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A Social Time Bomb

Excerpt from Messengers of Deception: UFO Contacts and Cults, by Jacques Vallée.

The idea of contact with higher intelligence is a social time bomb. Several years ago I warned that unless my scientific colleagues undertook a serious and unbiased investigation of the UFO phenomenon, there would be a proliferation of new sects claiming contact with higher intelligences and special communication with outer space.

This prediction has now been fulfilled: in California, Oregon, and Colorado, for example, a group called Human Individual Metamorphosis (H.I.M.) is telling its followers to abandon all earthly possessions in hopes of reaching a higher physical level. In Europe, mysterious organizations recruit people who serious-ly believe that cosmic messages are coming to them from the “Universal Association of Planets.” In France, Great Britain, all over the world, claims of contact with supernatural entities are leading to the creation of new sects. The expectation of higher intelligence is beginning to look like a form of worship. This raises some basic questions about science and religion: what is the source of the mystical experience? Some believers in contact with space claim to have discovered it.

Vallée, 1979: 65-66.


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