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L-2 The Future: Technology, Theocracy and the Thousand Year Reich

MP3: Part 1 [1] | Part 2 [2] | Part 3 [3] (Approx. 118 minutes)

First, the discussion focuses on the conflict between corporate profits and both substantial wages and benefits and strong environmental protection policy. This conflict results in an element of cognitive dissonance on the part of most people (who must work for a living.) In order to maximize profit, discomfort must be correspondingly maximized as well.

Human behavior is dictated largely by two principles that psychologists call the pleasure principle and the reality principle. In a nutshell: people do what makes them feel good. When they feel bad, they must alter their environment in such a way as to remove the discomfort. They can either change their external environment or their internal environment. Political action, labor and environmental organizing would certainly bring change that would relieve social and environmental distress. That is not as profitable as holding down wages and profits. Profits can be maximized if people can be made to alter their internal environment in such a way as to endure or even enjoy discomfort (what Mr. Emory refers to as learning “to enjoy sitting on a tack.”)

There are a variety of ways of getting people to attempt this. If they are inebriated on drugs or alcohol, their pain will be attenuated (at least temporarily) and their will to resist blunted. In this context, opium would be “the religion of the people.” The real thing might be even better.

The analysis centers on a society in which people would be made into “true believers,” through a combination of totalitarian political control and technologically-reinforced fundamentalist religion. Denominational affiliation of subject nations and individuals may well remain diverse, but the foundation and source of political power would be tremendously powerful, technologically sophisticated military weapons of mass destruction. Most importantly, the very existence of these weapons would be unknown to the vast majority of people. An administrative elite would exercise political power. This elite would be religious, political and military in nature – Mr. Emory characterizes them as “priest-spies.” They would have at least limited knowledge of the prevailing military technology, as well as advanced tactical knowledge of its application.

Their “parishioners,” on the other hand, would see (and would be encouraged and obligated to see) the devastating application of the destructive technology as “miracles.” Groups or individuals who deviated from the prescribed path would be punished with the technology and this, again, would be seen by a naive populace as retribution by some supernatural entity. (It should be noted that New Age religions are by no means immune to this kind of exploitation and seduction by fascist elements.)

Weapons technology that might be involved would include genetically-engineered micro-organisms (“the plagues of Egypt”), Tesla technology to cause earthquakes or alter the weather (“God’s punishment on the wicked”), long distance mind-control techniques involving electromagnetic radiation (“the Voice of the Lord”). (Note: this lecture was given before information about Project HAARP became public.) In L-1 [4] evidence is presented that so-called “flying saucers” are real and do not come from outer space. They are advanced aeronautical devices, whose development began with prototypes flown by the Germans during the closing stages of World War II. They were further developed by the Western Allies in the years after the war. There is also substantial evidence of attempts by elements of the intelligence community to create belief in space aliens. With this in mind, Mr. Emory discusses the possible uses of “UFOs” and “aliens” in the fascist techno-theocracy described above. (Recorded in January of 1995 in Santa Monica.)