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Al Qaeda, the Underground Reich and Proxy War

Ayman al-Zawahiri

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COMMENT: In numerous programs, we have discussed the Underground Reich’s use of Al Qaeda and other Muslim Brotherhood and Arab allies as proxy warriors against the United States.

Some of those programs are: FTR #’s 396, 395, 404, 450, 527, 537.

We have also spoken of Osama bin Laden’s goal of undermining the U.S. economy through his terror program. FTR #560 is among the programs discussing that.

A recent pronouncement by bin Laden’s successor Ayman Al Zawahiri is more than a little interesting. We can see his proposed strategy of advising Muslims to invest in currencies other than the dollar and advising them not to purchase American goods as both a strategy to undermine the United States, per se, and in terms of a long term strategy of helping to elevate Germany economically.

“Al-Qaeda Chief Calls for Attacks on US in 9/11 Speech to Followers” by Ruth Sherlock; The Telegraph [UK]; 9/13/2013.

EXCERPT: In an audio message released on Friday, two days after the anniversary of September 11th, Ayman al-Zawahiri said America was not a “mythic power” and that it could be defeated even through small-scale strikes by “one brother or a few of the brothers”.

“We should bleed America economically by provoking it to continue in its massive expenditure on its security, for the weak point of America is its economy, which has already begun to stagger due to the military and security expenditure,” he said, according to SITE, a jihadist monitoring group. “America is not a mythic power and the Americans, after all, are humans who can be defeated, felled and punished.”

Zawahiri urged the Islamic world to “abandon the dollar and replace it with a currency of other countries that are not taking part in the aggression against us”. He also said that Muslims should refuse to buy goods from America and its allies, as such spending only helped to fund US military action in Muslim lands.

As well as mounting small, “disparate” assaults, Zawahiri urged fellow members of his extremist group to “watch and wait” and seize any opportunity to conduct a large strike against the US, similar to the 9/11 attack that killed almost 3000 people. . . .


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