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Apartheid Era South Africa’s Heritage on Display

Comment: In FTR #225, among other programs, we examined the Nazi heritage of the Broederbond, the primary power center of the Apartheid government of South Africa. At the funeral of the late Eugene Terreblanche, leader of the AWB, which years for the Apartheid era, that heritage was on display.

“Nazi Salutes and Swastikas as Hundreds Gather for Funeral of Murdered White Supremacist Eugene Terreblanche” by Jane Flanagan; Daily Mail [UK]; 4/10/2010.

Their arms raised in a Nazi salute, thousands of angry white followers greet the coffin of Eugene Terreblanche as it leaves church.

The South African white supremacist was buried on Friday, six days after being hacked to death by two black farm workers.

Supporters travelled from across the country to mourn his murder and, in some cases, plot revenge.

Children and even babies were dressed in the uniform of 69-year-old Terreblanche’s party, the AWB….


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  1. Whoa! You really do have to go and check out the accompanying photo for this article. That is truly a disturbing site…it does bring a further edgy degree of reality to what Dave has been revealing over the past thirty years… there does seem to be an ever growing boldness being displayed by this ever growing movement across the globe…Thank you, Dave, for everything… reading the comments on the article on yahoo today concerning the demonstration in LA by the National Socialist Movement I’d say the dumbing down of some of the populace is well entrenched…this stuff is just not being taken at the serious level that it needs to be addressed–the NSM recently was allowed to particpate in the Adopt A Highway program in Brighton, Colorado…this is a small step but it seems clear that fascism at the grass roots level is indeed growing…the political situation in the 1930’s is surely beginning to look like it is mirroring itself in the present

    Posted by Sandra | April 18, 2010, 2:29 am

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