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Fox News and the Violent, Seditious Right


Okla­homa City Bomb­ing: McVeigh and asso­ciates inspired by “The Turn­er Diaries”

COMMENT: After Glenn Beck­’s exhor­ta­tion [2] to his audi­ence to “shoot them [lib­er­als and Democ­rats] in the head,” the tan­gi­ble con­nec­tion between the sup­pos­ed­ly “respectable” Fox News oper­a­tion and the mur­der­ous, para­mil­i­tary fas­cists blem­ish­ing the face of the coun­try  should be evi­dent.

From the vig­i­lant ‘Pter­rafractyl’ comes a sto­ry that bears under­scor­ing.

A recent­ly arrest­ed mili­tia con­tin­gent were inspired by a book lay­ing out a vio­lent agen­da for the over­throw of the the gov­ern­ment and the mur­der of count­less cit­i­zens. It turns  out that the author of the book was a com­men­ta­tor on Fox News!

The book “Absolved” appears to be in the same cat­e­go­ry as “The Turn­er Diaries” and “Ser­pen­t’s Walk”–manifestos and blue­prints for action.

“Feds: Men Got Ter­ror Ideas from Under­ground Nov­el” by Greg Bluestein [AP]; Yahoo News; 11/2/2011. [3]

In the vio­lent under­ground nov­el “Absolved,” right-wing mili­tia mem­bers upset about gun con­trol make war against the U.S. gov­ern­ment. This week, fed­er­al pros­e­cu­tors accused four elder­ly Geor­gia men of plot­ting to use the book as a script for a real-life wave of ter­ror and assas­si­na­tion involv­ing explo­sives and the high­ly lethal poi­son ricin.

The four sus­pect­ed mili­tia mem­bers alleged­ly boast­ed of a “buck­et list” of gov­ern­ment offi­cials who need­ed to be “tak­en out”; talked about scat­ter­ing ricin from a plane or a car speed­ing down a high­way past major U.S. cities; and scout­ed IRS and ATF offices, with one man say­ing, “We’d have to blow the whole build­ing like Tim­o­thy McVeigh.”

Fed­er­al inves­ti­ga­tors said they had them under sur­veil­lance for at least sev­en months, infil­trat­ing their meet­ings at a Waf­fle House, homes and oth­er places, before final­ly arrest­ing them Tues­day, just days after dis­cov­er­ing evi­dence they were try­ing to extract ricin from cas­tor beans.

“While many are focused on the threat posed by inter­na­tion­al vio­lent extrem­ists, this case demon­strates that we must also remain vig­i­lant in pro­tect­ing our coun­try from cit­i­zens with­in our own bor­ders who threat­en our safe­ty and secu­ri­ty,” said U.S. Attor­ney Sal­ly Quil­lian Yates.

The four gray-haired men — Fred­er­ick Thomas, 73; Dan Roberts, 67; Ray Adams, 65; and Samuel Crump, 68 — appeared in fed­er­al court Wednes­day with­out enter­ing a plea and were jailed for a bail hear­ing next week. They appar­ent­ly had trou­ble hear­ing the judge, some of them cup­ping their ears.

Thomas and Roberts were charged with con­spir­ing to buy an explo­sive device and an ille­gal silencer. Pros­e­cu­tors would not say whether the men actu­al­ly obtained the items. Adams and Crump were charged with con­spir­ing to make a bio­log­i­cal tox­in.

Rel­a­tives of two of the men said the charges were base­less. The pub­lic defend­er assigned to the case had no com­ment.

Pros­e­cu­tors said that Thomas was the ring­leader and that he talked of car­ry­ing out the sort of actions described in “Absolved,” an online nov­el writ­ten by for­mer Alaba­ma mili­tia leader Mike Van­der­boegh. In the book, the mili­tia mem­bers build rifle grenades and drop explo­sives from crop dusters.

In the book’s intro­duc­tion, Van­der­boegh calls it a “cau­tion­ary tale for the out-of-con­trol gun cops of the ATF.”

“For that warn­ing to be cred­i­ble, I must also present what amounts to a com­bi­na­tion field man­u­al, tech­ni­cal man­u­al and call to arms for my beloved gun­nies of the armed cit­i­zen­ry,” he writes. “They need to know how pow­er­ful they could tru­ly be if they were pushed into a cor­ner.”

In an inter­view, Van­der­boegh said he did­n’t know the four men and bears no respon­si­bil­i­ty for the alleged plot.

“I’m glad that the FBI has appar­ent­ly short-cir­cuit­ed some weak-mind­ed indi­vid­u­als from mis­in­ter­pret­ing my nov­el,” he said.

Last year, Van­der­boegh was denounced for call­ing on cit­i­zens to throw bricks through the win­dows of local Demo­c­ra­t­ic head­quar­ters across the coun­try to protest Pres­i­dent Barack Oba­ma’s health care plan. Sev­er­al such inci­dents occurred. Van­der­boegh has also appeared as a com­men­ta­tor on Fox News Chan­nel. . . .