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Erdogan: Women Are Not Equal

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Tayyip Erdogan

COMMENT: Supplementing analysis highlighted in FTR #787 [9], we reiterate that Tayyip Erdogan’s supposedly “moderate Islamic democracy” is nothing of the sort. With roots in the Al-Taqwa milieu and the Muslim Brotherhood, his government is manifesting the Islamic fascism at the core of the Ikwhan.

Manifesting his “moderation,” Erdogan has explicitly stated his view that women are not equal to men.


“Turkish President Erdogan Says Gender Equality ‘Contrary to Nature’ During Women’s Rights Meeting” [Reuters]; ABC News; 11/24/2014. [10]

Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan has said that gender equality is contrary to nature and feminists did not recognise the value of motherhood, at a meeting on women’s rights.

The conservative president said women’s “delicate” nature meant it was impossible to place them on an equal footing with men. . . .