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All’s Well that’s Orwell: According to the Ministry of Truth, Moderation Looks Like This!

Swoboda leader Oleh Tiahanybok salutes

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COMMENT: So, according to The Ministry of Truth, Swoboda is now “moderate.” We guess that is what happens when the leader of the group (pictured at right) meets with the Secretary of State (John Kerry.)

Notice that Swoboda’s moderation is indicated by their unwillingness to “openly” advocate throwing firebombs at the Ukrainian government security forces. 

Hey, that sure sounds moderate to us!

(Photo source, Global Research article.)

(We have done four pro­grams to date about the Ukrain­ian cri­sis: FTR #‘s 777778779780.)

 In 2010, Oleh Tyanhybok, the leader of the group was honored by veterans of the 14th Waffen SS division (Galicia).

Their concept of “skull and bones” differs rather dramatically from Kerry’s.

“Front and Cen­ter in Ukraine Race, a Leader of the Far Right” by Andrew E. Kramer; The New York Times; 3/11/2014.

EXCERPT: . . . . Mr. Yarosh has hinted at a role for his group in bal­anc­ing the influ­ence of a long­time player in Ukrain­ian pol­i­tics, Yulia V. Tymoshenko, the for­mer prime min­is­ter who emerged from prison after the fall of the old gov­ern­ment with mem­bers of her polit­i­cal party, Father­land, already hold­ing the posi­tions of act­ing pres­i­dent and prime minister.

Before the protests, the nation­al­ist party Svo­boda had occu­pied the nation­al­ist niche to the right of Ms. Tymoshenko. But Svo­boda and Father­land are now allied. . . . [They were all along. Just check out FTR #779–D.E.)

The Svo­boda party, mean­while, has mod­er­ated, and did not openly [!–D.E.] endorse the tac­tic of throw­ing fire­bombs when street fight­ing began in Jan­u­ary. Svo­boda was founded in 1991 under the name the Socialist-Nationalist Party of Ukraine, with a sym­bol that resem­bled a swastika. Its leader, Oleg Tyag­ni­bok, met Sec­re­tary of State John Kerry on Tues­day . . . .


Heinrich Himmler inspecting troops of the 14th Waffen SS Division (Galicia), staffed by OUN/B

“Is the Rebellion in the Ukraine Really Aimed at Creating a National Socialist State?” by George Eliason; OpEdNews; 2/26/2014.

EXCERPT:. . . .  In Canada, in May 2010 , [Senior Ukrainian opposition leader Oleh] Tyahnybok received the golden  cross ” ‘for his service to Ukraine’ from the Brotherhood of the Veterans of the First Ukrainian Division of the Ukrainian National Army, veterans of the Waffen SS Galizien….”


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