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Der Spiegel: Germans Being German

Angela Merkel, Chancellor of "Austerereich'

COMMENT: The fallout from the eurozone crisis is producing some interesting phenomena, not the least of which is the open expression of German chauvinism. In a recent story,  the normally respectable Der Spiegel unleashed a remarkable comment about Italians.

Can you imagine an American editor, even an editor of one of Ruppert’s Rags [Murdoch], letting a comment such as Herr Fleischauer penned make it to press?

Even the flatulent ESPN was obliged to fire a headline writer for his comment about Jeremy Lin (the Chinese-American point guard of the New York Knicks basketball team.)

“Germany vs. the Rest of Europe” by Floyd Norris; New York Times; 2/17/2012.

. . . . Within each class, attitudes are hardening against the other. “The birth defect of the euro was to put very different cultures of economic activity in the straitjacket of a single currency,” a commentator, Jan Fleischhauer, wrote in the German weekly Der Spiegel after an Italian cruise ship ran aground last month.

“Be honest,” he added. “Did it surprise anyone that the unlucky captain of the Costa Concordia is Italian?” He asked whether anyone could imagine that a German, or even British, captain would have behaved as the Italian did.

An Italian newspaper, Il Giornale, fired back with a front-page article denouncing the Der Spiegel commentary. “We are persons to avoid, a burden for Europe,” the author, Alessandro Sallusti, wrote. “The Germans are a superior race. We have already read that in the speeches of Hitler.”

Germans are increasingly angry about having to bail out Greece and other countries, while those countries react bitterly to being forced to take orders from Berlin. The Financial Times reports that “a right-wing Greek newspaper depicts Angela Merkel, Germany’s chancellor, in a Nazi uniform above the headline ‘Memorandum macht frei’ — an allusion to the memorandum in which Greece’s foreign creditors demand more austerity measures and to the Auschwitz slogan.”. . . .


3 comments for “Der Spiegel: Germans Being German”

  1. As far as I know ,Dave Emory is the only researcher out there who has ever exposed the fact of the Bormann Organization using Jews and Jewish organizations as fronts for thier operations.
    Seems kind of like a reversal of the old stereotype of Jews being the “string pullers” behind the scenes manipulating “Gentiles” and “Gentile Institutions” as their fronts.
    Whos manipulating who? Sometimes its hard to tell the difference between the tail and the head of the dog.

    Posted by mike | February 23, 2012, 7:47 pm
  2. @Mike: “Sometimes its hard to tell the difference between the tail and the head of the dog.” Yep, so true. I think that’s part of the ruse, though, because the world crime network has benefitted very much from anti-Semitism. And sadly, some dupes and/or idiots have really bought into the ‘Jewish World Order’ crap.
    So yes, it is definitely a reversal of the old stereotype, no question about it. And again, who really benefits? Only the Underground Reich and their allies, that’s who.

    Posted by Steven L. | February 23, 2012, 8:27 pm
  3. @Steven L: Reminds me of that old song Little Red Riding Hood ,”Gonna Keep my sheep suit on till I get to Grandma’s house”.
    Nazis in “Jew suits”, its sort of like the ultimate ruse. But then Dave has commented on the extreme far sightedness of the Germans, the complexity of the German language.
    Dave is like a voice in the wilderness. The Germans are….still coming!

    Posted by mike | February 26, 2012, 5:02 pm

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