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Addendum to FTR #746: Germany Rejecting Greek War Crimes Reparations

Deflationary Spiral

COMMENT: In FTR #746, we examined Greece’s participation in the European Monetary Union as the decisive element in the failure of the Greek economy and its resultant subjugation to German political will.

The seminal german-foreign-policy.com (which feeds along the bottom of the front page of this website) has noted another aspect of the German/Greek economic and political dance macabre.

Germany is resisting a move in The Hague to oblige Germany to pay economic damages for war crimes inflicted by the Third Reich. Primary among the nations pushing the initiative is Greece!

At the foundation of the inquiry laid forth on the spitfirelist.com website is the Bormann flight capital network and the international cartel system that midwifed its occurrence. This remarkable organization is at the core of the postwar German economy, constituting major residua left by the tides of 20th century capital flow.

In light of the fact that the present German economic largess is derivative of the capital acquired during the Third Reich’s  war of aggression, the German/Greek struggle over war reparations on the one hand, and Greece’s debt problems on the other, is fascinating.

Note that the Distomo case is seen as legal precedent for other actions of its kind, hence its significance.

“Germany–Sacrosanct“; german-foreign-policy.com; 9/12/2011.

EXCERPT: . . . Today, the International Court of Justice in The Hague is opening hearings on Germany’s plea of “state immunity,” with which it is seeking to avoid paying reparations to the relatives of the victims of Nazi war crimes. The hearing will focus on the massacre, committed June 10, 1944, by German SS troops in the Greek village of Distomo. The SS killed 218 civilians, including children and babies. The trial in The Hague is the culminating point of a legal battle that has lasted more than 15 years. . . .

. . . . Relatives of Greek Nazi victims have been trying since the 1990s to have their reparation demands met through legal action. Previous attempts to have Germany accept a negotiated settlement had failed.[1] The relatives have adopted a two-fold legal action: one in Greece, the other in Germany, for the case that Germany does not recognize Greek court rulings. In Mai 2000, the Supreme Court in Athens, the Areopag, ruled that in the Distomo case alone, the Federal Republic of Germany has to pay 28 Mio Euros in reparations (plus interests). Berlin refused and the Greek government prevented the foreclosure on German state property on Greek territory. In Italy, there is a similar case. The Berlusconi government had prevented the foreclosure against German property in Italy, ruled admissible by the Italian Supreme Court – the Court of Cassation, in Rome -in June 2008. The German judiciary has refused to admit lawsuits of the victims’ relatives in Germany. The European Court of Human Rights has recently ruled in favor of Germany’s position.

The current case before the International Court of Justice in The Hague could become the final episode of a legal battle. On December 23, 2003, Berlin filed a complaint against Italy with the objective of thwarting all future reparation procedures in other countries. The Federal Government is invoking an alleged “state immunity,” claiming that private persons cannot take legal action against sovereign actions of foreign states. This constitutes not only an affront to the highest courts of several EU member states, by declaring their rulings are violations of international law. Berlin is also showing its intentions of becoming sacrosanct vis à vis foreign victims of the Nazis. This is essentially about murder, whose unjust nature has again become indisputable. As far as the Distomo massacre is concerned, the Nuremberg Military Tribunal, in its ruling on February 19, 1948, had already declared that “this has also been clear calculated murder.”[2] Even West German courts have adopted this position in principle, after the massacre had been characterized for a period of time as an admissible measure of retaliation. Nevertheless, the German government is still insisting on “immunity.”
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  1. In the end, Dave, are we really surprised to see this:


    Where are the people who will give credit to the issues that we are raising?

    Have a great day.

    Posted by Claude | September 23, 2011, 7:56 am
  2. Germany claims State immunity, a construction it is not willing to accept in its own courts. Besides, occupying Greece and Italy in ww2 is a grave disrespect of the idea of state immunity.

    Check out my film
    The German administration: Lying as a totalitarian tool.

    Posted by Martin Bott | September 30, 2011, 11:22 am
  3. Dave vindicated by new book Grey Wolf. All the details of Hitler’s escape. Maybe Dave can interview the authors like he did with Russ Baker.



    When Truman asked Stalin in 1945 whether Hitler was dead, Stalin replied bluntly, “No.” As late as 1952, Eisenhower declared: “We have been unable to unearth one bit of tangible evidence of Hitler’s death.” What really happened?

    Simon Dunstan and Gerrard Williams have compiled extensive evidence–some recently declassified–that Hitler actually fled Berlin and took refuge in a remote Nazi enclave in Argentina. The recent discovery that the famous “Hitler’s skull” in Moscow is female, as well as newly uncovered documents, provide powerful proof for their case. Dunstan and Williams cite people, places, and dates in over 500 detailed notes that identify the plan’s escape route, vehicles, aircraft, U-boats, and hideouts. Among the details: the CIA’s possible involvement and Hitler’s life in Patagonia–including his two daughters.

    Posted by Giordano Bruno | October 4, 2011, 6:57 pm

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