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CIA Flying Saucers at Area 51

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SS Officer Werner von Braun and German staff officers

[7]COMMENT: Former Air Force Sergeant Robert Vinson–an eyewitness to an Oswald double flying out of Dallas on 11/22/1963–was posted to Site 51 (“Area 51”) outside of Las Vegas. 

While at the base, he learned of saucer-shaped aircraft being flown by the CIA at the base.

For more ont the subject of so-called UFO’s, see FTR #’s 66 [8], 67 [9], 68 [10]167 [11]178 [12]588 [13]639 [14]873 [15]874 [16],  as well as L-1 [17] and L-2 [18]

The development of so-called “flying saucers” may well have evolved from Project Paperclip and the incorporation of Third Reich rocket and aviation specialists, as well as advanced technology, into the U.S. national security establishment. 

JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters  [19]by James W. Douglass; Touchstone Books [SC]; Copyright 2008 by James W. Douglas; ISBN 978-1-4391-9388-4; p. 301 [19].

 . . . . On his new assignment, Vinson would soon learn that the CIA’s projects out of Site 51 included experimental aircraft shaped like saucers. The same was true at the CIA’s other base at Roswell, New Mexico, where the C-54 carrying the second Oswald had landed. Both Site 51 and Roswell were home to “flying saucers” that people saw periodically in the area. They in fact came not from outer space but from the CIA, which encouraged the flying saucer reports as a convenient cover story for U.S. experimental aircraft. . . .