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Daniel Ellsberg and the CIA

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COMMENT: With the major motion picture “The Post” garnering attention and accolades, and with CIA associate Daniel Ellsberg (of Pentagon Papers fame) touring to flog his new book, we felt it appropriate to fill in some blanks about Ellsberg. (Ellsberg leaked the Pentagon Papers, which were then publicized by The New York Times, as well as The Washington  Post, both very closely linked to the CIA.)

As discussed in FTR #978, among other programs, we noted that the Pentagon Papers were themselves “second-level” cover-up, falsely maintaining that there was continuity from the Kennedy administration to the Johnson administration with regard to Vietnam war policy.

Douglas Valentine has written extensively about the U.S. national security establishment. Best known for his seminal work on the Phoenix program in Vietnam, he has recently published The CIA as Organized Crime.

In his recent volume, Valentine notes Daniel Ellsberg’s long-standing links to the CIA and the inability/unwillingness of what he calls “The Compatible Left” to talk about St. Ellsberg’s connections to Langley.

This underscores why Mr. Emory has, for so long, referred to the “so-called progressive sector.”

1.   The CIA as Organized Crime by Douglas Valentine; Clarity Press [SC]; Copyright 2017 by Douglas Valentine; ISBN 978-0-9972870-2-8; pp. 31-32.

 . . . . Peter Dale Scott had also been marginalized as a result of his 1972 book, The War Conspiracy, and his 1993 book Deep Politics and the Death of JFK. Peter supported me, and a few years after the Phoenix book was published, I mentioned to him that I was writing an article, based on my interviews with Scotton and Conein, about Ellsberg’s deep political association with the CIA. Peter is Ellsberg’s friend, and even though the article had the potential to embarrass Ellsberg, he arranged for me to interview him. Peter gave me Ellsberg’s number and I called at a pre-arranged time. And the first thing Ellsberg said to me was, “You can’t possibly understand me because you’re not a celebrity.” . . . .

2.   The CIA as Organized Crime by Douglas Valentine; Clarity Press [SC]; Copyright 2017 by Douglas Valentine; ISBN 978-0-9972870-2-8; pp. 32-33.

 . . . . I experienced the same thing [marginalization by what Mr. Emory calls “the so-called progressive sector”] when I wrote my article about Ellsberg. No one on the American left would publish it. Eventually, Robin Ramsay published it in Lobster magazine in Great Britain. The article was titled “The Clash of the Icons” and demonstrated that Ellsberg and Al McCoy [the author of The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia—D.E.] held contradictory positions about the CIA’s relationship with drug traffickers in Vietnam.” McCoy accused CIA officers Ed Lansdale and Lou Conein of collaborating with Corsican drug smugglers in 1965, at the same time Ellsberg was working closely with them. But when I interviewed him, Ellsberg insisted that these CIA officers were not involved in the drug traffic, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. . . .

3.   The CIA as Organized Crime by Douglas Valentine; Clarity Press [SC]; Copyright 2017 by Douglas Valentine; ISBN 978-0-9972870-2-8;p. 33.

 . . . . Maintaining Ellsberg’s image is mostly a business decision, because Ellsberg is what the Mafia calls “a money-maker.” If one of these Compatible Left media outlets has Ellsberg talk at a peace conference it’s sponsoring, a hundred fans will pay cash to see him. The Compatible Left is a business venture that’s dependent on the capitalist society within which it operates. At the same time, Ellsberg is a symbol of the illusion that change is possible within the system. He calls for reform, yes, and like the Compatible Left, he backs many important progressive programs. But more importantly, by  covering up his own CIA connections, he’s reassuring the bourgeoisie that subscribes to these media outlets that everything they assume about their leaders is right. And that’s how symbolic heroes mislead the way. . . .

4.   The CIA as Organized Crime by Douglas Valentine; Clarity Press [SC]; Copyright 2017 by Douglas Valentine; ISBN 978-0-9972870-2-8; pp. 33-34.

 . . . . But there are no heroes, and system doesn’t work for everyone, like it rewards Amy Goodman at Democracy Now! Or like it rewards [Glenn] Greenwald and [Jeremy] Scahill [of Pierre Omidyar’s Intercept].

If Ellsberg were to reveal the CIA’s secrets, he would no longer have the same reassuring effect on the liberal bourgeoisie. So his sponsors never mention that he had an affair with the mistress of a Corsican drug smuggler in Saigon. That’s not in the book or the movie. He denies his CIA buddies were involved in the drug trade, even though they were. He won’t talk about the CIA war crimes he witnessed or the contradictions of capitalism. . . .


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  1. Great tidbit Mr. Emory. Was it not Mort Saul that said the thing about leftists is they have so few heroes and so few victories that they will give their allegiance to any faker that comes their way. They love Ellsberg, Assange, Greenwald, Snowden, CIA shills while bashing good public officials like JFK, RFK, and FDR. Great stuff as always Mr. Emory. Thanks.

    Posted by Darren Delgado | January 15, 2018, 6:04 pm
  2. Bravo Mr. Emory calling out Ellsberg! Not only was Daniel Ellsberg an immediate subordinate to Maj. Gen. Edward G. Lansdale (a position that was later occupied by Lt. Col. Oliver North, ho-ho!), but Mr. Ellsberg was also one of those RAND Corporation analysts in the late fifties who was applying game-theory to tactical nuclear warfare and submitting reports to war-criminals like Gen. Curtis Lemay that there were “winnable solutions” to a nuclear exchange.

    Interesting enough, in late 1964, Mr. Ellsberg also served in the Pentagon with special assistant to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs John T. McNaughton (Robert S. McNamara’s closest advisor) and RAND Corporation regent Thomas C. Schelling. In 1950, both Mr. McNaughton and Mr. Schelling worked “European Payments Union” under the Marshall Plan. Not only is it a known fact that Marshall Plan funds were being siphoned into covert action programs like “Schnez-Truppe”, “Operation Gladio” and “Operation Bloodstone”, but the chief public relations officer to the Marshall Plan from 1949 to 1954 was SS-Obersturmfuhrer Dr. Gustav Adolf Sonnenhol!

    During World War II, SS Lt. Dr. Sonnenhol served in Switzerland with SS-Obersturmführer Hans-Christian Daufeldt and Dr. Count Christoph von Dönhoff. All three acted as liaison officers between the Chief of Amt VI, SS-Brigadeführer und Generalmajor der Polizei Walter Friedrich Schellenberg and the Swiss Director of the OSS Allen Welsh Dulles.

    And if to not make the sinister personalities that rubbed shoulders with Mr. Ellsberg in late 1964 even stranger, counter-insurgency gurus Sir Robert Grainger Ker Thompson and Roger Hilsman Jr. both served under Mr. McNaughton in the Pentagon right alongside Ellsberg! Roger Hilsman was the man who, along with William Averell Harriman, Michael Vincent Forrestal, Walt Whitman Rostow and McGeorge “Odin” Bundy, illegally drafted and transmitted the infamous “Cable 243” on 24 August 1963, authorizing Lt. Col. Lucien Emile Conein the go-ahead to assassinate South Vietnamese president Ngo Dinh Diem on 2 November 1963.

    Of course the shenanigans did not stop there, for on 1 February 1973, Charles Wendell “Chuck” Colson, special counsel to President Nixon, and Chief of Covert Action for the CIA’s Domestic Operations Division, Everette Howard Hunt Jr., had both drafted a fake cable implicating President Kennedy in the assassination of South Vietnam’s President Diem!

    Strange bedfellows Daniel Ellsberg finds himself with. And yet, he is still a dandy for the mass-consumer political left. Psy-ops, anyone?

    Posted by Robert Ward Montenegro | January 25, 2018, 7:23 pm
  3. @Robert Ward Montenegro and Darren Delgado–

    Darren–Mort Sahl also observed that “the CIA staffs the left. They don’t have to worry about the right–that takes care of itself.”

    Robert–Bravo to you, sir! A homework assignment:

    At your earliest convenience, would you provide some documentary sources for people to check out r.e. the Rogue’s Gallery you have detailed for us.

    Ellsberg is an oink, oink. He comes from a long breeding line, obviously.



    Posted by Dave Emory | January 26, 2018, 3:53 pm
  4. Hah-hah! You’re not the only one giving me homework assignments, Mr. Emory (I’m currently a full-time student with six classes, two of them history courses, hence my delay in responding). Any-hoo…
    Categorically, these are some of my sources for your audience, as per my previous statements about Mr. Ellsberg:
    1. The Lansdale-Ellsberg connection can be found in a NPR Boston (wbur 90.9) interview dated 17 January 2018 with Max Boot (senior fellow for National Security Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations) about his book called, “The Road Not Taken: Edward Lansdale and the American Experience in Vietnam.” (I have read the book, and though it is well-structured and filled with interesting tid-bits, it is a 768-page apologist-piece, making Lansdale seem like he was a voice of reason when it came to the internal affairs of Pentagon Vietnam policy making. Plus the about half-way thru the book, the author calls Col. Leroy Fletcher Prouty’s claims about the JFK assassination “mentally unstable”). Here is a link to the NPR interview: http://www.wbur.org/onpoint/2018/01/17/the-road-not-taken-in-vietnam (and for those listeners of Mr. Emory’s program that need visual references, the first thing you see on this link is a photo of Gen. Lansdale and Ellsberg in conference with each other in Saigon, 1965, discussing the terms of a peaceful resolve in Vietnam, no doubt).

    2. The evidence for Daniel Ellsberg having a hand for bringing about the end of the world, courtesy a nuclear holocaust, well this comes from his own mouth. In a 4 December 2017 promotion piece, Slate.com states the following about the first chapter of Daniel Ellsberg’s book called, “The Doomsday Machine: Confessions Of A Nuclear War Planner” (a book I have not read).

    Slate.com reported the following: “…by the time of Strangelove’s release, in early 1964, Ellsberg had been working for three years, off and on, as an assistant to Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara. When he first took that job, at the start of John F. Kennedy’s term in office, Ellsberg sent a memo to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, under McNamara’s signature, asking how many people would die if the United States unleashed its full nuclear strike. The answer came back in a memo for the president’s eyes only, though a few others, including Ellsberg, saw it: between 275 million and 325 million in the USSR and China. ‘This piece of paper should not exist,’ Ellsberg remembers thinking when he looked at the single-sheet memo. ‘It depicted evil beyond any human project ever. … From that day on, I have had one overriding life purpose: to prevent the execution of any such plan.’ Ellsberg and several other assistants—McNamara’s ‘whiz kids,’ they were called, most of them also from RAND—did much to change the nuclear war plan. They directed the military to institute “limited options,” so the president could attack Russia without also attacking China, or attack Russian military targets without also attacking Russian cities…”

    Clearly Daniel Ellsberg, as one of Herman Kahn’s cronies and Robert McNamara’s assistant, was fully aware of all the Eisenhower-JFK-Johnson-era Pentagon plans to end mankind, and he went along with it. Here is the Slate.com link: http://www.slate.com/articles/arts/books/2017/12/the_doomsday_machine_daniel_ellsberg_s_sobering_new_memoir_about_life_as.html

    3. To understand the Ellsberg-McNaughton-Schelling-Sonnenhol-Dulles connection requires equal parts linguistic interpolation, mental acrobatics and a brass set of “huevos”. Pertaining to Marshall Plan connections between Nazi intelligence agents, covet action and Daniel Ellsberg consider the following sources. In the book “The Limits of Intervention: How Vietnam Policy was Made–and Reversed–During the Johnson Administration” by Townsend Hoopes, the following information is cited about John Theodore McNaughton: “…Heading ISA in 1965 was Assistant Secretary of Defense John T. McNaughton, a lanky intense, brilliant Harvard law professor who had won his governmental spurs since 1961, first as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Arms Control (in ISA), and then as General Counsel of the Defense Department. In the former capacity he had provided highly valued assistance to Ambassador Harriman in planning and negotiating the 1963 Test Ban Treaty. In an earlier governmental incarnation, following study at Oxford on a Rhodes scholarship, he worked in the Marshall Plan organization in Paris for two years before returning home to run unsuccessfully for Congress in 1952…” (pg. 35, Hoopes).

    In this one paragraph, we see that Mr. McNaughton was a top administrator to the Marshal Plan, then slumped neck deep into the Defense Department. His position as W. Averell Harriman’s top advisor should not be downplayed either, as we shall see. Continuing with Hoopes’ account: “…he (McNaughton) had been there (ISA) some six months, having succeeded William Bundy the previous summer. Bundy had moved across the river to become Assistant Secretary of State for Far Eastern Affairs, replacing the departing Roger Hilsman…” (pgs. 35-36, Hoopes).

    Like a benevolent shell game, John McNaughton is dynamically shuffled from one top executive command position to another, always in the mist of another key intelligence asset, like career spooks William Putnam “Bill” Bundy and Roger Hilsman Jr., both key players in Vietnam policy making and covert action.

    I should note that the author I am citing, Townsend Walter Hoopes II, was no push-over: Hoopes was president Johnson’s Under Secretary of the Air Force during the escalating years of the Indochinese conflict (1967 to 1969) and previously a senior staff aide to Secretaries of Defense James Vincent Forrestal, George Catlett Marshall Jr. and Robert Abercrombie Lovett! Quite the career, but who would expect anything less from a Russell Trust Association member (Mr. Hoopes was a “Bonesmen” class of 1944, ho-ho). Of course, Mr. Hoopes connections do not stop there, for a 1 July 1971 Between President Nixon and Special Council Charles Colson revealed the Nixon never believed Daniel Ellsberg was the “Pentagon Papers” whistleblower: Nixon told Colson he knew it was Townsend Hoops and he wanted to try him in the highest courts possible! The actual Nixon-Colson phone conversation can be heard on this link: http://prde.upress.virginia.edu/content/nixon_1971_telephone_tapes

    As for Thomas Schelling, The University of Maryland, School of Public Policy directory has his governmental service dates listed with the following entries: “…The U. S. Bureau of the Budget, 1945-46; The Marshall Plan in Copenhagen and Paris, 1948 to 1950; The White House and Executive Office of the President, 1951-1953. Associate Professor and Professor of Economics, Yale University, 1953-58; Senior Staff, The RAND Corporation, 1958-59; Professor of Economics…”

    Not much more needs to be said there. Here is the link to that information: https://web.archive.org/web/20070703115122/http://www.puaf.umd.edu/facstaff/faculty/SchellingCV.htm

    And as for SS-Obersturmfuhrer Dr. Gustav Adolf Sonnenhol and his connections to Allen Dulles and the Marshall Plan, one needs to only ask the CIA! The National Archives has a CIA dossier (that can be accessed here: https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/SONNENHOL,%20GUSTAV%20ADOLF_0016.pdf) on Dr. Sonnenhol listed with the heading “Chief, Division I (Financial and Economic Questions of Development), Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation”. The following paragraph states: “Ministerialdirektor Gustaf-Adolf Sonnenhol, a member of the Free Democratic Party (FDP), was appointed head of Division I (Financial and Economic Questions of Development Aid) of the newly-created Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation in April 1962. He returned to Bonn from Paris, where he had served about four years as deputy head of the West German delegation to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD, formerly the Organization for European Economic Cooperation — OEEC).” …

    …this is important, for the first Secretary-General of the Organisation for European Economic Co-operation (OEEC) was Robert Ernest Marjolin. Mr. Marjolin was a member of a front organization for the CIA called the “American Committee on United Europe” (ACUE). Formed in 1948, the first ACUE committee members were Office of Strategic Services (OSS) commander William Joseph Donovan as ACUE chairman and Allen Welsh Dulles and General Walter Bedell “Beetle” Smith (both future CIA directors) as his executive liaison officers! ACUE received millions of dollars in funding from the Rockefeller and Ford foundations for the express propose of providing a front for covert operations (think Operation Gladio). To further expound on this connection between the CIA and ACUE, please refer this 19 September 2000 by The Telegraph entitled “Euro-federalists financed by US spy chiefs” (link to article: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/1356047/Euro-federalists-financed-by-US-spy-chiefs.html). The Telegraph article also states that “…The head of the Ford Foundation, ex-OSS officer Paul Hoffman, doubled as head of ACUE in the late Fifties.”

    Another interesting connection of Paul Gray Hoffman can be gleamed on the Biographical Dictionary of Secretaries-General of International Organizations provided by Radboud University (which can be found at this link: http://www.ru.nl/publish/pages/816038/hoffman-pg-19january2015-mar15.pdf ). According to the Paul Hoffman’s biographical exploits, “…Early in 1942 Hoffman and Henry Luce of Time-Life organized a financially successful United China Relief campaign to raise money for this Allied partner…” So, Mr. Hoffman was a member of that old “China Lobby” crowd that was always bad-mouthing the UN, even though their chief architect (Hoffman) was “…Managing Director of the United Nations Special Fund 1959-1965 and first Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) 1966-1972…”!?

    … continuing with the CIA document on Dr. Sonnenhol: “…served as an officer in the Hitler Youth…joined the SA in 1930 and the NSDAP in 1931, and acted as training speaker for the party and the National Socialist Students’ League (NSDStB) as well as Director of the Foreign Division of the NSDStB…” “…He received his doctorate in law in 1935 and was employed as a court official in Cologne until 1939, when he joined the SS. Appointed liaison official between the Security Service (SD) of the SS and the Foreign Office in June 1939, he was assigned to Paris in July 1940…” (It should be noted that the Nazi’s chief foreign intelligence agent in the United States in 1941 was Baron Konstantin von Maydell, George de Mohrenschildt’s cousin, ho-ho!)

    “…he remained in Paris until January 1942 and was reportedly responsible for forming the French section of the SD…” (future CIA agent Nikolaus “Klaus” Barbie moved to France from Amsterdam in 1942!)

    “…After serving briefly in Casablanca during January 1942, he was transferred to Tangier on a propaganda assignment and remained there until the German Consulate was closed in June 1944. Returning to Berlin, he was assigned to Inland Division II (Internal Affairs) of the Foreign Office and reportedly had some connection with the investigations of persons accused of taking part in the abortive 20 July 1944 plot to assassinate Hitler. In November 1944, he was transferred to Geneva, where he was suspected of engaging in espionage and intelligence activities. He was expelled from Switzerland in June 1945…”

    Now, this last paragraph is of supreme importance: Dr. Sonnenhol was involved in the investigation of “Operation Valkyrie” and was expelled from Geneva for Sicherheitsdienst espionage activities while he was Chief of Internal Affairs for the Reich Foreign Ministry office?! To understand the significance of these statements, one can turn to an incredibly difficult book to find in English, written by researcher Dr. Sebastian von Weitkamp called “Brown Diplomats: Horst Wagner and Eberhard von Thadden as officials of the ‘Final Solution’”. Page 491 of the book roughly states (sorry, my German is not that good) the following, “…Sonnenhol was at the war in Geneva together with SS-Obersturmführer Hans-Christian Daufeldt, (born 1908 in Kappeln) and Count Christoph Dönhoff (born July 27, 1906 in Friedrichstein, 1992), brother of Marion Countess Dönhoff, representative of the security service of the Reichsführer -SS…”

    Operation Valkyrie plotter Dr. Hans Bernd Gisevius found refuge in Switzerland by the hands of OSS agents Mary Bancroft and Allen Dulles. And this was facilitated with the help of Dr. Sonnenhol, SS-Obersturmführer Hans-Christian Daufeldt and Dr. Count Christoph von Dönhoff, all immediate subordinates of Walter Schellenberg! Allen Dulles, using the code-name “Agent 110”, was the mastermind of the assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler, using the future head of the Marshall Plan as his point man between the SS and the anti-Hitler reactionaries within the Reich General Staff!

    The final paragraph of Dr. Sonnenhol’s CIA bio states the following, “…as a member of Ministry for Economic Cooperation delegations, Sonnenhol participated in bilateral talks on coordination of development aid programs in the United Kingdom in February 1963, in France in March 1963, and in the United States in September 1963; he has also represented the Federal Republic at meetings of the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC). In December, 1964 he informed US Embassy officials in Bonn that he had been selected to head an inter-governmental working group on the Keban-Euphrates dam to be built in Syria. According to 1963 information, Sonnenhol is a supporter of EDP Bundestag deputy Ernst Achenbach, who had advocated the FDP’s adoption of military policies without regard to the balance of payments problems of the Allies and the acquisitions of nuclear weapons by West Germany with French help…”

    SO, it is a confirmed fact now, thanks to the CIA’s own documents, that Dr. Sonnenhol was hobnobbing in late 1963 on Capital Hill as a representative of the West German government as a member of the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC), the same OECD that acted as a front for the “American Committee on United Europe” CIA covert operations committees! At the same time, he is actively identified as a supporter of Ernst Achenbach’s (Mr. Achenbach was leader of all Jewish deportation programs in Vichy-France and post-war lobbyist for “Gehlen Org” agent Dr. Franz Alfred Six) illegal acquisitions of nuclear weapons for West Germany. And of course, Dr. Sonnenhol is also farting around Syria while his former college in the Reich Foreign Office, Franz Rademacher (creator of the Jewish “Madagascar Plan”) is working in Syria as an agent of the Bundesnachrichtendienst!

    It should be noted that the Supreme Commander of all NATO ground forces in 1963 was Operation Valkyrie participant Nazi General Hans Speidel. His adjutant in the Pentagon in 1963 was Nazi General Adolf Heusinger, who from 1961 to 1964 was Chairman of the NATO Military Committee in Washington, D.C.! And according to a 14 May 2014 Der Spiegel report entitled “Nazi Veterans Created Illegal Army”, both General Speidel and General Heusinger were commanders of a Gladio-esque forty-thousand strong clandestine army called “Schnez-Truppe” completely controlled by Nazi Generals Albert Schnez and Reinhard Gehlen!

    And of course, in late 1963, the Chief of Operation Bloodstone, (the state department’s covert recruitment of Waffen-SS personal for assassination operations in Russia) Frank Gardner Wisner is working in the Pentagon! And Wisner’s replacement in the CIA, Richard McGarrah Helms (the CIA liaison to the Warren Commission) was Reinhard Gehlen’s counterpart in 1946 in charge of recruiting the “Gehlen Org” agents!

    4. If not to seal this cast of goons and spooks even closer to each other, in terms of the “Cable 243” assassination plans against South Vietnamese president Ngo Dinh Diem, on page 106 of the book “The Color of Truth: McGeorge and William Bundy, Brothers in Arms: A Biography” by Kai Bird, we find Bundy took a position at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York to study Marshall Plan aid to Europe. The study group included Dwight Eisenhower, Allen Dulles, Richard M. Bissell Jr. and George Kennan. The group’s deliberations were sensitive and secret, dealing as they did with the classified fact that there was a covert side to the Marshall Plan, by which the CIA used certain funds to aid anti-communist groups in France and Italy!
    So McGeorge “Odin” Bundy, the man that ordered the stand-down of air-support during the Bay of Pigs Invasion and drafted the Cable 243 assassination orders against President Kennedy’s wishes, was front and center for the funding of all covert actions (“Schnez-Truppe”, “Operation Gladio” and “Operation Bloodstone”) in Europe, using the Marshall Plan as a front organization. And in terms of covert action and the Marshall Plan administrators, according to a 28 June 1971 Time Magazine report entitled “Cover Story: Pentagon Papers: The Secret War”, (the link can be found here http://www.cnn.com/ALLPOLITICS/1996/analysis/back.time/9606/28/index.shtml ) the following information is gleamed about John Theodore McNaughton (Daniel Ellsberg’s Pentagon superior), “…PROVOCATION PLANS. Although the option apparently was never exercised, secret documents indicate that U.S. planners were seriously considering provoking the North Vietnamese into attacking U.S. units so that an open retaliatory air attack could be made against the North, a key escalation of the conflict. The step would be a prelude to sustained air strikes against the North. A Pentagon ‘Plan of Action For South Vietnam,’ drafted by McNaughton in September 1964, proposed actions that ‘should be likely at some point to provoke a military response [and] the provoked response should be likely to provide good ground for us to escalate if we wished.’ He suggested that the downing of any U.S. reconnaissance plane over the North by U-2 aircraft would be an appropriate incident…”
    Clearly, Daniel Ellsberg was a key planner to escalating the conflict in Indochina to a full-scale war, as was his boss Mr. McNaughton, to the point of advocating the downing of a U-2 spy plane as an excuse for escalation! Where have we heard that before? U.S. Airforce Captain Francis Gary Powers and the U.S.-Soviet Paris Peace Summit 1960? Or maybe U.S. Air Force Major Rudolf Anderson Jr. and the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962?
    Same game plan, different players? Not quite. The Deputy Director of the CIA during the 1960 U-2 crisis was United States Air Force General Charles Pearre Cabell, brother to Dallas Texas Mayor and Lyndon Johnson confidant Earle Cabell. Earle Cabell was recently positively identified by Russ Baker’s “Whowhatwhy.org” site as being a CIA asset! (a link is provided here https://whowhatwhy.org/2017/08/02/dallas-mayor-jfk-assassination-cia-asset/ ).
    In congruent fashion, the Deputy Director of the CIA during the 1962 U-2 crisis was United States Army Lieutenant General Marshall Sylvester Carter (I should note the CIA Inspector General under Marshall Carter is John S. Earman Jr., the CIA commander in charge of “Operation Bloodstone”), brother to Lyndon Johnson’s chief campaign advisor, Clifton Crawford Carter! And just like Earle Cabell, Clifton C. Carter had an intelligence background! On pages 90 and 91 in Richard Smith’s “OSS: The Secret History of America’s First Central Intelligence Agency”, the following revelations are made, “…The royalist forces were not without their supporters in the OSS. Like Bourgoin, “Prince” Serge Obolensky, in charge of the OSS Italian Operation’s Groups at Brindisi, preferred to work with the SIM. When he left for London in April, he passed along his royalist contacts to his successor, Russell Livermore, a prominent New York attorney, former Republican legislator, and close friend of Donovan’s. The OSS command in Italy had also passed to a Badoglio admirer, Colonel Clifton C. Carter, the son of a West Point professor, and a professional officer with important political connections (his brother Marshall was a personal aide to the Army Chief of Staff). Carter and his second-in-command, Major J.H. Angleton, an expatriate businessman who owned a subsidiary of the National Cash Register Company in Milan, held frequent meetings with Badoglio…” pgs. 90-91, Smith.
    SO, the CIA’s Chief of Counter Intelligence, James Jesus Angleton (controller of USMC Sgt. Lee Harvey Oswald’s 201-file), was son to a man who reported directly to Lyndon Johnson’s chief political aide, Col. Clifton C. Carter?! And he had a brother who was not only LBJ’s CIA Deputy Director, Lt. Gen. Marshall S. Carter, but who was second-in-command to the entire Marshall Plan aid program?! And let’s not forget, OSS Col. Carter reported directly to White Russian Prince Serge Obolensky, brother-in-law to William Vincent Astor, an intimate friend of president Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who asked him to oversee OSS operations in the Manhattan offices of Rockefeller Center (Operation Underworld or British Security Co-ordination anyone?)
    So, let’s review, Daniel Ellsberg rubbed shoulders in the Pentagon with the United States’ premier covert action operatives daily such as Maj. Gen. Edward G. Lansdale, John T. McNaughton, Thomas C. Schelling, Sir Robert Grainger Ker Thompson, Roger Hilsman Jr., William Averell Harriman, Michael Vincent Forrestal, Frank Gardner Wisner, Walt Whitman Rostow, McGeorge “Odin” Bundy, Gen., madmen trying to start World War III like Curtis Lemay, Herman Kahn and Robert McNamara and “former Nazis” such as Dr. Gustav Adolf Sonnenhol General Hans Speidel and General Adolf Heusinger? And Mr. Ellsberg was front row center to some of the most nefarious illegal provocations against the American public (such as OPLAN 34-A) and the world at large. Oink-oink indeed Mr. Emory.

    Posted by Robert Montenegro | February 5, 2018, 2:27 am
  5. Bravo, Robert!

    Seeing efforts such as this makes all the work I have done for close to forty years worthwhile!

    I hope other users of this website will delve at greater length
    into the formidable effort you have shared with us.

    And you have done all of this, while carrying a six-course academic load!

    Again, bravo!


    Dave Emory

    Posted by Dave Emory | February 5, 2018, 3:09 pm
  6. Well, I am humbled to interface in any capacity with your efforts Mr. Emory (got any more assignments, ho-ho!). I must say, used your Anti-Fascist Archives (AFA 37) show, “How the United States Lost the Second World War” as a template on at least four research projects in school over the past three semesters (all “A’s” I might add)!

    And it should be stated just once, that the AFA 37 broadcast, (even though it took me a month to finish listening to it) is probably the most important piece of radio commentary ever produced.

    It would be most incumbent for all of your followers to listen to it like yesterday!



    Robert Montenegro

    Posted by Robert Montenegro | February 5, 2018, 6:30 pm

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