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Miscellaneous Archive Shows M1—M30

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M1 Accuracy in Media vs. One Step Beyond
Part 1 42:36 | Part 2 34:58 | Part 3 15:36

Covers the attempt by right-wing media activist Reed Irvine and his organization to drive Mr. Emory’s show from the airwaves. The program details Irvine’s close association with the World Anti-Communist league (AFA program numbers 14, 15) and rebuts Mr. Irvine’s charges point by point. Includes a listener phone-in section.

M2 Discontinued
See AFA program 7.

M3 Expressway Show
Part 1 42:50 | Part 2 40:56

While appearing as guest on a San Jose, California radio talk show, Mr. Emory spoke for about 20 minutes with Gordon Novel, a principal figure in New Orleans’ District Attorney Jim Garrison’s investigation into the assassination of President Kennedy. Novel maintained his innocence in the Kennedy assassination, but revealed some fascinating information concerning his connections to the Watergate scandal.

M4 Gloria in Excelsis: The CIA, Women’s Movement and the News Media
Part 1 44:48 | Part 2 43:26 | Part 3 5:34

Details Gloria Steinem’s background in the CIA and her numerous connections to reactionary political elements. In addition, the program sets forth the relationships between the publishing empire of Katherine Graham and the CIA.

M5 KKK, The Fehme and the Founding of the Nazi Party
Part 1 23:58 | Part 2 20:12

Side 1 of this cassette describes the assassination program which eliminated the democratic leadership of Weimar Germany paving the way for Hitler’s rise to power. The second side details the formation of the Nazi Party as a front for German military intelligence.

M6 Knights Of Malta, Parts 1 and 2
Part 1 | Part 2 (60 minutes total)
Covers the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, a lay military order of the Catholic Church which wields tremendous international political power. Particular emphasis is on the profound influence the Knights wield on the U.S. national security establishment.

M7 Rajneeshpuram
Part 1 44:48 | Part 2 23:26
Examines the working hypothesis that the Rajneeshpuram commune in Oregon was a front for intelligence functions, reactionary politics and mind control.

M8 South Africa, The Third Reich and the Bomb
Part 1 29:29 | Part 2 23:23
Details the connections between the Third Reich and South African society. Particular emphasis is on the Broederbond (the Afrikaner elite society which effectively controls South Africa) and how that organization developed with help from Nazi Germany. Much of the discussion reveals how residual elements of the I.G. Farben chemical cartel helped the growing South African nuclear industry. (For more on I.G. Farben see M11, and AFA program numbers 1 and 2.)

M9 The King Alfred Plan: The Final Solution for the “Negro Problem”?
Part 1 44:24 | Part 2 44:04 | Part 3 44:14 | Part 4 18:44
5/13/90, 160 minutes
This program sets forth disturbing plans the U.S. national security establishment has for the mass incarceration of black Americans. Includes material from AFA program numbers 6,7 and 8 as well as supplemental material not included in previous shows. The King Alfred Plan is also discussed in AFA program number 32 in conjunction with the Rex 84 martial law contingency plan.

M11 Uncle Sam and the Swastika
Part 1 44:43 | Part 2 44:44 | Part 3 44:22 | Part 4 44:30
Part 5 44:47 | Part 6 44:09 | Part 7 44:33 | Part 8 44:26
Part 9 44:29 | Part 10 44:44 | Part 11 44:49 | Part 12 43:53
Part 13 44:49 | Part 14 44:26 | Part 15 32:01
5/23/80 (with updates)
One of the most important of the archive shows, this program documents the Third Reich as a historical outgrowth of the multi-national corporate capitalism. Focus is on the dominant role of American-based multi-nationals in financing and arming Nazi Germany. Assisting Mr. Emory on this program is fellow researcher, Mark Ortiz.

M12 Euthanasia in Contemporary America and Nazi Germany
Part 1 44:41 | Part 2 44:03 | Part 3 14:55 | Part 4 44:31 | Part 5 25:54

Highlights the evolution of the Third Reich’s extermination programs from the “mercy killing” of handicapped children to the Auschwitz death factory. The Nazi liquidations are exposed as a direct outgrowth of the international eugenics and mental hygiene movements, both mainstream movements with important implications for contemporary society.

M13 The Pink Triangle: Gay Rights, Reproductive Rights and the Third Reich
Part 1 44:12 | Part 2 43:49 | Part 3 44:43 | Part 4 8:46

Details the Nazi persecution of gays and Third Reich attitudes toward reproductive rights. In addition to discussing the nascent gay rights movement in Weimar Germany and its founder Magnus Hirschfeld, the program illustrates how the Nazis used homophobia to discredit and stigmatize progressive political forces they opposed.

M14 The Ultimate Evil: Mind Control, Satanism and the U.S. National Security Establishment
Part 1a 44:14 | Part 1b 44:49 | Part 1c 44:35 | Part 1d 44:31 | Part 1e 43:57 | Part 1f 4:44
10/25/87, 11/1/87 and 11/8/87

Illustrates the U.S. intelligence agencies’ apparent use of certain satanic cults as front organizations. In addition to drug trafficking, terrorism, and sexual blackmail for the purposes of political control and assassination. Particular emphasis is on the military intelligence connections to the Temple Of Set, the Son of Sam and Manson Family killings.

M15 The Ultimate Evil, Part 2
Part 2a 44:21 | Part 2b 43:35 | Part 2c 43:51 | Part 2d 30:18

Continues the discussion begun in Part 1. This broadcast draws heavily on material from AFA program number 5, and M13, to further illustrate the role of front groups such as the “Process” umbrella cult.

M16 The Ultimate Evil, Part 3
Part 3a 44:28 | Part 3b 44:45 | Part 3c 43:46 | Part 3d 16:51

This installment in the series documents the historical background of the cults in question. Material from AFA program number 12 illustrates “evidentiary tributaries” linking the Manson operation with members of the intelligence community involved in the Kennedy assassinations.

M17 The Ultimate Evil, Part 4
Part 4a 43:52 | Part 4b 43:25 | Part 4c 42:14 | Part 4d 16:51
Continues the discussion of the political and psychological functions of the cults described in the first 3 programs in the series. In this final installment, particular emphasis is on apparent connections of some of these cults to many of the “serial killings” that have plagued the country in recent years.

M18 Election 1988
Not available at this time.

M19 The Fascist “Third Position”, The Far Right and Their Attempt to Co-opt Progressive Forces
Part 1a 43:22 | Part 1b 44:11 | Part 1c 35:00
The first program in a two-part series, this broadcast focuses on the growing intersection of third reich veterans, Middle Eastern terrorists, European neo-fascists and European ultra-leftists in a new form of international fascism. Particular emphasis is on support by these forces for Libya’s Qaddafi, the late Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran and American Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan.

M20 George Bush and the Shooting of Ronald Reagan
Part 1 37:20 | Part 2 37:19
Presents circumstantial evidence suggesting that then Vice- President George Bush may have been involved with the attempt on the life of former President Reagan. Discussion centers on the close connections between the family of convicted would-be assassin John Hinckley and the Bush family as well as Hinckley’s Nazi background. NOTE: tape two of M20 is M22.

M21 The Fascist “Third Position”; Part 2
Part 2a 44:21 | Part 2b 26:17
Continues the discussion from M19. Much attention is given to the role of the Third position in staging terrorist incidents to be blamed on the left.

M22 The Shooting of George Wallace
Part 1 29:25 | Part 2 18:39
Analyzes the probable role of the U.S. national security establishment and the Committee to Re-Elect the President (Nixon) in the shooting of Governor Wallace. The available evidence suggests that Wallace was eliminated to prevent him from jeopardizing Nixon’s reelection by running as a third- party candidate. Parafin tests on convicted would-be assassin Arthur Bremer were negative, proving that he didn’t fire a gun. (Note: M22 is the second tape of M20.)

M23 What Really Happened at Port Chicago? Was the First A-Bomb Tested in the San Francisco/Bay Area?
Part 1 43:41 | Part 2 43:44 | Part 3 30:24
Presents startling evidence that the explosion of the U.S. munitions ship E. A. Bryan in July 1944 was a test of the “gun” weapon dropped on Hiroshima in August 1945. Hundreds of black American sailors appear to have been deliberately sacrificed in the incident. Includes interviews with Port Chicago researcher, Peter Vogel.

M24 The Nazis & Anti-Semites on George Bush’s Campaign
Part 1 44:16 | Part 2 21:16
Sets forth the participation of elements of the Gehlen organization, the World Anti-Communist League and the P-2 Lodge in George Bush’s 1988 election campaign.

M25 Lloyd Bentsen, The Defense Industrial Security Command & the assassination of John F. Kennedy & Dr. Martin L. King
Part 1 43:43 | Part 2 22:30
Documents the connections of 1988 Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Lloyd Bentsen to elements involved with the assassination of President Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King.

M26 Japanese Fascism: Its Structure & Significance for Contemporary Americans
Part 1 27:59 | Part 2 29:28
Analyzes the contributions of Emperor Hirohito and the Zaibatsu (giant family trusts) in creating and sustaining Japanese fascism. Particular emphasis is on connections between the Zaibatsu and American corporations.

M28 Your Hit Parade!
Suspicious Deaths, Political Murders & Untimely Disappearances in America
Part 1 44:19 | Part 2 28:24 | Part 3 44:51 | Part 4 25:08
10/23/88 & 10/30/88
Covers the alarming number of untimely deaths and disappearances of politically significant people. In addition to activists and participants in politically-connected criminal investigations, many journalists have died under questionable circumstances in recent years. This broadcast confronts the issue of whether these deaths and disappearances are symptomatic of an organized program of repression by the U.S. national security establishment and/or right-wing political interests.

M29 The Political Resume of George Bush
Sets forth commonly ignored aspects of George Bush’s political history, including connections to the assassination of President Kennedy, involvement with residual Nazi elements discussed in other archive shows and his connection to the “Rex ’84” martial law contingency plans discussed in AFA32.

M30 The Patriotic Assassin & Fascist/Zionist Connections
Part 1 29:47 | Part 2 29:52
The first side of this cassette presents an interview with a U.S. government assassin who discusses the use of mind control in covert operations, the methodology of American political assassination and the U.S. military’s on-going control of the American political process. The second side explores the fascist political background of Israeli politicians Menaghem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir, as well as documenting the history of the Betari, an explicitly fascist element of the Zionist movement.

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6 comments for “Miscellaneous Archive Shows M1—M30”

  1. All good stuff, Dave. Haven’t listened to any of these in a while but I’m gonna try to get around to it again sometime. =)

    Posted by Steven L. | April 20, 2012, 6:21 pm
  2. Dear Dave,
    First, thankyou for all you do to expose truths about what goes on behind the scenes. I listen to you on KPFK every Wed at midnight and have for years. Your body of work is truly remarkable and commendable!
    So I am hoping that you can tell me where I can find an archive for an old interview with Dr. Nick Begich. I’ve looked on all 3 sites that I have the URL’s for to no avail.
    Thank you!
    Bless you,

    Posted by Rita Hart | July 8, 2013, 2:36 pm
  3. Posted by Dave Emory | July 8, 2013, 5:37 pm
  4. Correction: In your description of M30 you have the two sides reversed. Side 1 is “Fascist/Zionist Connections” and side 2 is “The Patriotic Assassin”. Also, I’m not sure how these two subjects are connected, but they were both, as with all of your material, fascinating, informative and frightening.

    Posted by Tom Hartley | August 20, 2013, 9:03 am
  5. Fascinating stuff.

    Listened to M4 this weekend. Do you still think that Richard Ober was actually DT? Or do you think the later revelation of Mark Felt being the guy is legitimate?

    It’s also remarkable that many of the things discussed in this program were validated on a wider scale within the past 5 years or so. Sad it took decades to finally come out, but even sadder is the fact that GS maintains a respectable amount of credibility and gravitas in areas of equality.

    Posted by Sampson | February 1, 2016, 7:50 am
  6. @Sampson–

    I don’t think there was a single “Deep Throat.” I think that, on the balance, it was some faction of CIA.

    Bear in mind that available evidence suggests that Bob Woodward may well be a spook.

    He has a background in a Naval Intelligence grouping led by Admiral Thomas Moorer, a major figure on the far-right.

    There is an old saying: “Once ONI, always ONI.”

    So just who was “deep throat?”

    Some element of the intel community opposed to Nixon because he was too liberal and wanted to consolidate all intel functions into a single agency.

    Recall that that show was recorded 30 years ago.



    Posted by Dave Emory | February 1, 2016, 8:22 pm

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