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Lecture Series  

L-6 The Intelligence Community and Mind Control

Download MP3s: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 (Approx. 235 minutes)

Embracing much of the material from FTR #’s 5, 6 and 7, this lecture sets forth core material about the decades-long research into (and utilization of) mind control performed by elements of the U.S. intelligence community.

Lecture Highlights Include: the role of military intelligence in financing the research of Jose Delgado, a pioneer in the control of behavior through surgical implantation of electrodes in the brain; early mind-control experiments demonstrating that hypnotized subjects can be made to commit acts normally repugnant to them; an insidious mind-control methodology called “RHIC-EDOM” (“radio-hypnotic, intracerebral control – electronic dissolution of memory”), in which the levels of a key neuro-transmitter called acetylcholine are manipulated in such a manner as to cause the “subject” to act without conscious knowledge or subsequent recollection of acts committed while affected by the process; the story of apparent former U.S. intelligence operative Angel Castillo, programmed with multiple personalities (some of them developed for assassination operations) and allegedly recruited as a back-up shooter for the assassination of President Kennedy; a U.S. Navy project involving the use of audio-visual desensitization to condition “passive-aggressive” personalities as assassins; an interview with a former U.S. government assassin, who discusses successful use of mind control in assassination operations and maintains that the United States has been taken over by the national security establishment; advanced mind-control research directed toward reading the human mind; the apparent role of mind control in this country’s major political assassinations; the CIA’s hypno-programming of famed fashion model Candy Jones; the mind-control indoctrination of virulently racist and anti-semitic attitudes into the previously-liberal Candy; attempts to induce Candy to kill herself when her husband (famed talk-show host “Long John” Nebel) began to de-program her; a talk by Joe Holsinger (former legislative assistant to the late Representative Leo Ryan), in which Holsinger cites indications that People’s Temple may have been an extension of the intelligence community’s mind control programs; the role of alleged CIA officer George Phillip Blakey in establishing the Jonestown compound; the fact that most of the Jonestown victims had been murdered (they were not suicides, as generally reported); the presence of large amounts of psychiatric drugs at the Jonestown site; Temple stalwart Lawrence Layton, Senior’s activities on behalf of the National Security establishment; the presence at Jonestown of CIA’s Guyanese Station Chief Richard Dwyer shortly before the massacre began; structural similarities between the People’s Temple and features of the MK/Ultra program; connections between the U.S. national security establishment and political extreme right-wing and the Unification Church. (Delivered at Foothill College in February of 1992.)


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