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L-1 The Political Implications of the UFO Phenomenon and the “ET” Myth

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(Approx. 171 minutes)

A 1997 Gallup poll revealed that 42% of college graduates in the United States believed that the earth had been visited by extraterrestrials. This astounding statistic underscores the political importance of the UFO phenomenon, a subject generally regarded as the province of either fiction or psychopathology. This lecture addresses some of the salient political aspects of the subject. The concept of salvation from above by a superior power or entity is a powerful element of the mythology, folklore and belief systems of many cultures and religions. It is also a notion that can have particularly strong appeal in a time of dire social and political crisis.

Central to the discussion is an analysis of the political philosophy espoused and practiced by some of the “UFO contactee” cults. Professing a variety of beliefs about aliens, these cults hold in common a belief in extraterrestrials, a belief in the intellectual and scientific superiority of those “ETs” and (in many cases) advocacy of the governing of human affairs on earth by “our brothers from space.” These cults are infiltrated by the intelligence community, which devotes considerable attention to such groups. It is noteworthy that the system of government selected (presumably) by our space bretheren is essentially a totalitarian and fascistic one. The possibility of the political manipulation of the UFO phenomenon in order to bring about fascism is one that should not be too readily cast aside.

It is significant in this context that the ET myth originates to a considerable extent from elements associated with the intelligence community and a milieu that includes prominent American fascists such as William Dudley Pelley.

The human propensity to believe in UFOs as indicating the presence of ETs takes on an added significance when considered in light of the considerable evidence indicating that the “flying saucers” of popular imagination are real, but have a terrestrial origin. Mr. Emory presents evidence that the machines have their genesis in the closing phase of the Second World War, when the Germans developed disk-shaped, high-performance flying machines as anti-aircraft devices. The devices appear to have been improved upon by the United States and Britain in the post-war period. In 1955, the Secretary of the Air Force announced that the United States would soon begin testing and flying new types of aircraft that would resemble flying saucers.

In the conclusion of the lecture, Mr. Emory warns that UFOs might be deployed in conjunction with other secret technologies such as mind-control and/or genetic-engineering. He describes a hypothetical scenario described as “a combination of Orson Welles’ ‘War of the Worlds’ broadcast, the Miracle of Fatima and Pearl Harbor!”

Lecture Highlights Include: analysis of the famous Mantell case; veteran combat pilot Mantell’s last transmission while chasing a huge UFO (“My God, there are men in it!”); the joint U.S. development of the AVRO-Car, a military flying disc; the famous story of the “Foo Fighters” seen by Allied Airmen over Germany during the closing months of World War II; the Luftwaffe development of the Feuerball and the Kugelblitz disc-shaped anti-aircraft devices; discussion of the Raelian cult of Claude Vorhillon and its fascistic philosophical overtones; Russia’s 1994 marketing of an egg-shaped commercial airliner; William Dudley Pelley’s Soulcraft organization and its connections to alleged ET contactees; the strange career of alleged ET contactee George Adamski, who claims he traveled on a U.S government passport. (Recorded at Foothill College in October of 1992.)