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Chuck Hagel’s Corporate Connections

COMMENT: In the wake of Obama’s nomination of Chuck Hagel to be Secretary of Defense, the resulting dialogue has been predictably inadequate on both sides. Most of the focus has been on intemperate statements he’s made on occasion, not on his connections to some genuinely insidious interests.

He’s also taken stands on some issues that have won him plaudits in the so-called progressive sector, in most cases undeservedly. His matter-of-fact statement that the Iraq War was fought for oil has won him applause, but that was uttered years after he dutifully voted in lockstep with the Bushies to authorize the war in the first place.

Hagel’s institutional connections are of far more importance.

He has served as a professor at Georgetown University, one of the most reactionary and “connected” of American institutions of higher learning–an institution that takes its cues from the Vatican, the Muslim Brotherhood, the GOP and the most destructive elements of the national security establishment.

Of greater significance is his directorship at Chevron (Big Oil) and Zurich’s Holding Company in America. The latter can be safely assumed to be a repository of Underground Reich monies and is descended from the Zurich insurance group, which loyally served German intelligence during World War II.

(In All Honorable Men, James Stewart Martin highlights the Zurich reinsurance role in facilitating German U-boat attacks during World War II. This discussion can be found on pages 19-22.)

Hagel also sits on the advisory board of Deutsche Bank of America, a principle Underground Reich financial institution. Deutsche Bank was also among the miscreants who precipitated the subprime crisis, from which the world still struggles to recover.

His curriculum vitae bodes poorly for the future.

Chuck Hagel; The Atlantic Council

Chuck Hagel is a distinguished Professor at Georgetown University. He serves on the Boards of Directors of Chevron Corporation and Zurich’s Holding Company of America; the Advisory Boards of Corsair Capital, Deutsche Bank America, M.I.C. Industries and is a Senior Advisor to Gallup. He is Co-Chairman of the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board and a member of the Secretary of Defense’s Policy Board. He also serves as Chairman of the Atlantic Council . . .



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