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Der Spiegel: Leading German Papers Barred from Upcoming Neo-Nazi Trial

"Nein!": President of the Higher Regional Court Munich Karl Huber at a press conference

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COMMENT: For months, we’ve highlighted the burgeoning scandal surrounding the “investigation” (read “cover-up”) of the neo-Nazi National Socialist Union–the latest German fascist group to operate with apparent assistance from the authorities.

The venerable Der Spiegel informs us that a “raffle” awarding press seating to the upcoming trial of one of its members has managed to exclude many of the Federal Republic’s credible and best known publications.

Coming fresh on the heels of the (apparently deliberate and systematic) exclusion of Turkish media from the trial, this maneuver can only heighten suspicion that the powers that be in the Federal Republic do NOT want the truth to emerge.

This gambit is also noteworthy in that it strongly suggests that the German public opinion is worrisome to that country’s power brokers. 

It appears that the truth about the Third Reich, its influence on the Federal Republic, and the links between the Underground Reich and that country’s security services remains eclipsed for most German citizens.

“Top Papers Left Out: Court Faces Fresh Trouble Over Press Seats”; Der Spiegel; 4/30/2013.

EXCERPT: The Munich court where the NSU neo-Nazi terror trial is due to start on May 6 faces fresh controversy over media accreditation after several major German newspapers failed to obtain seats in a lottery of press passes. It was the second attempt to allocate seats after Turkish media had been left out in the first round.

The Munich court overseeing the biggest neo-Nazi trial in German history on Monday faced new complaints over its media accreditation process when leading German newspapers failed to obtain passes for the 50-seat press gallery.

The court postponed the start of the trial from its original date on April 17 to sort the problem out after the Federal Constitutional Court, responding to a complaint from a Turkish newspaper, ordered it to allocate seats to foreign journalists.

In an attempt to be completely fair, it decided to raffle the press passes. The venerable Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, and another national broadsheet, Die Welt, failed to get press accreditation in the lottery conducted on Monday. Die Tageszeitung, another well-known German newspaper, also failed to get a seat.

All three said on Monday they were considering legal action against the allocation. Publications that obtained seats in the raffle included lesser known newspapers such as local paper Hallo Munich and women’s magazine Brigitte. . . .


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