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British Firms From Russian Report Exist, Unavailable For Comment

PRAGUE, Jan 15 (CTK) – Most British firms cited in an article by Russian journalist Oleg Lurye in the Moscow weekly Novaya Gazeta in connection with the Russian debt and Osama bin Laden are really registered in Britain, but their phone number is not available to the public and they cannot be contacted, CTK found today.

None of them is on the British lists of organisations connected with al-Qaeda. The Home Office told CTK that the article related to the information which were of intelligence character and it would not comment on it.

The firms cited by Novaya Gazeta and also included in the British Companies’ House are Falcon Capital Management Limited, Falcon Capital Nominees Limited, Falcon Properties Ltd., Safron Advisors, Attock Oil Company Ltd., Globe Administration Ltd.

All of them have London addresses of their headquarters but none of them is in the London telephone directory. Some of them have identical addresses.

The firm Turkey Fock UK is not registered in Britain. The same goes for Falkon Ltd. and Islay Holding. Russell Wood (Holdings) Ltd. and Russell Wood Ltd. are the only ones from the Russian list which exist and also have a phone number, but have refused to answer questions from journalists and demand written contact.

The British Companies’ House contains over 100 firms with the name Falcon, which is a favourite part of the name. The company register has a single firm with Falkon written with a K in the name.

The Czech firm Falkon Capital, to which the Czech government has sold the Russian debt for $ 580 million, is directly connected with terrorist Osama bin Laden, Russian journalist Oleg Lurye wrote on Monday.

Dubious manoeuvres about the Russian debt to the Czech Republic have brought profit to one of the companies owned by the family of bin Laden, the world’s most wanted terrorist, Lurye wrote in an article headlined Russia Owes Money to Bin Laden.

On the basis of information which is reportedly part of classified documents which the U.S. secret services gathered for several years, Lurye came to the conclusion that bin Laden’s family owns the firm Saudi Binladen Group, which is the main source of the terrorist’s fortune. The group’s subsidiaries allegedly include Falkon Capital, a company which the Czech cabinet recently entrusted with mediating the repayment of the Russian debt to the Czech Republic. Falkon Capital is to be paid a large part of the debt — $ 770 million, Lurye wrote.

He recalled Russian Premier Mikhail Kasyanov’s agreement last autumn with Russia paying a total of $ 1.35 billion to Falkon, of which 580 million would go to the Czech Republic and the remaining $ 770 million to Falkon Capital.

The debt arose under the communist era. It was owed by the former Soviet Union to the former Czechoslovakia. After the demise of the two countries it was inherited by Russia, which owes it to the Czech Republic now.


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