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9/11, Steven Jones, and Me — Part 4


As I have been review­ing Pro­fes­sor Jones’ paper for part 4, I have come across two arti­cles that, tak­en togeth­er, have done this already and from what I’ve read so far, they’ve done a much bet­ter job than I could ever dream of doing, so rather than rebuild­ing the wheel, I’ll point you to them for a more com­plete review.

The first is an arti­cle writ­ten by Brent Blan­chard, senior edi­tor at Implo­sion World. The arti­cle is locat­ed here. I also found anoth­er copy of it here. I includ­ed both in case either link goes away.

Accord­ing to Mr. Blan­chard, he was at ground zero dur­ing the cleanup after 9/11 and he goes through some com­mon mis­con­cep­tions about demo­li­tion that demo­li­tion the­o­rists are get­ting wrong. Some exam­ples of the myths he debunks are:

Asser­tion 1: “The tow­ers’ col­lapse looked exact­ly like explo­sive demo­li­tions.”

Asser­tion 2: “But they fell straight down into their own foot­print.”

Asser­tion 3: “But explo­sive charges (aka plumes, squibs, etc.) can clear­ly be seen shoot­ing from sev­er­al floors just pri­or to col­lapse”

Asser­tion 4: “Sev­er­al cred­i­ble eye­wit­ness­es are adamant that they heard explo­sion in or near the tow­ers.”

These are just the first four out of nine total asser­tions that are debunked and explained from a pro­fes­sion­al demo­li­tion­ist point of view. Mr. Blan­chard also says that he spoke to Pro­fes­sor Jones in 2006 about his paper. It’s a good arti­cle. Go read it.

The sec­ond arti­cle is by Mike King and it uses the above arti­cle as a source as he dis­cuss­es Pro­fes­sor Jones’ paper. It is here. It is a very good read also. I rec­om­mend it.

I think I’m done with this top­ic and I want to move onto anoth­er one: seek­ing truth. In my years inter­act­ing with con­spir­a­cy the­o­rists and oth­ers, I have noticed many traits, moti­va­tions, and behav­iors that are quite inter­est­ing to me. In my next arti­cle, I will cov­er what I have found. It’s inter­est­ing because in observ­ing these traits in oth­ers, I have been able to iden­ti­fy some of those traits with­in myself too and have been able to progress as a per­son as I have tried to get rid of these traits. See you soon!


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