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173rd Airborne Brigade Troops to Train Ukraine National Guard Units

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Emblem of the Ukrainian Azov Battalion: will they have access to nukes?

Combat helmets of the Ukrainian government's Azov Battalion: will they have access to nukes?

COMMENT: American troops from the 173rd Airborne Brigade are going to be training units of the newly-formed Ukrainian national guard. The guard consists largely of the “punisher battalions,” including the Azov Battalion. This is both depressing and, sadly, predictable, given the drift of American foreign policy.

We are inclined to doubt that African-American and or Latino-American soldiers will be among those to do the training. If so, they might be genuinely dismayed at the swastika tattoos and other Nazi heraldry that are common in those units. Programs covering the Ukraine crisis are: FTR #’s 777778779780781782, 783784794800803804, 808811817818824826829832833837.

“DoD Moves Forward on Ukraine National Guard Training” by Cheryl Pellerin; defense.gov; 3/20/2015.

The Defense Department is moving forward with plans to train members of the Ukraine National Guard beginning in late April, Pentagon spokesman Army Col. Steve Warren said yesterday.

The department will use its authorities under the Global Security Contingency Fund as part of a joint DoD-State Department initiative to strengthen Ukraine’s internal defense capabilities, Warren told reporters during a daily briefing.

“We plan on sending about 290 U.S. service members, specifically paratroopers from the [Army’s] mighty 173rd ‘Sky Soldiers’ Airborne Brigade based in Vicenza, Italy,” he said, to train six Ukraine National Guard companies with a focus on internal security and territorial defense.

The training will be conducted in western Ukraine at the International Peacekeeping and Security Center in Yavoriv, near the border with Poland, Pentagon spokeswoman Eileen Lainez said. . . .



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