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DigitalGlobe Strikes Again

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Galician Division Re-enactment (this unit was staffed by OUN/B recruits)

COMMENT: Once again we are being treated to photographs purporting to show: Russian military units “invading” Ukraine and/or Russian military equipment being “given to the rebels” by the Russian military.

The U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine–Geoffrey Pyatt–Tweeted what are supposed to be pictures “proving” direct Russian military assistance to Ukraine after the “Minsk II” cease fire.

Apart from the lack of coordinates on the photographs and the dubious nature of the images presented, these pictures come to us courtesy of DigitalGlobe, discussed at length in FTR #811 [8].

DigitalGlobe is neither a credible, nor a disinterested party in this.

Previous programs about Ukraine are: FTR #’s 777 [9]778 [10]779 [11]780 [12]781 [13]782 [14]783 [15]784 [16]794 [17]800 [18]803 [19]804 [20], 808 [21]811 [8]817 [22]818 [23]824 [24]826 [25]829 [26]832 [27]833 [28].

“Debaltseve. We are confident these are Russian Military, not separatist, systems;” Tweet by Geoffrey Pyatt, U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine; 2/13/2015. [29]