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Alexander Cockroach Still Using WikiLeaks’ Resident Holocaust Denier

Julian Assange and Joran Jermas aka "Israel Shamir"

COMMENT: It says a great deal about the sorry nature of the so-called progressive sector in this country that Alexander Cockburn (I call him “Cockroach”) continues to utilize Joran Jermas aka “Israel Shamir” the unabashed Holocaust-denier who, along with his son Johannes Wahlstrom (of a similar political fabric), comprise a key element of the WikiLeaks infrastructure.

Along with the other dupes who have fallen in behind WikiLeaks, Cockroach apparently sees nothing wrong with putting forward such a loathsome individual.

Now, Jermas/Shamir is accessing material from WikiLeaks that casts aspersions on President Obama’s takedown of Bin Laden, serving the interests of the GOP and America’s enemies. Remember that Karl Rove has a major presence in Sweden, where Assange, Jermas and company have come to roost.

As discussed in the exhaustive For The Record series on WikiLeaks and the Piggy-Back Coups, WikiLeaks is a far-right, Nazi influenced intelligence network.

As stated before, WHO is vetting the authenticity of these “leaked” cables? What sort of quality control is being exercised with regard to their authenticity?

“Cross and Double Cross with Gitmo Files; US Knew Where Osama Was Since 2005” by Israel Shamir; Counterpunch; 5/4/2011.

EXCERPT: The unredacted Guantanamo files show clearly that the trail to Abbottabad was known to the US intelligence services at least since 2005, when al-Libi, another Abbottabad dweller, was captured.

Timing is everything. The US President announced killing of Osama bin Laden just as Wikileaks completed its publication of Guantanamo files. Was it coincidence? If not, what was the connection?

An answer to this question is directly connected with the cross and double cross accusations exchanged in the murky world where the intelligence services meet mainstream media.

Publication of the US secret papers, the Guantanamo Files, was done almost simultaneously by two competing media groups.
One was the Wikileaks of Julian Assange and their partners The Washington Post, The Daily Telegraph, the French Le Monde.

Another one was The New York Times, The Guardian, the Israeli Haaretz.

The Guardian said of the files: “They were obtained by the New York Times, who shared them with the Guardian, which is publishing extracts today, having redacted information which might identify informants. The New York Times says the files were made available to it not by Wikileaks, but “by another source on the condition of anonymity”.

Haaretz made more of it: “A few media outlets, including The New York Times, the Guardian and Haaretz, obtained the documents from an independent source without the help of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who is under house arrest in Britain awaiting his appeal not to be extradited to Sweden, where he faces charges of rape and sexual assault.” The Guardian’s David Leigh twitted “double-crossing Assange!”

Now we’ll give you the story behind the story: who crossed and double crossed whom, which information was redacted and how did it lead to OBL?  . . .


One comment for “Alexander Cockroach Still Using WikiLeaks’ Resident Holocaust Denier”

  1. Hello Dave,

    After reflecting on the whole issue for several months, I have come to realize that it is the results of an enterprise that reveal to us the true nature of the pre-existing intention that motivated that very enterprise. In other words, by the results, you see what effects were planned for a particular action. Today, as we have discussed it on a few occasions, social movements are a mixture of several ideologies that, in the past, were considered in competition. Extreme-Right, Extreme-Left and Islamism today compose the fabric of several groups and, for the Liberal world, it is a catastrophy. The results of the actions of groups such as WikiLeaks, Lyndon Larouche, Tea Parties, etc, are destabilization of their societies. You can see that their intent was not good in any way.

    I agree with you that to associate oneself with an Holocaust denier doesn’t make sens, but in this new reality, that’s the kind of bizarre commitments that we will see more and more often. The ability for the majority of the people to think in a logical way is impaired. And we know who is responsible for that.

    Anyway, have a great day.

    Posted by Claude | May 12, 2011, 9:13 pm

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