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Alarming Insight on GMO’s and Biological Warfare

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COMMENT: In AFA #39, we returned to the issue of AIDS as a genetically-engineered, binary biological weapon. In that context, we highlighted Bayer’s purchase of Monsanto.

Ken Alibek, formerly a key researcher in the Soviet Union’s biological weapons program, has noted a stunning phenomenon–the unwillingness/inability of U.S. “experts” to acknowledge that genetically modifying a microorganism carries risk. Furthermore, genetically modifying a pathogenic (disease-causing) organism can create a much more dangerous entity.

Alibek’s experience has been that U.S. “experts” are in a state of profound denial about the dangers of rDNA (recombinant DNA).

Altered Genes, Twisted Truth by Steven M. Druker; Clear River Press [SC]; Copright 2015 by Steven M. Druker; ISBN 978-0-9856190-0-8; pp. 19-20.

. . . . Among U.S. molecular biologists, the denial of the risks of gene-splicing was so deeply seated that many maintained it could not cause harm even if purposely employed to do so. Ken Alibek, who played an important role in the Soviet Union’s bio-weaponry program before emigrating to the US, says he encountered “an alarming level of ignorance” about biological weapons within the expert community of his adopted country. He reports: “Some of the best scientists I’ve met in the West say it isn’t possible to alter viruses genetically to make reliable weapons. . . . My knowledge and experience tell me that they are wrong.”

Regal confirms Alibek’s observation. “I had long heard the same naïve opinions from leading American biotech advocates. . . . My sense is that many of them had talked themselves into sincerely believing that rDNA had no weapons potential because they felt constantly on the defense [sic] and experienced a need to protect the image of biotechnology—and to sustain their own faith in the fully benign nature of their manipulations. These arguments spread and took hold as ‘common wisdom’ among American biotechnolgists, despite their dissonance with reality.” . . . . .


One comment for “Alarming Insight on GMO’s and Biological Warfare”

  1. Yes, there’s a lot of different angles on the GMO issue; a lot of claims by industry that are questionable and a high degree of uncertainty in the research. There’s a political-economic
    level of intensity that makes one wonder. I haven’t read the book yet but Druker is an excellent speaker and has some great insights in his spoken material, and has been at this for a while. These biotech/bininformatic ‘experts’ better take a long hard look at this one.

    Posted by Mike Dvorak | February 9, 2018, 10:33 am

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