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“Austerity” Equals Fascism, Part I: The Republicans are Nazis


Russ Bellant's Book about the GOP and the Nazis

[2]COMMENT: The title of this post may appear extreme to some.  A follow-up post will discuss “austerity” and its effects will be analyzed in some detail and against the background of the Nazi T-4 program and the theoretical principles of Carl von Clausewitz [3].

We could do no better to begin this long post than to reference a characteristically incisive post [4] by “Pterrafractyl”–who’s work is now featured in its own section, highlighted on the front page of this website (“Pterrafractyl’s Nest”). Users of the website are emphatically encouraged to digest that post and consider it in the context of this entry. 

In Pterrafractyl’s detailed article, we observe the potential resolution of the global economic meltdown threatened by the failure of the Euro. That resolution is the kind of subjugation of European national sovereignty to German hegemony that was envisioned by the Third Reich [5] in its plans for postwar victory and consequent control.

Failure to rescue the Euro threatens a global economic meltdown. In effect, Germany is in the position of blackmailing the U.S., as well as the rest of the world. “As goes Europe, so goes the world.”

The United States is, of course, in a Presidential election year, with 23 Senate seats held by Democrats up for grabs, as opposed to 10 seats currently held by Republicans.

In a follow-up post, we’ll look at the possible effects of European economic turmoil on the U.S. electoral scene, the Presidential contest in particular. In that context, we will also touch on the passive role of the Federal Reserve Bank and its chairman Ben Bernanke in this imbroglio. 

In order to see the current electoral horse race in perspective, it is important to review and understand the nature of the contemporary Republican Party.

As discussed in FTR #465 [6] (among other programs), a core element [7] of the post-World War II GOP is a direct offshoot [8] of the Third Reich and its central European allies.

Following Dewey’s narrow defeat by Harry Truman in the 1948 election (blamed on the “Jewish vote”),  Allen Dulles and his protege Richard Nixon set about recruiting Axis veterans, many of them war criminals, to serve as political mobilizers in the Eastern European ethnic communities in the United States. 

This recruitment program [9] was inextricably linked with an illegal domestic covert operation [10], the Crusade for Freedom. The CFF enlisted Rumanian Iron Guard veterans, members of the Hungarian Arrow Cross, the Bulgarian National Front, the Croatian Ustachi, the Slovakian Hlinka Party, Ukrainian fascists from the OUN/B of Stephan Bandera, Baltic fascists from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, Byelorussian Nazis and others as combatants against the Soviet Bloc and as political cadre in the United States.

Significant for our purposes here, it is important to remember that Ronald Reagan was the chief spokesman for the CFF, the covert operation cemented to the formation and operation of the GOP “ethnics.” The State Department machinations used to bring the Nazis and fascists into the U.S. were overseen by William Casey, later Nixon’s head of the Securities and Exchange Commission and, later, Ronald Reagan’s head of the CIA.

Shepherded by Nixon, this Nazi GOP element was viewed as being able to deliver five key swing states in Presidential election years. During Nixon’s second term, the GOP “ethnics” were installed as a permanent element of the Republican Party, when George H.W. Bush was chairman of the Republican National Committee.

The 1980 election marked the triumphal ascension of the CFF/Nazi “ethnics” to the pinnacle of American political power. With CFF spokesperson Reagan as President, George H.W. Bush (who oversaw the installation of the Nazis as a permanent, standing element of the GOP) as Vice-President and William Casey (who handled the machinations to import the Nazis under State Department auspices) as CIA director, the Nazi machinery was in control of American political process.

The selection of personnel for the Reagan administration is worth noting as well. In charge of drawing up the list of individuals from which Reagan made his appointments was Helene Von Damm, a close associate/protege of Otto von Bolschwing, another “Dulles Nazi” imported into the United States. In the Third Reich, Von Bolschwing served as Adolf Eichmann’s superior in administering “Jewish matters” for Hitler.

(Yours Truly played a small role in the actual breaking of the Von Bolschwing story in 1981. Von Damm keeps the last name of her second husband, Christian Von Damm, who was managing Bank of America’s branch in La Paz, Bolivia in the early 1980’s. It would be a reasonable supposition that the bank was handling a fair amount of capital derived from the operations of the “Coca Fascisti” who ascended to power in the “Cocaine Coup” of 1980. Later, Von Damm became Reagan’s Ambassador to Austria. There, she married a hotelier named Goertler, who later died of an allegedly self-inflicted gun shot wound. [11]

Exemplifying the people tabbed by Van Damm was Ykaterina Chumachenko, Deputy Director for Public Liaison for Reagan and, at the same time, head of the UCCA, the key front organization for the OUN/B! She went on to become first lady of the Ukraine under Victor Yuschenko.

The war crimes committed by the OUN/B on behalf of the Third Reich are a subject of contemporary political tension [12] between Poland and the Ukraine.

Old Nazis, the New Right and the Republican Party by Russ Bellant; South End Press (HC); Copyright 1991 by Russ Bellant; pp. 76-77. [7]

EXCERPT: . . . .On July 20, 1988, George Bush reaffirmed the ties between the Republican Party and the ABN by making a campaign stop at Fedorak’s Ukrainian Cultural Center in Warren, Michigan. Bush delivered a hard-line foreign policy speech to those attending the annual Captive Nations banquet sponsored jointly by the Captive Nations Committee and the ABN. Sharing the dais with Fedorak and Bush was Katherine Chumachenko, formerly the director of the UCCA’s Captive Nations Committee and currently the Deputy Director for Public Liaison at the White House. [Emphasis added.] Ignatius M. Billinsky, President of UCCA, had already been named Honorary Chair of Ukrainians for Bush, and Bohdan Fedorak named National vice-chair of Ukrainians for Bush. . . .

COMMENT: In assessing the Nazified character of the GOP and the Reagan/Bush I administrations, one should remember that evidence suggests the Nazi hierarchy and chain of command remained intact, with the Bormann network in charge of an NSDAP gone underground. 

Furthermore, the Nazi emigre milieu is inextricably linked with the Gehlen organization. Even as Gehlen was cementing his deal with U.S. intelligence, he was clearing his activities with Admiral Karl von Doenitz (Hitler’s designated successor) and General Franz Halder.

“The Secret Treaty of Fort Hunt” by Carl Oglesby; Covert Action Information Bulletin #35 (Fall of 1990). [13]

EXCERPT: . . . . As Gehlen was about to leave for the United States, he left a mes­sage for Baun with another of his top aides, Ger­hard Wes­sel: “I am to tell you from Gehlen that he has dis­cussed with [Hitler’s suc­ces­sor Admi­ral Karl] Doenitz and [Gehlen’s supe­rior and chief of staff Gen­eral Franz] Halder the ques­tion of con­tin­u­ing his work with the Amer­i­cans. Both were in agree­ment.” Hohne and Zolling, op. cit., n. 14, p. 61.

COMMENT: Returning to the subject of “austerity” and the elections, it is vital to remember the the Reagan/Bush I Nazified GOP administrations campaigned against big government and preached austerity. At the same time, Reagan/Bush drastically increased the military budget, increasing the national debt three and a half-fold under Reagan. By the time Bush I left office, the national debt had increased five-fold!

The Nazified GOP had created the very situation which they claimed to be able to solve! (It is worth noting that the U.S. had been a net creditor nation from the end of World War I through the Carter administration. By 1983, the U.S. was a net debtor nation. This is related to, but distinct from, the national debt per se.)

In eight years, Clinton, by contrast, had actually had budgetary surpluses in some years. 

When Bush II took office, he slashed taxes [14] while waging two wars, dramatically increasing the debt [15] once again. 

The actions of five administrations of Reagan and both Bushes have been utterly disastrous for this country’s fiscal situation, setting the stage for a roll-back of the New Deal under a prospective Romney administration (with a GOP-dominated Congress).

In passing, we should remember that the Bush II administration heavily overlapped a parallel network to the Nazi “ethnics.” Karl Rove–“Bush’s Brain”–and Grover Norquist created the Islamic Free Market Institute to counter the “Jewish vote” of the Democrats. That milieu, in turn, is inextricably linked with the Nazi-linked Bank Al-Taqwa and the funding apparatus that helped support Hamas, Al-Qaeda and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Also in this context, remember the thesis presented over and over on this website and in the broadcasts–that the Bush family is the point element [16] of the Bormann capital network–what banker familiar with its operations [17] termed “The greatest concentration of money power under a single control in all of world history.” We should also bear in mind the links of the GOP presidents, Nixon, Ford, Reagan and Bush I to the assassination of President Kennedy.

Also in the context of GOP/Nazis, as set forth in FTR #652 [18], Sarah Palin appears to be a cat’s paw for the Alaskan Independence Party, a seditious correspondent party for the Aryan Nations.

California’s “Governator”–Arnold Schwarzenegger manifested a Nazi political ancestry [19], Nazi cultural and behavioral affiliations [19], Nazi political connections [20]and a possible Bormann network financial backer [21].

In the current campaign, Mitt Romney is joined at the hip with “alternative” candidate Ron Paul [22], whose Nazi/fascist links  are a matter of record.

In a follow-up post, we will examine the budgetary and austerity question at greater length–both in terms of the possible impact of matters European on the U.S. election and on the real nature of “austerity” itself, from an economic and social standpoint.