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Blue Star (Excerpt)

The following is a glimpse into the book Blue Star.

Copyright: Miriam Delicado 2007

“Most people who have had direct, physical contact will choose not to speak publicly. They have to be concerned about ridicule by the general public.”

“The aliens gave me warnings of a possible future in which the planet and/or the human race could face destruction. They asked me to share with you what role they will play if we are threatened as a species or if there is a threat to the Earth itself. It is a peaceful and positive message.”

“The Tall Blonds are here to help protect the planet from outside forces that may not be known to us at this time.”

“They will not allow it to be completely destroyed by us or any other means.”

“They do not claim to be God.” (They stress this point to me and I do in the book as well.)

“If we destroy the planet then we ultimately change the very existence of all that is.”

“They may make the decision to step in and help the people of this planet if a global event happens that would threaten the ecosystem here on earth.” (The Tall Blond Aliens made it clear to me that this is the only way they will make themselves known en mass to the world.)

“Others who have had contact with the Tall Blonds, receive messages that are geared towards preparations in the event of a sudden global change.”

“God, asks to be humble, and claiming the power of prophecy as a person is nothing more than vanity. The truth can be seen by anyone who chooses to look. It does not need to be expressed in personal acclaim. Question everything, and everyone—especially those whose vanity can be seen with your eyes as well as your heart.”

“they have expressed to me the importance of never following any one person or any one idea as being the only one. That includes me, and my messages. I ask that you question everything I have told you. They ask that you question everything and exclude nothing as being the ultimate truth. It is only through this process you will find truthful answers.”

My intention in sharing the above excerpts was to help you understand more of Blue Stars messages. There is a large agenda going on and you as a person searching for information would be wise to educate yourself on all the facts before making any conclusions.

My experiences with the Tall Blond Aliens have been positive. I have not been tortured or threatened to never tell anyone. EDUCATE YOURSELF. What and who should you believe? Yourself! Do not allow yourself to be led without question. This is the cornerstone of the Alien messages. WE, must look after ourselves…they will not be here to “take care of us.” WE must learn to look after this earth and ourselves. They are concerned that we are stripping the planet pf precious resources and want the world to wake up and open their eyes.

May God be with us all.

Those of us who claim to have had physical encounters with the Aliens are often being groomed to be ambassadors to pass on their messages to the world.

Although to some of you who may have found your way to this web site it may all seem somewhat unbelievable but I assure you we are rational people from all walks of life.

All any of us ask is for you to stop and listen to our stories. Listen to the most important message you will ever hear. Listen to the warnings and spiritual knowledge that we have been blessed enough to receive as we pass it on to you.

If the people all over the world who claim to have had these experiences are actually crazy then God help us.

If everything we say is the truth and you choose to ignore the messages then God help you.

Now is the time for mankind to unite in the belief and understanding that we are not alone. We are only guests on this great planet Earth. Our world is on the verge of a great change and it is time to prepare.


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