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Citizen Greenwald’s Problem with the Truth

Glenn Greenwald and David Miranda

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COMMENT: These are very strange times, indeed. Anointed as a minor saint and “hero of the people,” Glenn Greenwald is, as they say, “not as advertised.” Having spent years running legal inteference for a bunch of stone Nazi killers–much of that work pro-bono–Greenwald is being underwritten by Pierre Omidyar, a billionaire with an agenda antithetical to what Greenwald is supposed to be.

It would appear that candor is a quality that eludes Citizen Greenwald. Some thoughts:

  • We have noted that his husband–David Miranda–was detained at Heathrow Airport in London with 58,000 files dealing with the GCHQ (Britain’s equivalent of the NSA). Those files apparently contain information about the personal lives of British intelligence operatives. This has NOTHING to do with issues of personnel privacy and civil liberties. This is hostile counter-intelligence.
  • Miranda has claimed that he was an innocent. In fact, in other forums, he has indicated that he was deeply involved with Greenwald’s activities. He does not appear to be an innocent.
  • The apparent deep involvement of Greenwald’s husband in L’Affaire Snowden leads to renewed interest in the situation of Austrian-born Werner Achatz, Greenwald’s partner of 11 years. We wonder if Achatz may have been some kind of controller/paymaster/case officer for Greenwald.
  • Greenwald has also misrepresented alleged NSA hoovering-up of communications of Norwegian citizens. The head of Norwegian intelligence has contradicted Greenwald, indicating that it was Norwegian operatives who gleened the information.
  • It is difficult not to conclude that Greenwald’s agenda is specifically and enthusiastically anti-American and anti-British. His position appears to be one of advocacy, rather than objectivity. A more benign conclusion would be that he is professionally incompetent.

“Greenwald’s Partner David Miranda Profiled at Buzzfeed, with a Radically Different Story” by Charles Johnson; Little Green Footballs; 6/21/2013.

EXCERPT: This new Buzzfeed article on Glenn Greenwald’s partner David Miranda is obviously intended to be supportive, but it could end up sabotaging Miranda’s own case with the British government — because in the course of trying to prove that Miranda was not a “mule,” author Natasha Vargas-Cooper actually ends up exposing another blatant series of lies by Greenwald and Miranda about Miranda’s detention at Heathrow Airport: David Miranda Is Nobody’s Errand Boy.

After I spent several weeks with Miranda and Greenwald in and around their home in the upscale, artist-friendly Rio neighborhood of Gavea over the last month, one thing has become very clear: David Miranda knew exactly what he was doing. To believe he was played as some type of dupe or mule by Greenwald not only ignores the real nature of their relationship but also assumes that there’s some safer way to transport sensitive documents across the globe. Is there any device more fail-safe and secure than the person you love the most? Does Apple make that sort of product?

Miranda knew very well that he was traveling from Rio to Berlin to see Greenwald’s reporting partner, documentarian Laura Poitras, and that he would be returning through the U.K., all the time carrying a heavily encrypted flash drive directly related to the trove of documents that former and now notorious CIA employee Edward Snowden had vacuumed from the National Security Agency and had given to Greenwald earlier in the year.

The sections I’ve set in bold text are very interesting, given these statements by Miranda and Greenwald when they were interviewed by CNN’s Anderson Cooper shortly after the incident . . . .

. . . . COOPER: David, I know you — you had said that they took a laptop, memory sticks, an external hard drive, your cell phone and more. Do you know what were stored on those devices? What — were there — was there classified material?

MIRANDA: I don’t know that. I mean I was just taking the file — those materials back to Glenn. I mean, you know, Glenn, being working with a lot of stories along the years, I didn’t quite follow everything that he writes every day. I can’t follow him because I have to have a life. And I mean I can’t know everything that he’s been working with.

So back in August, Miranda and Greenwald were playing it as if Miranda were completely ignorant of what he was carrying. He “didn’t follow” everything Greenwald writes, because he had his own life. Documents? What documents?

Both of them seem to be slightly smirking in this video, like they were sharing some kind of secret joke at Anderson Cooper’s expense — and they were. Because today, Miranda’s story is radically different:

“I have been involved in every aspect of Glenn’s life, why wouldn’t I be a part of this?” Miranda asserts over lunch at a fashion mall in Rio’s São Conrado neighborhood the next afternoon. “I think what Snowden did was heroic. Glenn and Laura’s reporting is so important. It caused a serious debate about privacy and internet freedom in my country and around the world. I’m so proud to be able to play any role at all in that. I’d go to jail for that.”


“Glenn and I have talked all the time about what doing these stories would do to our lives. Since we met, I’ve pushed him and supported him,” Miranda says. He starts counting on his fingers: “I’ve helped him negotiate contracts; I make sure he gets paid what he deserves — Glenn just wants to work and sometimes will do it for cheap.” Miranda’s list continues with ascending urgency. “When Glenn publishes NSA stories in foreign countries, I help reach out to press so the stories get the most exposure. For a while we considered starting our own website to publish the NSA documents; when Glenn thought The Guardian was taking too long to publish the first NSA story, I told him he had to make them know he would go somewhere else to publish if they delayed too much.”

For someone who “doesn’t follow everything Greenwald does,” he certainly seems to follow and be actively involved in everything Greenwald does. In fact, it sounds like Miranda is Greenwald’s de facto manager.

And one more point; showing that Miranda was fully complicit in the document-smuggling scheme does nothing to refute the statement that he was a “mule.” In fact, it fully confirms that this was his role in the illicit operation.

As for the assertion that there’s no “safer way to transport sensitive documents across the globe,” well, that’s just a foolish statement. There are many ways to securely transfer encrypted files across the Internet that are much safer than sending Glenn Greenwald’s partner on a round-the-world excursion with thousands of stolen classified documents.

“Norway’s Intel Chief Exposes Yet Another Greenwald Distortion” by Charles Johnson; Little Green Footballs; 11/19/2013.

EXCERPT: Glenn Greenwald’s latest story extracted from the NSA documents stolen by Edward Snowden is yet another example of how he distorts the information to smear the US — every time.

His article for Dagbladet claims that the NSA spied on “33 million” Norwegian telephone calls, but Norway’s chief of military intelligence says the claim is totally false. In fact, the telephone metadata discussed in Greenwald’s story was collected by Norwegian intelligence and shared with the NSA — and it was not even collected in Norway.

OSLO, Norway — Norway’s military intelligence chief said Tuesday his country carries out surveillance on millions of phone calls in conflict areas around the world and shares that data with allies, including the United States.

Lt. Gen. Kjell Grandhagen made the statement at a hastily organized news conference called in response to a story in the tabloid Dagbladet, which reported that 33 million Norwegian phone calls had been monitored by the U.S. National Security Agency.

Grandhagen vigorously denied the story.

We had to correct that picture because we know that this in fact is not about surveillance in Norway or against Norway, but it is about the Norwegian intelligence effort abroad,” he told The Associated Press.

He stressed that his agency’s actions were legal under Norwegian law since the surveillance was based on suspicions of terrorism-related activity and that potential targets could include Norwegian citizens abroad.

Grandhagen said his intelligence agency had “absolutely no indication” that the NSA was spying on Norwegians.

Not only has Greenwald been shown — again — to be distorting and exaggerating the facts, this also strongly refutes his claim that there’s something uniquely evil about USA intelligence activities. Even Norway has a mass metadata collection program going on. If anything is clear by now from all this, it’s that every country in the world that has the capability to do this kind of surveillance is doing it. And they’re doing it to protect their citizens from terrorism, not for some nefarious evil privacy-destroying agenda.



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  1. This was on a recent broadcast of Democracy Now. Jeremy Scahill (“Dirty Wars”) is working with Greenwald “to build a news organization that would have an inherently adversarial posture toward the state and those in power.”


    AMY GOODMAN: And Laura Poitras, of course, who was key, with Glenn, in releasing all the leaks from Edward Snowden and filmed that first interview. You’re starting this new news organization. What are you doing? What’s it going to be called? And Alan Rusbridger said they have perhaps released 1 percent of the information that Snowden got. Will you be releasing more of that?

    JEREMY SCAHILL: Yeah. I mean, well, first of all, just to answer your initial question, Pierre, Laura, Glenn and I started having a series of conversations, communications, several months ago. Glenn and Laura and I were already talking about creating some kind of a news site that we were going to use, not necessarily to replace what we do in our normal journalistic lives, but an additional outlet. And we were going to do a Kickstarter campaign, basically beg for money, and maybe try to hire one or two young journalists who would work with us on it. And at that sort of moment, I was in Rio discussing this with Glenn, and then we get this email from a mutual friend of Glenn’s and Pierre’s basically saying that Pierre, you know, is working on starting this new news organization and wants to talk to you about possibly contributing.

    And that sort of kicked off this process then where it was clear that Pierre’s goal with this, which was to build a news organization that would have an inherently adversarial posture toward the state and those in power, was in line with what we wanted to do.

    Posted by Mother Muckraker | December 7, 2013, 11:01 am
  2. Posted by Kathleen | December 8, 2013, 4:49 pm
  3. A devestating rant/takedown of Glen Greenwald by Sibel Edmonds; It reads like a run-on sentence, but Greenwald’s “left cover” is fading away.

    For sake of content, here is the entire piece, but the key seems to be this:

    “So, isn’t it amazing that an American mega publisher, a mainstream American publisher, is giving millions to publish a book that will reveal US government classified material? I can tell you from experience and with one hundred percent certainty: the publisher has the government’s consent. How does that bear with the claims that this checkbook reporter is under arrest and even death threats by the U.S. government? Let me tell you something: it does not. What it tells you is this: A Dog & Pony Show put on by the U.S. government and its agents.”


    Checkbook Journalism & Leaking to the Highest Bidders
    Sibel Edmonds | December 8, 2013 52 Comments

    The NSA Whistleblowing Case: Something is Awfully Rotten in the State of …?

    Imagine a major government whistleblower who leaks his evidence and obtained documents to the highest bidders in the mainstream media and mega corporations. Does that sound awful, disgraceful and despicable? Okay. Now, imagine a pseudo journalist who obtains over 50,000 documents from a government whistleblower, and then takes some of this information and puts it out for bid, reserves a certain portion for a lucrative book deal, and saves the rest for a mega corporation that has a record of screwing whistleblowers. How does that sound? This is what I mean by the title of this commentary: Checkbook Journalism & Leaking to the Highest Bidders.

    For the past twelve years I have been known as one of the most notorious government whistleblowers, even given the title of The Most Classified Person in the History of the United States by a civil liberties organization. I am the founder and director of a whistleblower organization that includes over 150 national security whistleblowers. I have known and represented over 150 national security whistleblowing cases in Congress and the media. And let me tell you this, I have never seen a case that even comes close to this bizarrely unethical and despicable case.

    A government whistleblower obtains over 50,000 pages of documents that implicate the government in severely illegal and unconstitutional practices. This whistleblower risks everything, including fleeing the country, in order to leak these documents and let the public know how its government has been breaking the nation’s laws and violating their rights. So he goes to another country and then entrusts all this evidence to a few reporters and wanna-be journalists. Why does he do that? He does it so that these reporters will present all this information to the public: not only those in the United States, but everyone all over the world. Think about it. Why else would someone risk everything, including his own life, to obtain and leak such documents? Are you thinking? Because what would be the point to all this, to taking all these risks, if 99% of these documents remain secret and hidden from the public? Ludicrous, right?

    Now, here is what happens next: The whistleblower hands over these documents, and goes through a surreal escape journey. So surreal that even Hollywood could not have matched it. Of the handful of reporters who were entrusted with 50,000 documents, a few do nothing. By that I mean absolutely nothing. A couple from this entrusted group does a little bit more. They meet with a few mainstream media outlets, they spend many hours around the table with their mega companies’ mega attorneys and U.S. government mega representatives (the same government that is implicated in these documents). Then what happens? Here is what happens:

    During the six-month period since they received the documents and the whistleblower’s story broke, the supposed-journalists released 1% (One Percent) of these documents:

    Out of reported 50,000 pages (or files, not clear which), about 514 pages (>1%) have been released over 5 months beginning June 5, 2013. At this rate, 100 pages per month, it will take 42 years for full release. Snowden will be 72 years old, his reporters hoarding secrets all dead.

    That’s right. A whistleblower breaks the law to obtain 50,000 documents, he flees the country to escape prosecution and jail time, he hands over these 50,000 pages to a handful of individuals in return for their promise to present these documents to the public, six months pass, and the public gets 1% of these documents. But please, wait. This is not all. Far more interesting and troubling things happen meanwhile.

    The main wanna-be reporter begins his relentless pursuit of high dollars in return for … for what? In return for exclusive interviews where he would discuss some of this material. In return for a very lucrative book deal where he would expose a few extra pages of these 50,000-page documents. In return for a partnership with and extremely high salary from a Mega Corporation (think 1%) where he would … hmmmm, well, it is not very clear: maybe in return for sitting on and never releasing some of these documents, or, releasing a few select pages?

    That’s right. The culprit is able to use his role in the whistleblower case, and his de facto ownership of the whistleblower’s 50,000-page evidence, to gain huge sums of money, fame, a mega corporate position, book and movie deals … yet, making sure that the public would never see more than a few percent of the incriminating evidence.

    Of course, secondhand checkbook profiteers tend to be very savvy, able to blow smoke, muddy water, and obscure their real deeds and true personhoods. This particular one is famous for spending years as an ambulance-chasing style attorney, where all he had to do was to write dozens of pages to make cases that were never cases, or make real cases appear as if they never were.

    Sensible people always advise against using personal background information to expose other non-personal cases of subjects. I agree with these sensible people. I think it is disgraceful to bring in irrelevant personal information to make a case on a non-personal issue. However, sometimes personal information becomes part of the picture and very relevant. Allow me to provide you with an example in our case. What if the personal facts paint a figure that does anything and everything for money and fame? What if a checkbook leaker (or a checkbook censorship agent) is the type of person who has engaged in the following:

    · Has represented corrupt mega banks and financial institutions as an attorney to make mega bucks, yet claims to be a Marxist Leninist Socialist who supports the Occupy movement.

    · Has left short-lived civil liberties activities to set up an exploitive pornography business with names such as Hairy Studs and Hairy Jock… All for money and profit.

    · Has been known as an individual who has always used anything and everything to bring frivolous lawsuits (many of them) to get rich quick.

    · Has been representing himself as a Marxist-Socialist, Liberal and Libertarian, simultaneously, and based on circumstances, never having to reconcile the discrepancies between those positions and his partnership with corporate billionaires, his luxurious lifestyle, putting on a Marxist front, representing himself as a Libertarian … and the list goes on. Which one is he? Really?

    You see, when you add these qualities and personal history to the fact that a whistleblower and 50,000-pages of documents are being used to make mega money and mega fame, while simultaneously the public at large is being kept in the dark and 99% of these documents are censored, what do you get?

    A few days ago the checkbook wanna-be journalist released a very long argument in defense of his indefensible actions and practices. I am going to address a couple of those, but I want you to keep in mind that the argument is coming from a person known as an ambulance-chaser attorney and litigious money grabber, thus is brilliant at obscuring facts and realities with mud and distortions.

    Consider how a partnership with a mega billionaire corporate man is being characterized and fudged here:

    It has the backing and is being built by someone whom I am absolutely convinced is dedicated to this model of independent, adversarial journalism.

    This is not the first time this supposed pro-whistleblowers and civil liberties oriented wanna-be journalist has described his new Billionaire owner. The new owner has been characterized by him several times as a solid owner with a solid track record on whistleblowers issues, First Amendment, Freedom of the Press, etc.

    We have been searching and researching the new owner’s record. There is not much to be found to qualify this man as someone with a good record on the significant areas mentioned above. None … except:

    Paypal suspended online payments to WikiLeaks in December of 2010 after, its managers said, they read a letter by the State Department indicating WikiLeaks was breaking American laws. In retaliation, a group of Anonymous hacktivists brought down the payment site with DDoS attacks two days later. The hacktivists who were apprehended, known as the PayPal 14, were in court today and accepted plea bargains in order to avoid felony charges.

    Omidyar has been ‘the director and Chairman of the Board since eBay’s incorporation in May 1996,’ and noted that “eBay owns PayPal.”

    In our next BFP Roundtable video session I will talk more about this, and other eye-brow raising items in Omidyar’s record, including his connections and associations with Iranian lobby groups for “Regime Change” in Iran. But for now, let’s shoot down this muddying counter-argument presented by someone with true expertise in muddying and fudging facts as an ambulance-chaser litigious attorney who has gotten away in life by threatening everyone he could with a lawsuit and libel suits.

    Now back to lies, contradictions and then muddying it all a la the litigious attorney. For the last few months, whenever pressured about the 99% unreleased documents, the answers have been swinging between two or three more years to we are done with releasing. You see, this was not the case initially, not during the first couple of months prior to signing deals with mega corporate new sugar daddies and mega publishers for the book deals. Here is the triple-talking, mud-making and fudge-creating wanna-be journalist on June 26, 2013, the month the public saga began:

    When they met, Snowden supplied Greenwald with a “volume of documents so great that I haven’t actually gone through them all.” Snowden was meticulous — Greenwald described the files as beautifully organized, “almost to a scary degree.” Stories based on the leaked documents will continue for another few months, Greenwald said, but not, he hopes, beyond that. “I get bored with myself,” he said. “If I’m still working on these stories a year from now, I’ll probably be in an asylum somewhere.”

    So what happened since the greasy checkbook reporter made those statements? Please don’t tell me that at that point he was not aware how deep things went or how thick those documents were. Because he knew exactly how deep and how thick, and that they were all meticulously and beautifully organized: Meaning the whistleblower had done all the work for the reporters in advance. This was not a thick pile of hodgepodge documents – they were already analyzed, organized, categorized, sub-categorized, and sub-sub-categorized. As for what happened since June 26, 2013? A lot.

    A new very lucrative book deal was struck. He is being very secretive and tight-lipped on how many millions of dollars he received from this US mega publisher, however, he had to deal a whistleblower’s document to secure this deal:

    According to the publisher, it will “contain new revelations exposing the extraordinary cooperation of private industry and the far-reaching consequences of the government’s program, both domestically and abroad.”

    So there – one reason why a checkbook wanna-be journalist is not providing the public with the information they have the right to know. How is that for integrity?

    Further, no one is asking the crucial question: With the mega publishing corporations’ record, how is it that they are willing to publish classified government documents? Do you know what these same publishers said about my own book? Here is what they said:

    “without the approval by the FBI-DOJ prepublication review board we will not publish your book. The government will come after us.”

    So, isn’t it amazing that an American mega publisher, a mainstream American publisher, is giving millions to publish a book that will reveal US government classified material? I can tell you from experience and with one hundred percent certainty: the publisher has the government’s consent. How does that bear with the claims that this checkbook reporter is under arrest and even death threats by the U.S. government? Let me tell you something: it does not. What it tells you is this: A Dog & Pony Show put on by the U.S. government and its agents.

    The checkbook wanna-be reporter is also securing a million dollar movie deal with Hollywood.

    You had to know this was coming. There’s a bidding war heating up between Hollywood studios over the rights to bring Glenn Greenwald’s forthcoming tell-all book about the Edward Snowden affair to the big screen.

    Well, as we all know, the CIA blesses these movie deals with mainstream Hollywood. Don’t we? Without the handlers’ blessing no such deal could have been made. When the pretender shows up at the Oscar Gala, ask yourself this: Weren’t they supposed to arrest and maybe even drone the hell out of this guy? So what happened, dude?

    The exact same questions should be posed for a new mega corporate sugar daddy tucking checkbook journalists under his wing in return for…? Your guess is definitely as good as mine. The billionaire who stomped upon a whistleblower’s account with his PayPal Corporation has suddenly found a heart? I didn’t think so either

    In her first interview since leaving Moscow for Berlin last month, Harrison told German news weekly Stern: “How can you take something seriously when the person behind this platform went along with the financial boycott against WikiLeaks?” Harrison was referring to the decision in December 2010 by PayPal, which is owned by eBay, to suspend WikiLeaks’ donation account and freeze its assets after pressure from the US government. The company’s boycott, combined with similar action taken by Visa and Mastercard, left WikiLeaks facing a funding crisis.

    “His excuse is probably that there is nothing he could have done at the time,” Harrison continued. “Well, he is on the board of directors. He can’t shake off responsibility that easily. He didn’t even comment on it. He could have said something like: ‘we were forced to do this, but I am against it’.”

    In our coming BFP Roundtable we will have first-hand accounts from reporters who have witnessed how our checkbook journalist has been asking for money in return for interviews and documents.

    I started this commentary by introducing my credentials as a whistleblower and someone who has known and represented many government whistleblowers from the intelligence and law enforcement agencies- hundreds of whistleblowers, honorable people such as NSA’s Russ Tice, DEA’s Sandalio Gonzalez and FBI’s John Cole. In this case of a checkbook wanna-be journalist and a whistleblower, I have nothing but many questions when it comes to the whistleblower in question. I do consider the selfless act of releasing this incriminating information on our government’s illegality heroic; however, I have numerous unanswered questions for the whistleblower in question:

    Did he give his full consent to the mainstream and checkbook reporters so that they could sit on 99% of these documents if they chose to?

    Is he perfectly okay with this disgraceful and opportunist person using these documents to secure millions of dollars in book and movie deals?

    Does he consider the censorship of 99% of his documents justified and okay? If so, what kind of image does he hope to maintain when the leaking is selective and based on bidding in dollars?

    Does he have an arrangement where he gets a cut from the opportunist’s mega millions obtained via documents he entrusted him with? If so, wouldn’t that make him tainted and a culprit in this?

    Why is he in Russia (in exile), when the checkbook opportunist is in the belly of the beast making deals in millions of dollars, and is about to head a $250 Million news corporation set up by his billionaire sugar daddy?

    And finally, a bit crudely,

    What the fu.. is wrong with this picture?! Because as a whistleblower and an expert on whistleblowers I see thousands of wrong things with this picture!

    Please do not get me wrong here. I have no questions but answers when it comes to the checkbook opportunist in question. I have known about him for years, long before this NSA episode. What I don’t have is an answer when it comes to the NSA whistleblower in question. I have been sitting on the fence on this one. Unlike my own whistleblower members, I do not know this guy. I don’t. I have never corresponded with him, and he has never reached out to me or my organization. I keep going from silently cheering and supporting him, to doubting what he is all about. I have never seen a case like this. I don’t think anyone has. However, in light of the case of our checkbook journalist, Mainstream Publishers’ mega million book deals, Mainstream Hollywood’s mega studio deals, Mainstream Media backing and showcasing, and Mega Corporation’s mega millions getting involved … and in all this, zero retaliation or interference from our mega government known for being ruthless on whistleblowers, I just don’t get this case.

    My experienced gut says something is awfully rotten in the state of … this NSA whistleblower-Checkbook Opportunist Drama Set. I get half of the rotten state, but am still wondering about the other half.

    Posted by Swamp | December 11, 2013, 9:30 am
  4. @SWAMP–

    Ms. Edmonds has done some good work but has always been a question mark to me, much as L’Affaire Snowden and Citizen Greenwald appear to be to her.

    Edmonds has done some excellent work, and yet she–like so many others–won’t touch Operation Green Quest, al-Taqwa or any of its principal members or elements (SAAR network, Safa Trust, Achmed [Albert] Huber, Francois Genoud, Youssef Nada) or any of the devastating information linking Grover Norquist/Karl Rove/Talat Othman et al to the milieu of the 9/11 attacks.

    There is an awful lot of other information that escapes her gaze–just examine the info on this website and see how little makes it into her purview.

    Why not? I wouldn’t conclude that SHE is part of a dog and pony show, but it is significant and puzzling.

    She doesn’t appear to be aware of Greenwald’s extensive pro-Nazi activities.

    She also appears to be pro-WikiLeaks, failing to note that the same fascist elements underlie Assange and company as underlie Snowden and Greenwald.

    WHY that is the case is a topic for inquiry.

    I don’t think L’Affaire is a dog-and-pony show, although it is definitely an operation. The destabilization of Obama, assault on U.S. internet business, inclusion of BND in the “Five Eyes” program are all goals of the “op.”

    I also wonder whether the U.S./EU Free Trade Agreement will be a bargaining chip in this. Certainly, L’Affaire Snowden takes attention off of the things Germany has been doing in Europe and portrays the U.S. as the “international villain de jour.”

    As you know, I feel the executive element is BND/Underground Reich, though there may be a UR-assocaited element of CIA involved. I’m very interested in Michael Morell in this regard.

    Most the principals are in Germany and this targets the U.K. in addition to the U.S.

    Note that the bitcoin phenomenon and the “Shutdown”/Tea Party elements are inextricably linked with the Snowden milieu–they are a deep fifth column that is profoundly anti-U.S. “Von Mises Uber Alles”!

    Something to consider: when I discuss “The Underground Reich,” I’m talking about a virtual state–a state that does not have formal geographical borders.

    The Underground Reich embraces VERY powerful elements in the U.S., including most of the GOP and a nice chunk of the U.S. CIA and State Department.

    Whether there is an Underground Reich element within NSA is something to ponder. Certainly, NSA is infiltrated and compromised.

    I also strongly suspect that there is some serious blackmailing and wheeling and dealing within the international intelligence community behind closed doors.

    Another thing to ponder: Much of this has already been published, so trying to slap a government gag on something that is already in the public domain might very well have problems in the appellate courts–gagging such information would constitute a violation of the First Amendment.

    Certainly, Snowden, Greenwald, Assange and company have the support of the Tea Party/Paulistinian Libertarian Organization element of the government, as well as the “left” CIA that controls the so-called progressive sector, Pacifica radio et al.

    Exactly what is going on is “Food for Thought and Grounds for Further Research.”



    Posted by Dave Emory | December 11, 2013, 8:46 pm
  5. Here’s a followup article on the NSA/Norway spying confusion. It’s not especially surprising: Norway, like Sweden, really likes to spy on Russia:

    Norway´s secret surveillance of Russian politics for the NSA
    The Norwegian Intelligence Service conducts surveillance of politicians, energy policy and other civilian «targets» in Russia – and provides this information for the USA.
    Arne Halvorsen sondag@dagbladet.no
    Anne Marte Blindheim abl@dagbladet.no
    Harald S. Klungtveit hkl@dagbladet.no
    Kjetil Magne Sørenes kjs@dagbladet.no
    Tore Bergsaker tbe@dagbladet.no
    Gunnar Hultgreen ghu@dagbladet.no

    tirsdag 17. desember 2013, kl.06:47

    A Top Secret document shows the extensive cooperation between the Norwegian Intelligence Service (NIS) and the US National Security Agency (NSA). It confirms and specifies that Norway is conducting surveillance on Russia and that the NIS is sharing intelligence information with the NSA.

    The NIS provides the NSA with information on:
    • Politicians
    • Energy
    • Armament

    NSA is one of the largest intelligence services in the USA, and has global reach. Dagbladet has gained access to the document, leaked by the whistleblower Edward Snowden, and is today presenting parts of it´s content. This article is written in cooperation with journalist Glenn Greenwald, who is known worldwide because of his access to the many documents leaked by Snowden.

    The document has a «Top Secret» classification and is dated April 17th this year. It is signed by a leading official at the NSA’s Norway Desk and is apparently written shortly after an annual planning conference between the two agencies, which was completed on March 7th this year.

    The document reveals the extent of the cooperation between the Norwegian intelligence service and the NSA. Surveillance of Russia is a major part of this.

    The document presents lists of what intelligence information the NIS provides to NSA and vice versa, and also mentions several «success stories» from the cooperation.

    The Norwegian Intelligence Service confirms the authenticity of the document, but stresses that it represents the Americans’ point of view:
    – The document in Dagbladets possession is an internal NSA document that the NIS has not seen before. It is a description of how the NSA views Norwegian intelligence capabilities, Norwegian intelligence targets and the cooperation between the NIS and NSA. The document is clearly written by an American official, and the NIS wouldn’t necessarily endorse all of the descriptions, says the head of NIS, general Kjell Grandhagen, to Dagbladet.

    Monitoring politicians
    One part of the memo is titled «What the partner provides to NSA». Among the bullet points, it mentions:
    • «Access to Russian targets in the Kola Peninsula»
    • «Reports on Russian civilian targets of mutual targets, particularly Russian energy policy»

    Under the heading «success stories», NSA states that the agency is working together with the NIS to «expand and deepen the intelligence exchange, focusing on report sharing and target development on Russian political, natural resources and energy issues (…)».

    The NSA document do not reveal the exact information that has been collected or the details of what and who the exact targets are, but Dagbladet’s sources confirm that the NIS is conducting surveillance against politicians in Russia.

    Norway and Russia both have great oil and gas interests in the North, and each of the two countries have large state-owned energy companies. However, the NIS says to Dagbladet that this the surveillance conducted on Russia is not industrial espionage.

    In Norway
    The document shows that Norway has extensive access to information on Russian intelligence services from different sources. The NIS is providing information on this to the NSA.

    «What NSA provides to the partner» is one of the subtitles in this document, heading a list of bullet points. The list reveals that Norway gets information on Russian counter-intelligence operations in Norway from the NSA. The document does not provide any details on what kind of operations these are or how the information is provided.

    The US and Norwegian intelligence agencies also exchange reports, technical data and analytical expertise on Russian military and civilian targets.

    Strategic importance
    According to the NSA document, the cooperation between the NIS and NSA started in 1952 and has been expanding since.

    The Norwegian Intelligence Service has several times expressed their views on why surveillance in the High North is necessary, last in a recent, unclassified threat assessment from the NIS called «Fokus 2013», published in March this year. The areas are of great geopolitical, strategic and economic importance for both Russia and Norway, much because of the abundance of natural resources. The Russian economy is heavily dependent on oil.

    Growing military activity
    Despite the fact that The Cold War is over, the armament of the Russian military forces is increasing. The Russians conduct extensive weapons systems training, including flying bombers along the Norwegian coast. On the Kola Peninsula, only 200 miles (30 metric miles) from the Norwegian city of Vardø, several strategic submarines are stationed at one of Russia´s most important military bases.

    The Russian military budget grows faster than other sectors in the Government budget. Because of this Norway’s intelligence services keep a keen outlook on Russian economic policies and energy politics.

    The head of the NIS has formerly stated that they are using all available assets in keeping an eye on the High North. The mission of the intelligence service is not restricted to purely military objects of interest, but is to work within all areas of interest to Norwegian government.

    Therefore, all branches of the government, such as the Oil and Energy Ministry, may order information from the NIS.

    Oil and gas
    Norway and Russia both have large interests in oil and gas in the High North, and the two countries both export energy to Europe on a large scale. What Russian energy politicians are doing, is therefore of great interest to Norwegian government.

    In a meeting between Jonas Gahr Støre (Labour Party) and the EU’s energy secretary Günter Oettinger in Brussels in March last year, the Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs at that time made clear that Norway is reaching for a «deeper understanding of Russian politics» – according to a summary that Dagbladet obtained.

    Posted by Pterrafractyl | December 18, 2013, 1:49 pm
  6. Glenn Greenwald gave a video testimony to the EU parliament yesterday. The first 15 minutes were prepared remarks followed by 45 minutes of questions. It’s worth watching to get a sense of how the global response to the Snowden affair is likely to continue. During his opening remarks Greenwald repeatedly made references to the US and UK wanting to eliminate individual privacy worldwide. And the particular example he gives (at ~5:40 minutes into the remarks) was Sweden being a victim of Five Eyes spying. This is a week after Sweden reporters, working with Greenwald, revealed that Sweden was like the Five Eyes’s Sixth Eye:

    Infosecurity Magazine
    Sweden’s Intelligence Agency has Access to NSA’s XKeyscore system

    12 December 2013
    Sweden has sometimes been called the ‘Sixth Eye’ – referring to the English-speaking Five Eyes SIGINT alliance – suggesting a close working relationship between Sweden’s FRA and the NSA and GCHQ. New documents suggest that it has access to the XKeyscore tool, and has helped in the Quantum hacking program.

    The information is disclosed in a new Swedish documentary produced by Uppdrag granskning of the Sveriges Television AB (SVT, the Swedish national broadcaster) after Frederik Laurin, Sven Bergman and Joachim Dyfvermark gained access to the database of Snowden-leaked documents. They were looking for evidence of Swedish involvement in the NSA/GCHQ mass-surveillance operation.

    In Rio they met with Glen Greenwald and British journalist Ryan Gallagher, and were able to search for Swedish (but only Swedish) documents. And what they found would seem to confirm the epithet ‘Sixth Eye‘ for Sweden.

    Firstly, the NSA has granted the Swedish intelligence agency Försvarets Radioanstalt (the National Defense Radio Establishment known as the FRA) access to its XKeyscore program. XKeyscore is the front end that gives NSA agents and contractors the ability to search its huge databases. Using it, Edward Snowden told the Guardian in June, “I, sitting at my desk,” he said, could “wiretap anyone, from you or your accountant, to a federal judge or even the president, if I had a personal email.”

    One particular document found by SVT, headed, “SwedUSA 2013 Strategic Planning Conference” shows that the FRA is seeking an update on a Quantum project known as Winter Light, and that the FRA has access to XKeyscore.

    “If the Swedish FRA now has access to the system, as the Snowden documents Indicate, this suggests that the FRA is all part of the unlimited mass surveillance of millions of people worldwide – including Swedes,” reports SVT. Gallagher also suggests, “The English public should be made aware that the FRA has access to the system,” alluding to the GCHQ Tempora program that taps the fiber cables between the UK and the US.

    Interestingly, the last question during the hearing, at ~56 minutes, is asked by a Swedish MEP and he specifically brings up that Swedish report and asks about the involvement of other EU members’ involvement in the Five Eyes’s activies. Greenwald responsed that, yes, other EU members had these intelligence sharing arrangements and were also spying themselves, and yes, the NSA is sharing tools like XKeyscore and PRISM with more of its allies.

    But, Greenwald argues, the NSA and GCHQ are just in a completely different league both in terms of the ability to destroy privacy but also their desire to do so. Now, surely the NSA and GCHQ have a much greater ability to destroy privacy, but are we now supposed to assume that other nations’ spy agencies don’t have the same desire to spy as much as possible? Keep in mind that the Swedish report indicated that Sweden’s intelligence agencies potentially had access to that massive treasure trove of data too via their use of programs like XKeyscore. So why do the many non-Five Eyes countries get a pass when it comes to their desire to “destroy privacy” if they’re contribution to this giant spying system and, in return, receiving the ability to search it? When Germany expressed a desire to join the Five Eyes club, wasn’t Merkel’s government simultaneously demonstrating a strong desire to destroy individual privacy worldwide? If not, why not?

    If this is part of an active strategy to build global momentum for global spying reform by almost exclusively assigning blame for past spying abuses on the US and UK there’s a certain logic to that since it’ll be much easier to get other countries on board when they can all play blind, deaf, and dumb about their own histories. But it’s kind of a high-risk endeavor for privacy advocates because framing the NSA and GCHQ as global spying villains leading a small Five Eyes cabal plotting against all peoples and governments to destroy privacy globally might just end up providing a huge excuse for other countries to ramp up their own spying capabilities as a defensive countermeasure. The de-emphasis of the extent that governments around the globe have been cooperating with each other in building a global spying network might actually be encouraging a future where the public demands that their governments develop robust spying capabilities as a defensive measure to fend off the plot to destroy privacy. Making the public almost exclusively paranoid of the NSA and GCHQ seems like a big missed opportunity.

    Posted by Pterrafractyl | December 19, 2013, 12:47 pm

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