices. The devices appear to have been improved upon by the United States and Britain in the post-war period. In 1955, the Secretary of the Air Force announced that the United States would soon begin testing and flying new types of aircraft that would resemble flying saucers.

In the conclusion of the lecture, Mr. Emory warns that UFOs might be deployed in conjunction with other secret technologies such as mind-control and/or genetic-engineering. He describes a hypothetical scenario described as “a combination of Orson Welles’ ‘War of the Worlds’ broadcast, the Miracle of Fatima and Pearl Harbor!”

Lecture Highlights Include: analysis of the famous Mantell case; veteran combat pilot Mantell’s last transmission while chasing a huge UFO (“My God, there are men in it!”); the joint U.S. development of the AVRO-Car, a military flying disc; the famous story of the “Foo Fighters” seen by Allied Airmen over Germany during the closing months of World War II; the Luftwaffe development of the Feuerball and the Kugelblitz disc-shaped anti-aircraft devices; discussion of the Raelian cult of Claude Vorhillon and its fascistic philosophical overtones; Russia’s 1994 marketing of an egg-shaped commercial airliner; William Dudley Pelley’s Soulcraft organization and its connections to alleged ET contactees; the strange career of alleged ET contactee George Adamski, who claims he traveled on a U.S government passport. (Recorded at Foothill College in October of 1992.)


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  1. directed at dave emory, do you have an opinion on what fatima was. i agree with your analysis and you are the first person i have seen that makes it doesn’t explain fatima.

    Posted by larry | January 9, 2013, 12:33 am
  2. @Larry–

    I have no opinion on Fatima.


    Dave Emory

    Posted by Dave Emory | January 9, 2013, 4:05 pm
  3. Posted by John Glenn | September 14, 2013, 10:30 am
  4. Are extraterrestrial neo-Nazis invading Area 51? Maybe. Or it could be a terrestrial neo-Nazi:

    I-Team: Residents in Small Nevada Town on Edge
    Posted: Nov 25, 2013 5:27 PM CST Updated: Nov 26, 2013 11:56 AM CST
    By George Knapp, Chief Investigative Reporter
    By Matt Adams, Chief Photojournalist

    RACHEL, NEV. — Residents of Rachel, Nevada — the tiny town that became world famous because it sits on the doorstep of the Area 51 military base — are on edge. Someone has been buying up property under their noses, and when they checked to find out who was behind it, they found ties to the white supremacy movement.

    You have to be tough to live in a place like Rachel. It’s not exactly known for its amenities. So, when the only gas station in town gets gobbled up, then shut down and when the only trailer park gets purchased, then wiped out, it’s bound to attract attention. And when residents learned that the people who have been buying their town have ties to neo-Nazis and white supremacists, they were creeped out and anxious.

    Rachel, Nevada is the number one attraction on the world’s only extraterrestrial highway. That said, there’s not a whole lot to it. The heart and soul of the town is the Little A’Le’Inn which has capitalized on its proximity to the world’s most famous classified military base — Area 51.

    For 25 years, the owners have scratched out an existence by catering to UFO hunters and desert travelers. But these days, they’re worried, all because of a mystery man who came to town.

    “Who is this person and why are you keeping yourself so secret from this community, because he didn’t actually show his face to anybody,” said Connie West, proprietor of the Little A’Le’Inn.

    “I was in shock. I didn’t want to believe,” said Pat Travis, co-co-owner of the Little A’Le’Inn.

    The first sign of trouble was when someone bought the town’s only convenience store and gas station. It was renamed the Alien Cowpoke to attract the UFO crowd, but within a matter of weeks, the new owner closed it down, a huge loss for visitors and locals.

    “It was the only gas station in town. Now we keep a little gas for emergency purposes, for people who don’t pay attention to the sign that the next store is 150 miles,” Travis said.

    “It made no sense to cut everybody off in town. It was the only way to get groceries on a daily basis if they needed a loaf of bread or a gallon of milk,” West added.

    Next, the trailer park and RV lot, home to dozens of long-term residents as well as the snowbirds who camped out for months each winter. The new owner shut it down and told everyone to get out. Today, it’s completely empty. The pastor at the small Baptist church next door saw his congregation drop by two-thirds.

    “The numbers were dwindling because I could look out the front door of the church and see the trailer park was completely cleaned out. The town population was going down. The actual census right now is in the neighborhood of 75 and it was closer to 300, when we got here,’ said Robert Kenniston.

    Pastor Kenniston and his wife live in Boulder City but make the 350-mile road trip every Sunday in order to tend their Rachel flock.

    Kenniston, a former news reporter, did some digging. What he found was that same man who had purchased the store, and the trailer park had also scooped up several large parcels of raw land in the heart of Rachel. Property records show the owner Richard Bunck quickly transferred his new real estate into the name of the JHM Baptist Church. Kenniston was floored when he looked it up.

    “Their church is identified by the experts as Christian identity and neo-Nazi. And those two little niches are the most dangerous, I’m told,” Kenniston said.

    Watchdog groups list JHM Church as a white supremacist outfit, in the same category with the KKK and racist skinheads. It’s the same name Richard Bunck uses for his business as a licensed Nevada contractor. The initials JHM are believed to stand for John Hale Mcgee, a southern California minister affiliated with the American Nazi party and who preached the gospel of white supremacy. When Kenniston told Rachel residents what he had uncovered, he got a visit from Richard Bunck.

    “And he looked at me and said, ‘There’s a story going around town that I am a neo-Nazi and a white supremacist, and I believe you are the reason for that story.’ And I said, ‘I believe you are the reason for that story,’ and that was the end of the conversation,” Kenniston said.

    Bunck’s Nazi affiliations have surfaced before. In the 90s, he and John Hale Mcgee ran for public office in Southern California as candidates for a right wing party. Candidate Bunck, at first, denied any connection to racist groups but reporters dug up photos showing Bunck in the 70s at Nazi rallies wearing a Nazi type uniform, with swastikas and anti-Jewish signs. Bunck’s first lie fell apart, so he tried other stories.

    “He finally came in, gave us this BS that he was part of an FBI undercover thing. That story fell apart later, he admits later that no, ‘I wasn’t FBI, but it was a youthful indiscretion. I didn’t know what I was doing,'” said Gary Scott, a public radio journalist.

    Scott didn’t buy the idea that it was a passing fancy by Bunck, especially since Bunck has been arrested at least twice at pro-Nazi rallies. And today, decades later, he is still using the name of his now deceased friend and neo-Nazi mentor.

    Posted by Pterrafractyl | November 28, 2013, 5:51 pm
  5. You gotta see this video guys.


    A long interview with former Canadian Defense Minister who is a UFO true believer.

    He talks about all the races out there, like the “Tall Whites”, takes up the entire 28 minutes, outrageous, comical and tedious at the same time.

    He believes every claim out there, he seems to have no credulity, and of course, HE SAW ONE TOO! What a surprise.

    And you wouldn’t believe it, the aliens aren’t Nazis, but they have an agenda for us, that would make the furthest lefty, environmental radical happy.


    This video keeps on giving.

    The interviewer is significant, as she is the granddaughter, of old Soviet warhorse, and Georgian dictator Edward Shevardnadze

    CNN) — Here’s a look at the life of Eduard Shevardnadze, former president of Georgia.

    Birth date: January 25, 1928

    Birth place: Mamati, Republic of Georgia, U.S.S.R.

    Birth name: Eduard Amvrosievich Shevardnadze

    Marriage: Nanuli Shevardnadze-Tsagareishvili (date unknown – October 20, 2004, her death)

    Children: Paata;Manana

    Education: Kutaisi Pedagogical Institute

    Other Facts:
    Target of multiple assassination attempts.

    Nicknamed “white fox.”

    1948 – Joins the Communist Party of Georgia.

    1965-1972 – Georgia’s Minister of Internal Affairs.

    1972-1985 – Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Georgia.

    July 1985-1990 – Serves as U.S.S.R. minister of foreign affairs, is appointed by Mikhail Gorbachev.

    December 20, 1990 – Resigns as minister of foreign affairs.

    July 1991 – Resigns from the Communist Party.

    November 19, 1991-December 25, 1991 – Returns as U.S.S.R. minister of foreign affairs.

    September 1991 – His book, “The Future Belongs to Freedom,” is published.

    March 1992-November 1995 – Chairman of the State Council of Georgia.

    November 5, 1995-November 23, 2003 – President of Georgia.

    November 23, 2003 – Resigns from office amid public protests and claims of corruption.

    Posted by Vanfield | January 14, 2014, 10:31 pm
  6. Iranian press: Snowden docs prove aliens who built Nazi subs also control U.S. foreign policy

    Posted by Marl | January 15, 2014, 12:44 pm
  7. In the 60s Col. Edward Geary Lansdale wanted to invade Cuba with an Orson Welles/HG Wells plot-

    ” “I’ll give you one example of Lansdale’s perspicacity. He had a wonderful plan for getting rid of [Fidel] Castro. This plan consisted of spreading the word that the Second Coming of Christ was imminent and that Christ was against Castro who was anti-Christ. And you would spread this word around Cuba, and then on whatever date it was, that there would be a manifestation of this thing. And at the time – this was absolutely true – and at the time just over the horizon there would be an American submarine that would surface off of Cuba and send up some star-shells. And this would be the manifestation of the Second Coming and Castro would be overthrown.”
    Star-shells, for those who may be wondering, are, essentially, pyrotechnic flares of the military designed to fill the skies at night with bright and widespread illumination. But, the ambitious plan that Lansdale had in mind involved much more than just dazzling the Cubans with mere flares. The feasibility was also looked into of using a U.S. Navy submarine to project images of Jesus Christ onto low-lying clouds off the coast of the Cuban capital of Havana.
    The plan also involved – at the very same time – the crew of a U.S. military plane, camouflaged by the clouds and with its engine significantly muffled, using powerful loudspeakers to broadcast faked messages from an equally-faked Christ to the people of Cuba, ordering them to overthrow their government and renounce communism.”


    Posted by Francisco J Torres | May 19, 2014, 3:11 pm
  8. http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2014/06/11/this-is-the-amazing-design-for-nasas-star-trek-style-space-ship-the-ixs-enterprise/?hpid=z8

    This is the amazing design for NASA’s Star Trek-style space ship, the IXS Enterprise

    NASA engineer and physicist Harold White announced a few years ago that he was working on a potentially groundbreaking idea that could allow space travel faster than the speed of light. Yes, like in “Star Trek.”

    And now, to boldly go where no designer has gone before, Mark Rademaker — who is collaborating with White — has created a CGI design concept for the “warp ship.” They’re calling it the IXS Enterprise.

    “We wanted to have a decent image of a theory conforming Warp ship to motivate young people to pursue a STEM career,” Rademaker said in an e-mail interview. “It does have some Sci-Fi features that might never transfer to a possible final design, unless we really want to.”

    A warp ship such as the IXS Enterprise could allow travel to interstellar space in a matter of weeks rather than, say, centuries. And the science behind why it might be possible is truly mind-boggling.

    An over-simplified explanation is that the concept seeks to exploit a “loophole” in Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity that allows travel faster than the speed of light by expanding space-time behind the object and contracting space-time front of it. Io9 explains more:

    Essentially, the empty space behind a starship would be made to expand rapidly, pushing the craft in a forward direction — passengers would perceive it as movement despite the complete lack of acceleration.

    White speculates that such a drive could result in “speeds” that could take a spacecraft to Alpha Centauri in a mere two weeks — even though the system is 4.3 light-years away.

    White, whose title is “Advanced Propulsion Theme Lead for the NASA Engineering Directorate,” has mathematically calculated a plausible way to accomplish this using far less energy than required by the original theory, which was proposed in 1994 by physicist Miguel Alcubierre.

    His concept requires using large rings that surround the spacecraft (which you can see in the image above) to greatly reduce the amount of energy needed to warp space-time in front of and behind the spacecraft.

    Posted by Swamp | June 14, 2014, 11:00 am

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