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Miscellaneous Archive Shows M31—M62

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M31 The Killing of Corporal Kunze, Leon Jaworski’s First Cover-Up
Part 1 [2] 44:48 | Part 2 [3] 34:23
Documents Watergate special prosecutor Leon Jaworski’s complicity in covering up the 1943 murder of a German prisoner of war who had expressed anti-Nazi sentiments. Specifically, Jaworski failed to pursue information indicating that American officers deliberately betrayed the victim to the prisoners who killed him.

M33 Ronald Reagan, Errol Flynn & the Third Reich
Part 1 [4] 44:02 | Part 2 [5] 44:40 | Part 3 [6] 3:30
Covers screen idol Errol Flynn’s career as a Nazi spy and examines the possibility that Ronald Reagan may have been part of Flynn’s espionage network.

M34 Livin’ in the USA: The Search for Nazi War Criminals
Part 1 [7] 47:50 | Part 2 [8] 47:39 | Part 3 [9] 41:30 | Part 4 [10] 47:32
In 1985, the San Francisco Examiner listed 10 Third Reich fugitives considered to be the “most wanted” of all war criminals. This program documents the fact that most of them worked for U.S. intelligence after the war.

M35 The Confessions of Roger Hefferan: A Reagan Staff Member Speaks Out & “Spills the Beans”
One file [11] 36:14
A former member of the Reagan White House staff describes the pre-eminent role of George Bush in the Oval Office while he was still “officially” Vice President. Hefferan also claims that Bush undertook a scheme to provoke a nuclear strike by the Soviet Union against the People’s Republic of China.

M36 Researcher Ed Connolly on the California State Defense Forces
Part 1 [12] 44:16 | Part 2 [13] 33:02 | Part 3 [14] 32:22
4/30/89 (Includes an updated OSB, 7/30/89)
Details the plan for the creation of a state militia to “keep order” in the event of a national emergency. The creation of these local forces is closely connected to the “Rex ’84” martial law contingency plan discussed in AFA32.

M38 How the Assassination of President Kennedy Changed America
Part 1 [15] 42:55 | Part 2 [16] 43:46 | Part 3 [17] 44:33 | Part 4 [18] 44:47 | Part 5 [19] 43:56 | Part 6 [20] 13:28
Explores how President Kennedy’s death changed American foreign policy in Vietnam and Cuba, and illustrates its connection to the Watergate scandal.

M39 So You Thought You Were Free? An Analysis of One Week’s News
Part 1 [21] 44:59 | Part 2 [22] 43:28 | Part 3 [23] 30:25
8/13/89 (This program replaces M10)
This broadcast chronicles the erosion of American democracy as illustrated by news stories from one week in August 1989. In addition to censorship of the news media, the program focuses on connections between the Iran-Contra scandal and the Matamoros drug cult in Mexico that shocked the nation with the disclosure of 13 ritual murders committed by the group.

M40 The “Drug-Tug” Case: The Vindication of the Christic Institute?
Not available at this time.

M41 “December Surprise ’89”: The U.S. Invasion of Panama
Not available at this time.

M42 Uncle Sam & Il Duce: American Support for Mussolini & the Mythology of the Corporate State
Part 1 [24] 42:05 | Part 1 [25] 44:46 | Part 2 [26] 19:26
Chronicles the pivotal support given by American corporations to the economy of Mussolini’s Italy. In addition, the program sets forth ways the American media misrepresented failures of Il Duce’s “corporate state” in order to justify continued capital funding of the sagging Italian infrastructure. The program illustrates some ominous parallels between fascist Italy and contemporary America.

M43 The CIA and the Savings & Loan Crisis
Part 1a [27] 44:26 | Part 1b [28] 44:44 | Part 1c [29] 44:24 | Part 1d [30] 43:25 | Part 1e [31] 14:55
Part 2a [32] 43:39 | Part 2b [33] 43:18 | Part 2c [34] 40:39 |
Part 3a [35] 44:19 | Part 3b [36] 44:05 | Part 3c [37] 27:45 |
Part 4a [38] 43:22 | Part 4b [39] 44:29 | Part 4c [40] 44:36 | Part 4d [41] 23:52
3/18/90, 3/25/90, 4/8/90
Covers the involvement of the CIA (and/or elements of other American intelligence services) in the S&L banking crisis of 1989/90. The major focus is on the intelligence-organized crime milieu which was involved in the Iran-Contra scandal. The series covers strong links between this milieu and the “Drug-Tug/Lendvest” case set forth in program M40.

M44 An Interview with Sara Nelson and Daniel Sheehan
Not available at this time.

M45 The Secret Origins of the Vietnam War
Part 1 [42] 44:11 | Part 2 [43] 41:43 | Part 3 [44] 44:32 | Part 4 [45] 13:25
Covers indications that the U.S. entry into the Vietnam War was the result of a preconceived plan of aggression. In addition to the fabricated Gulf of Tonkin incident, which paved the way for the United States to enter the war, this program highlights the Hon Me Island raid. The latter appears to have been a stratagem aimed at permitting the jamming of North Vietnamese radar in preparation for air strikes made in retaliation for the alleged Vietnamese attacks on U.S. warships.

M46 An Interview with William Stevenson and Monika Jensen-Stevenson
Part 1 [46] 44:46 | Part 2 [47] 43:59 | Part 3 [48] 44:32
The authors of Kiss the Boys Goodbye discuss their book, which examines the United States Government cover-up of the existence of American POWs in Vietnam and Laos to prevent disclosure of the activities the men were engaged in at the time of their capture. This discussion features key figures in the Iran-Contra scandal and supports some of the allegations made against them in the Christic Institute’s suit on behalf of journalists Tony Avirgan and Martha Honey.

M47 A Conversation with Daniel Sheehan
Not available at this time.

M48 The Gander, Newfoundland Crash of 1985: Are U.S. Officials Covering-up a Terrorist Bombing?
Part 1 [49] 44:42 | Part 2 [50] 44:32 | Part 3 [51] 44:51 | Part 4 [52] 11:02
Explores the Arrow Air plane crash of December 1985 as an act of terrorism which may very well have been connected to Arrow’s role as a major arms carrier in the Iran-Contra scandal.

M49 Operation Gladio: U.S. and NATO Support for Fascist Terror in Italy
Part 1 [53] 44:07 | Part 2 [54] 44:01 | Part 3 [55] 43:48 | Part 4 [56] 12:17
Compares a CIA/NATO contingency plan and the “Strategy of Tension” terror program highlighted in AFA19. Right-wing guerrilla groups created to oppose a communist take-over in Italy or Soviet invasion of Europe, gave rise to bombings, kidnappings and assassinations in Italy. This program of terror was intimately connected to the P2 Lodge discussed in AFA18 & AFA19.

M50 We Have Ways of Making You Sell: The INSLAW Scandal
Part 1 [57] 41:56 | Part 2 [58] 41:21 | Part 3 [59] 29:27 | Part 4 [60] 16:54
This program focuses on the U.S. Justice Department’s thief and piracy of certain computer software and attempts to drive its developer out of business. It emphasizes intelligence services, and connections to the support structure for the Nicaraguan Contra war and the so-called “October-Surprise”: the alleged Reagan-Bush campaign’s deal to hold U.S. embassy hostages in Iran until Jimmy Carter’s election defeat was assured.

M51 For Whom the Bell Tolls: The Death of Joseph Daniel Casolaro
Part 1a [61] 44:10 |Part 1b [62] 44:53 | Part 1c [63] 14:32
Part 2a [64] 44:38 | Part 2b [65] 44:51 | Part 2c [66] 37:10
Part 3 [67] 43:59 | Part 4 [68] 39:07
8/18/91, 8/25/91, 9/1/91, 10/6/91
Examines in detail the alleged “suicide” of free-lance journalist Danny Casolaro and the intersecting investigations he was working on at the time of his death. Casolaro was working on the tentacles of what he termed “the Octopus”: connecting links between the “October Surprise” (see AFA31 [69]). the Iran-Contra scandal, the INSLAW case and the scandal surrounding the Bank of Commerce and Credit International (BCCI).

M52 Is Duke a Spook?
Part 1 [70] 44:03 | Part 2 [71] 43:28 | Part 3 [72] 14:09
This program sets forth indications that former Ku Klux Klan leader and 1992 presidential candidate David Duke may have been directly involved with U.S. Intelligence. It contains observations by rival KKK leaders as well as investigators familiar with Duke’s career.

M53 Team Zodiac & Manson’s Connections to the Zodiac Killings
Part 1 [73] 40:31 | Part 2 [74] 44:49 | Part 3 [75] 43:34 | Part 4 [76] 20:37
Examines evidence that the unsolved murders of California’s “Zodiac Killer” were committed by a team of individuals, some connected to the national security establishment. The killings terrorized California during the late ’60s and early ’70s and may have been intended as provocations or justification for an increased police state. In addition the murders appear to have been covered up by law enforcement officials who were involved in drug trading. Most significantly, elements of the Manson cult were involved in many of the killings.

M55 Purdy’s Last Stand: The Stockton (CA) Schoolyard Massacre of 1989
Part 1 [77] 44:12 | Part 2 [78] 35:29
Advances the working hypothesis that the Stockton schoolyard massacre of January 1989 may have been deliberately precipitated by elements of the U.S. national security establishment acting in combination with elements of the ultra-right. Patrick Edward Purdy murdered five Asian-American schoolchildren and then committed suicide, spurring legislation for gun control and creating public fear and sentiment for police state tactics. Purdy had associations with Aryan Nations and the Moon organization, and may have been a covert intelligence community patsy and victim of mind control. The broadcast analyzes a possible intelligence community connection to the gun control movement within the larger background of the martial law contingency plans developed by the Reagan and Bush administrations.

M56 Observations on America’s 216 Birthday: Dave Emory’s Credo
Part 1 [79] 44:20 | Part 2 [80] 43:35 | Part 3 [81] 41:55 | Part 4 [82] 35:21
A juxtaposition of the social philosophy of playwright George Bernard Shaw and social critic Noam Chomsky’s observations concerning President Kennedy’s assassination comprises the core of this broadcast from July 1992. In an imaginary address to young British students, Shaw warns that professors are usually 30 years behind the times and that students should consider this lag in developing their personal philosophical and world views. One of Mr. Emory’s role models, Shaw advises his imaginary audience not to succumb to the prevailing social and intellectual conformity. Shaw’s observations highlight the strident hypocrisy of Professor Chomsky. Chomsky endorses the Warren Commission’s view that Lee Harvey Oswald was a “lone nut”, non-politically motivated assassin when he allegedly assassinated President Kennedy’s assassination.

M57 The Flight of the Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler
Part 1 [83] 43:51 | Part 2 [84] 39:35 | Part 3 [85] 43:40 | Part 4 [86] 36:55
Documents Adolf Hitler’s escape from Germany at the end of World War II, using information contained in previously classified U.S. intelligence archives, accessed by a London Times journalist and discussed in a military history quarterly. The story was revealed to U.S. intelligence operatives during their debriefing of former Gestapo chief Heinrich Mueller, prior to his going to work for U.S. intelligence in an anti-communist capacity. Confident that his situation with his U.S. sponsors was secure, Mueller disclosed that Hitler escaped to Spain after the war and that his place in the bunker (and the grave) was taken by a double, a distant blood relative of the Fuehrer. Mueller’s alleged death at the war’s end has also been effectively debunked.

M58 Strange Bedfellows: Zionist, Palestinian Nationalists, Black Separatists & Fascism
Part 1 [87] 43:54 | Part 2 [88] 44:20 | Part 3 [89] 42:01
Part 4 [90] 44:52 | Part 5 [91] 43:55 | Part 6 [92] 35:12
3/6/94, 4/24/94
This Program details the cooperation between Afro-American separatists, Middle Eastern nationalist groups, militant Zionists and the forces of fascism. In addition to discussing the relationship between Arab Nationalist groups and the Third Reich analyzed in AFA22, the program focuses on working relationships between Afro-American separatist groups and white supremacist groups. The discussion highlights the cooperation between Marcus Garvey’s organization and the Ku Klux Klan, as well as between American Nazi groups and the Nation of Islam under Elijah Mohammed and Louis Farrakhan.

The second half of the program explains the connections of militant Zionist Rabbi Meir Kahane. Kahane’s professional associates included intelligence operatives from the CIA and FBI, reactionary politicos associated with the Reagan and Bush administrations, the Joseph Colombo organized crime family and the Betar (the fanatical Zionist organization founded by Vladimir Jabotinsky and assisted by Mussolini).

The analysis focuses on the characteristic ideological mystification contained in fascist doctrine as the binding element that forges links between groups that would be natural victims and opponents of fascism and those who would ordinarily oppress them.

M59 Richard Nixon’s Greatest “Hits”: Highlights of Richard Nixon’s Political Career
Part 1
44:03 | Part 2 [93] 44:02 | Part 3 [94] 44:30 | Part 4 [95] 44:21 | Part 5 [96] 19:41
Elucidates many of the most sordid chapters of Richard Nixon’s political life Nixon’s efforts on behalf of Nazi war criminals living in America, his apparent role in the assassination of President Kennedy and that event’s connections to the Watergate scandal, evidentiary tributaries running from Nixon’s political milieu to the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, the involvement of Nixon’s administration with the drug trade, Nixon’s plan to stage a provocation at the 1972 Republican Convention in order to force a cancellation of the general elections that year and establish martial law. The program concludes with an analysis of the international fascist political milieu that created Nixon and of which he was an integral part.

M60 The Seeds of Nuremberg: Fascism Grows Again From the Seeds of the Old Harvest
Part 1a [97] 29:59 | Part 1b [98] 29:49 | Part 1c [99] 29:55 | Part 1d [100] 29:59 | Part 1e [101] 29:54 | Part 1f [102] 27:58 | Part 1g [103] 12:04
Part 2a [104] 26:13 | Part 2b [105] 27:32 | Part 2c [106] 27:54 | Part 2d [107] 29:07 | Part 2e [108] 29:45 | Part 2f [109] 20:00
Part 3a [110] 26:46 | Part 3b [111] 29:22 | Part 3c [112] 27:54 | Part 3d [113] 29:08 | Part 3e [114] 29:47 | Part 3f [115] 29:42 | Part 3g [116] 5:31
Part 4a [117] 29:13 | Part 4b [118] 29:32 | Part 4c [119] 29:39 | Part 4d [120] 29:47 | Part 4e [121] 29:22 | Part 4f [122] 26:11 | Part 4g [123] 16:36
5/15/94, 5/22/94, 6/12/94, 6/26/94
This series illustrates the “rebirth” of fascism around the world and notes several elements of historical and operational continuity between the development of fascism prior to World War II and its resurgence over the last several decades. Comparing American scientific racism of the 1920s and ’30s with the ideology of current thinkers of that school, the program highlights the profound influence of American social legislation spawned by that racism on the Nazi racial laws that were the pretext for the Third Reich’s extermination programs.

The first two installments highlight members of the American “prosecutorial” staff at Nuremberg, who helped to exonerate numerous Nazi war criminals and who subsequently participated in the cover-up of President Kennedy’s assassination. In addition, the second installment explores a possible fascist connection between that milieu and the assassination of President Kennedy. The third and fourth installments of this program document the resurgence of fascism in Italy and Germany, stemming from the fascist elements left in place in these countries by individuals such as the American Nuremberg staffers (discussed in the first two installments).

The fourth installment also compares the attacks on Bill Clinton by American reactionaries to the roles of political scandal and the media in bringing to power the fascist/Right Wing coalition of Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi.

M61 Why Johnny Can’t Identify Il Duce: The Cellular Methodology of Fascism
Part 1a [124] 44:19 | Part 1b [125] 44:16 | Part 1c [126] 44:09 | Part 1d [127] 44:27 | Part 1e [128] 26:02
Part 2a [129] 43:58 | Part 2b [130] 43:52 | Part 2c [131] 43:46 | Part 2d [132] 41:44 | Part 2e [133] 9:39
9/4/94, 9/11/94
This series identifies and analyzes several reasons for Americans’ lack of awareness of fascism, its history and its methodology. The first program focuses on lowering American educational standards and the deliberate obfuscation of the historical connection between powerful industrial and financial interests and the genesis and propagation of fascism. These factors significantly undermined contemporary understanding of the political forces which produced Hitler and Mussolini.

In addition, the  series details important episodes in the development of French fascist forces culminating in the Vichy collaborationist government of Marshall Petain. The role of French fascists in undermining France and contributing to the German victory of 1940 is one of the many aspects of the history of fascism which has been deliberately obscured. (Among those fascists was former French President Francois Mitterand, at who’s insistence the euro and the European Monetary Union came into being.)

Finally, this series highlights the clandestine methodology of fascism, particularly the underground organizational structure of fascist movements and its effectiveness in subverting established democracies. Discussion centers on the underground Nazi cells of contemporary Germany and their evolution from the cellular organization established by the Third Reich prior to its defeat. The program also sets forth the role of the Swedish fascist Per Engdahl, and his role in maintaining the continuity of fascism from Hitler and Mussolini to the present. The re-emergence of fascism in Austria and the Czech Republic is discussed, as is international networking between neo-Nazis.

The series also contains discussion of collaboration between neo-Nazis and national intelligence services, and connections between neo-Nazis and “respectable” power politicians, plus analysis of the Liberty Lobby, an influential American fascist organization.

M62 “Family Values”: Reflections on the 1994 Elections
Not available at this time.

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