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Biological Warfare: Did the Germans Cause the 1918 Flu Epidemic?

COMMENT: In the past, we have heard it alleged by credible sources that Germany was behind the 1918 flu epidemic that killed scores of millions worldwide.

From Germany Watch comes another worthy post lending further substance to this line of inquiry. 

After maintaining that German agents were sabotaging livestock with anthrax, the post discusses British intelligence distillate indicating that, after discovering the particular strain of virulent flu, German agents began deliberately spreading it in the U.S.

Discussing the German sabotage of the Black Tom arsenal, as well as the infection of livestock with anthrax, the post notes that the United States was a neutral nation at the time. 

In this context, we have noted that there are indications that products made by Bayer, one of the member companies of the I.G. Farben cartel, has marketed products in the United States that appear to be doing severe damage to American agriculture:

  • In FTR #591, we noted that Bayer and BASF (another of the member firms of I.G. Farben) have maneuvered two genetically-engineered brand of rice into the U.S. market, damaging U.S. rice harvests.
  • In FTR #638, we discussed the possible role of a Bayer pesticide in causing the bee die-offs, a phenomenon that directly threatens U.S. agriculture. The pesticide is banned in Germany.
  • Bayer is getting ready to introduce a genetically-engineered brand of soybean into the U.S. market, that will be particularly hospitable to pesticides. As is the case with the “Poncho” pesticide that appears to be causing bee die-offs, the pesticides are known as “systemic.” They are water soluble and are absorbed by the plant–the poison cannot be washed off by a consumer prior to eating. One can but wonder to what extent the Underground Reich is deliberately poisoning the American population and environment.
  • In FTR #576, we noted the profound links between the former member companies of I.G. Farben and the Bormann capital organization–the economic component of a Third Reich gone underground.
  • FTR #’s 480 and 585 present information about the possible link between the spread of Lyme disease and biological warfare testing on Plum Island. Central to the discussion is Dr. Erich Traub, one of the Third Reich’s principal figures in biological warfare research. Traub, who reported directly to Heinrich Himmler during the war and was deeply involved with Plum Island’s work,  was brought into the U.S. through Project Paperclip. Did Lyme disease spread accidentally from Plum Island? Was it deliberately spread by some of the Third Reich alumni secreted into the United States?

“150 Million Deaths?”; Germany Watch; 9/5/2012.

TEXT: Was Germany behind the 1918 Flu virus that killed 50-150 million people?

Admiral Hall, Chief of British Naval Intelligence during WW1, supplied information to an American legal claim against German sabotage within the USA.

The claim was originally meant for compensation for the Germans blowing up a chunk of Manhattan in the biggest terror attack in US history pre-9/11.

But when Major Peaslee, heading the US investigation, read copies of the British intercepts of German traffic and ciphers, he discovered that the Germans were not just blowing up US munitions depots (before a declaration of war); they were using biological warfare on a large scale.
It is quiet public knowledge that Germany was using Anthrax and other biologicals on cattle, with 1000s of animals heading for the Allied war effort infected by German agents at various ports. But in 1916 the Germans had discovered a flu variant that killed by over-stimulation of the immune system, therefore perfectly targeting the healthiest of men; Soldiers.

The links will show you that a German agent was in the US releasing their new Bio-weapon in January 1918. The same month the first recorded case of 1918 flu turned up in Maryland barracks.

Germany fought the legal case not in normal terms, but tried bribery, pressure, everything they could, to not be found guilty of the sabotage of the Manhattan munitions depot, despite the US only asking for $20m damages. They could have even settled outside of an offical ‘guilty’, but they didn’t.

WHY? Because they knew the evidence could point to them releasing the 1918 flu.

They underestimated the effectiveness of the weapon, as it of course eventually spread to Germans via the battlefield anyway.

But they did everything they could in desperation to conceal it during legal proceedings. The US eventually won damages for the sabotage after 15 years of litigation, by which point it was 1939. So there were then other immediate things to worry about, and this has largely been forgotten. The Criminals running Germany at this point, were so confident they were about to win the next war, that they undoubtedly thought they could bury the evidence of their WW1 crimes after taking out Britain and the US, as a bonus.


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  1. The claim was orig­i­nally meant for “com­pen­sa­tion for the Ger­mans blow­ing up a chunk of Man­hat­tan…”

    should read: a chunk of Jersey City.

    Posted by anonymouse | September 9, 2012, 4:05 am
  2. You are right about Bayer Dave. They appear to have deliberately let their GM products infect large swathes of US agribusiness by cross-contamination and failure to contain.

    This whole issue makes me very suspicious of the British Beef issues in the late 1980s and 1990s, killing off a large part of British farming at a strategic point. It was the same time where the EEC Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) was coming into force, which makes farmers reliant on subsidies to the benefit of German farming. The French and Germans immediately banned Brit Beef from europe, and killed off the last of Brit farming.

    This is troublesome for an island nation like Britain, who Germany tried to starve last time via their U-boats. Without the capacity to feed itself, Britain is in no position to handle a local war.

    Posted by GW | September 10, 2012, 10:06 am
  3. @GW–

    In this context, check out a show I did on the foot-and-mouth outbreak more than a decade ago.




    Posted by Dave Emory | September 10, 2012, 3:47 pm
  4. Thanks Dave, interesting analysis on a par with our thoughts.

    However, it started during the Thatcher era long before Blair.

    I suspect it was originally a win-win-win for Germany, where they could damage Brit farming, damage the anti-German Thatcher govt, and then use their propaganda channels to blame Brit business. The last point worked, putting to death the last big Brit chemicals firm, ICI.

    Ref Iraqi links, the disease would likely have been planted by Iraqi agents for deniability reasons, but under GERMAN orders. Iraq did not benefit, Germany did. That is why Germany supplied them WMD in the first place.

    As you picked out with Hussein’s uncle, the family were German intelligence assets, not just people who were fond of Germans.

    Germany supplied their WMD for the exact reason they supply various regimes with U-boats; as part of the deal, those weapons remain essentially part of the de-facto German arsenal, with Germany having a say when they deem it helpful to them, over how and where these assets are used. Look at the U-boat sale to Egypt for example, giving the Muslim Brotherhood access to German tech against Israel. I would gamble that those subs may even have a German staff member or two when deployed in anger…

    The links between suspicions of Iraq WMD and British farming attacks, were certainly considered by the Blair govt.

    Germany of course then ran the disinfo campaign using CURVEBALL, creating the myth that there were no WMD in Iraq. They came from Germany, but Germany pretends Iraq never had WMD? Caught red-handed I reckon, just like 1918.

    It is worrying how many idiots we have in intelligence that can’t see it, whilst German penetrations of same intelligence agencies are making sure any files pointing at Germany and Muslim Brotherhood are shredded, and all officers and analysts over a certain age are forcibly retired, removing institional knowledge and memory.
    On top, the young idiots in intelligence have received an education telling them Germany was a victim of Versailles – German propaganda in the purest form. The vast majority think German intelligence is friendly.

    I don’t get involved with the Blair/Bush discussions too much, as appreciate many see them as suspects, including your site (ref 3rd Reich links with Bush family).

    However my personal feeling is that if Grandad Bush was really working for Germany in WW2, he was RUBBISH at hiding it. In which case, I think he was doing his job; he was OSS and was meant to gain the trust of the Germans to learn their operations.

    I know for a fact Bush was suspicious of Germany over 9/11, and that was also the reason he put the spotlight on Al Taqwa.
    That’s why the anti-Bush anti-Blair propaganda was so damn LOUD. Germany wanted them out of power asap before they either worked out the whole ruse (which I think is closer to reality; Bush had a clue but not full picture of German network), or Bush/Blair knew the whole thing, and Germany wanted them out before they made it public.

    It all links, and it all goes back to Germany. But I fear, their penetration and disinformation has become institutional. We have lost control and are unlikely to get it back without some serious blood shed.

    So may be worth learning German instead, facing the fact that they have very nearly won on all fronts, and our own military orgs are doing the bidding and reshaping the world leadership, to how Germany always wanted them to be organised. Racial statelets in Balkans, MB in mid-east and Africa, regional Gauleiters in Europe.

    Posted by GW | September 11, 2012, 6:50 am
  5. According to a report released last month by a group at the Univ. of Massachussets Amherst of the top 100 corporate air polluters in the United States, the top air polluter in the U.S. is Bayer Group. The amount of pollution released by Bayer is nearly twice that of the second on the list, General Electric. The toxic score (pounds released x toxicity x population exposure)of Bayer Group is over 10 times greater than GE!


    Posted by JohnT | September 14, 2012, 6:48 am
  6. @John T–

    Fits right in, unfortunately, doesn’t it?

    Good Show,

    Dave Emory

    Posted by Dave Emory | September 14, 2012, 4:35 pm
  7. Dave,
    It is my understanding that corporations in Germany are structured differently than they are in the U.S.. I recall hearing in one of your programs that corporations in Germany are legally part of the government.
    If this is the case, then Germany is the biggest air polluter in the United States.

    Many thanks for all your excellent research and programs.

    Posted by JohnT | September 15, 2012, 7:22 am
  8. That was then. This is now.


    NIH superbug claims 7th victim
    By Brian Vastag and Lena H. Sun, Published: September 14

    A deadly, drug-resistant superbug outbreak that began last summer at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center claimed its seventh victim Sept. 7, when a seriously ill boy from Minnesota succumbed to a bloodstream infection, officials said Friday.

    The boy was the 19th patient at the research hospital to contract an antibiotic-resistant strain of the bacterium Klebsiella pneumoniae that arrived in August 2011 with a New York woman who needed a lung transplant. But his case marked the first new infection of this superbug at NIH since January — a worrisome signal that the bug persists inside the huge brick-and-glass federal facility in Bethesda….

    Longer article at the link.

    Posted by Vanfield | September 15, 2012, 8:21 pm
  9. New wave of anti-Semitism in Berlin, DW 9/29/12
    “After an attack on a Berlin rabbi on month ago, the German capital has been rocked by two new antisemitic incidents. The Jewish community says society as a whole needs to combat anti-Semitism.
    On Wednesday (26.09.2012), the Secretary General of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Stephan Kramer, was threatened with an attack. On the same day, a taxi driver in Berlin refused to drive a family to a synagogue. Both cases have been picked up by the police for investigation.

    Rabbi Daniel Alter said his attackers were of Arab origin
    The two incidents took place only about a month after an attack on a rabbi that made the headlines across Germany – 53-year-old Daniel Alter was beaten up by a group of teenagers and verbally abused for being Jewish. The victim said the attacks were of Arab origin.
    But Levi Salomon, spokesman for Berlin’s Jewish community, does not think that Berlin has become more anti-Semitic. “This city is a mirror of society in general,” he said. “I believe that anti-Semitism is simply deeply rooted in Germany.”

    Posted by Kando | September 29, 2012, 9:58 am
  10. Some more dots for you Dave.

    Hope you are feeling better.


    Posted by GW | October 30, 2012, 4:50 am

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