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German Intelligence, The National Socialist Underground and 9/11

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COMMENT: We’ve covered the neo-Nazi group The National Socialist Underground and its links to German intelligence for months.

One of the most significant aspects of the case is the fact that powerful elements within the German government are going to extraordinary lengths to eclipse the institutional connections of the group.

Turkish media were excluded from being seated at the trial of the group, many of whose victims were Turks. In addition, leading German media were left out of a “raffle” to award seating at the trial. 

For more than a decade, we’ve examined the 9/11 attacks, the Nazi and fascist connections to that attack, in particular.

In our visits with Daniel Hopsicker, we have noted that Mohamed Atta was fraternizing with Germans and Austrians in South Florida, having been brought into the United States (from Germany) by the Carl Duisberg Society.

Now, Germany Watch has published an intriguing hypothesis concerning the murders committed by the group and the 9/11 attacks.

Andreas Strassmeier and composite sketch of "John Doe #2" in the Oklahoma City bombing.

Against the background of German intelligence connections to the 9/11 attacks, the story below notes that murders 2, 3 and 4 occurred in the immediate run-up to 9/11, the fourth less than two weeks before. 

The National Socialist Union then disappeared from public view for two years.

The presence of a German intelligence officer at the scene of one of the murders (who possessed Third Reich documents as well as other Nazi paraphernalia) also is worth noting, as is the useful “amnesia” (mind control?) of one of the German police officers shot by the group. 

Of course there are other possibilities for the duplicity on the part of the authorities, however the working hypothesis presented by the Germany Watch folks is more than a little intriguing.

Pan Am Flight 103 bombing: The "operational template" for the 9/11 attacks?

In this context, a number 0f things come to mind: 

  • The supposedly “modern,” “democratic” government of Mr. Erdogan in Turkey is neither, having evolved from the Al-Taqwa milieu, inextricably linked with the Muslim Brotherhood, the Underground Reich and  9/11.
  • The Turkish nationality of many of the victims (including those killed in the run-up to 9/11) would, therefore, not exclude the possibility of links with Atta and company.
  • The Atta milieu was inextricably-linked with “protected” drug-trafficking networks. 
  • In FTR #’s 498 & 499, we examined the links of SICO to 9/11, which are fundamental.
  • SICO, in turn, overlaps the Shakarchie A.G. case, a protected drug-trafficking operation involving the use of Turkish operatives and elements of Western intelligence. (Shakarchie A.G. overlaps the milieu implicated in the shooting of the Pope in May of 1981.)
  • In this context, we note that as discussed in FTR #’s 498 & 499, SICO’s aviation subsidiary trained its pilots at the same airport served by Rudi Dekkers’ crew–the same drug-smuggling nexus through which Mohamed Atta and his German associates infiltrated the U.S. 
  • We also note the murder of a German intelligence officer (and expert on Islamic radicals and terrorists ) in Libya in 1994. Silvan Becker had been transferred to researching Tamil extremists and had been in Libya, where he and his wife Vera were murdered. The warrant for the arrest of their alleged killer was the first legal warrant issued for an al-Qaeda operative. His alleged killer had the same name as a suspect in the first World Trade Center attack. (The murder of Silvan Becker is discussed in FTR#336 as well as FTR #337.) Was Becker investigating and/or had he come across some of the German intelligence links to the Lockerbie bombing? Had he noted German intelligence sponsorship of Islamist terrorists in Germany? (We would note in passing, that activities such as those engaged in by the 9/11 conspirators were LEGAL under German law at the time, as noted in FTR #336.)
  • Becker’s murder also brings to mind a “back story” about the 9/11 attacks and the bombing of Pan Am 102 over Lockerbie. In AFA #35, we analyzed the Pan Am 103 bombing, its links to the Iran-Contra affair and complicity on the part of elements of the Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations, as well as their associated intelligence officers. The hypothesis presented there is a complex one and the program was recorded incrementally before the internet age. Listeners should be aware that it is a long, detailed analysis.
  • One of the elements of note for our purposes is the report that one or more suspects in the Pan Am 103 bombing were operating on behalf of the Verfassungshutz, Germany’s domestic intelligence service. (Again, this is discussed in AFA #35.)
  • As discussed in FTR #336, 9/11 hijacker Ziad Jarrah had an uncle who reportedly worked for the Libyan secret service and was investigated for “Stasi” links. (Naturally, the Wall Street Journal had to bring in the “Commie” angle. The Cold War was years over at this point in time.) In this context, one should not lose sight of the fact that the Libyan secret service was put together by the supposedly-dead Heinrich Mueller, using the same SS and Gestapo veterans whom the CIA/Gehlen nexus had employed to assemble the Egyptian intelligence service under Nasser.) 
  • Returning to the subject of Pan Am 103, we noted in our analysis that the planners of the bombing utilized one of U.S. intelligence’s controlled drug networks, knowing that such a network might be an excellent way of bringing the bomb safely aboard the aircraft.
  • We have come to believe that the Pan Am 103 bombing may very well have been the “operational template” for the 9/11 attacks. The 9/11 attackers were able to utilize one of this country’s intelligence-sponsored drug importation networks to mask their activities. Did the planers of the attack reference the Pan Am 103 bombing in this context? 
  • In FTR #310, we noted that acting FBI director Robert Mueller had proved “less than vigorous” in his pursuit of the BCCI scandal. Noting that proper investigation of the BCCI case would have led to the Bush/Bin Laden family connections, we opined that covering up that connection was of paramount importance, mandating the appointment of someone with a compromised resume to head the FBI. (We should note that this program was several months BEFORE the 9/11 attacks.)
  • In that same context, Robert Mueller also proved “less than vigorous” in his pursuit of the Pan Am 103 investigation. Did his performance in that case also “assist” in his appointment?
  • We note  in closing that there is a German link to most of this country’s recent terrorist incidents: the first World Trade Center attack (the financing came from German accounts); the Oklahoma City bombing (McVeigh/Nichols’ mentor appears to have been Andreas Strassmeir, son of Helmut Kohl’s chief of staff and grandson of one of the founders of the NSDAP under Hitler. Check out the resemblance between “John Doe #2” and Strassmeir); the 9/11 attacks.
  • In turn, these incidents have operational links with other terrorist incidents, such as the AMIA bombings.

“The Neo-Nazi Show Trial And The Timing Of The Murders”; Germany Watch; 5/5/2013.

ENTIRE TEXT: The German show trial for the National Socialist Underground begins this week, after several false starts due to the Bavarian Court not wanting interested press at the hearings (see here).

There is a strange coincidence to the dates and places;

Murders number 2, 3, 4, and 5;

Murder of Abdurrahim Özüdoğru
On 13 June 2001, Abdurrahim Özüdoğru was killed by two shots in the head with the same silenced CZ 83 already used in the murder of Enver Şimşek. Özüdoğru, who worked as a machinist for a big company in Nuremberg (which company?) had been helping out in a tailor’s shop; the murder was discovered by a passer-by who looked through the shop window and saw the body sitting in the back of the shop, covered in blood.

Murder of Süleyman Taşköprü
On 27 June 2001 between 10:45 and 11:15 a.m, Süleyman Taşköprü, aged 31, died in his greengrocer’s shop in Hamburg-Bahrenfeld after being shot in the head three times. This was two weeks after the second murder, and the same guns as in the first case were used, a CZ 83 and a 6.35 mm gun.

Murder of Habil Kılıç
On 29 August 2001 Habil Kılıç became the fourth victim. Kılıç, aged 38, who was married and had a daughter, was shot at point-blank range in his greengrocer’s shop in Munich-Ramersdorf. This was the first of two murders in Munich.

The Theory

Are these linked to the 9/11 Hamburg cell? They all worked shop fronts, which are perfect for low level intelligence messengers, they may have been supplying something along the lines of fake ID/paperwork or weapons, or perhaps they were just messengers/couriers for German intelligence/ the Hamburg Cell Jihadis. The Hamburg Cell also frequented an extremist mosque in Munich.

Once the 9/11 operation was underway, German intelligence cleaned house. The “NSU” vanished for 2 years just a little over a week before 9/11, with no more linked murders in that 2 year period. Repeat – the last murder was just over a week before 9/11, whilst one murder was Hamburg and one was Munich. If the NSU murders were normal far right extremists sending a message to asylum seekers, where’s the message? There was none.

So, then two and a half years later in Rostock-Toitenwinkel, 25 February 2004, between 10:10 and 10:20, Mehmet Turgut was shot three times in the head and neck with a silenced CZ 83 and died instantaneously. Turgut, who had been living illegally in Hamburg, was in Rostock on a visit and had been asked by an acquaintance to open up a doner kebab shop that day. He was clearly targeted and enticed to be there that day and time. That is NOT a random far right killing.

Because of Turgut’s link to Hamburg, Rostock police made the connection to the third victim, Süleyman Taşköprü, thus establishing the term doner murders. 

On 6 April 2006, just two days after the murder of Mehmet Kubaşık, Halit Yozgat became the last victim of the murder series. Yozgat, who ran an internet café in Kassel, Hesse, was also shot in the head with a silenced gun. On the occasion of this murder an agent of the Hessian Office for the BfV Protection of the Constitution was present. The agent claimed first to have left the premises shortly before the murder, but later changed his statement when presented with evidence of witnesses who had seen him present when the murder happened. His involvement with the case gave rise to suspicions that a German agency might be linked to the murders.

When this BfV officer was investigated, various Nazi paraphernalia was present in his apartment, including some documents from the Third Reich, though it is not publicly known what these docs referred to. Is he really a Nazi, or is that being used to make out he is an extremist infiltrator of German intelligence – that he was linked to the murder through his Nazi affiliates, rather than being present at the murder BECAUSE he was working for German intelligence??

Either way, it looks an awful lot like these murders are German intelligence cleaning house, and the places and dates may suggest it is because the murder victims were involved in the organisation/recruitment/planning of 9/11 with the Hamburg Cell – knowingly or unknowingly (thinking they were doing their duty for German intelligence?).

On 25 April 2007 Police officer Michèle Kiesewetter and her duty-partner were attacked during their lunch break. Kiesewetter was killed and her partner was critically wounded but survived with no memory of the attack (of course). While in the other cases the motive is assumed to be xenophobia and/or racism, it is unclear why Kiesewetter and her partner were attacked; theories include a variety of motives, such as a personal link between Kiesewetter and the alleged perpetrators who all came from Thuringia, or the acquisition of firearms. The duty-pistols of Kiesewetter and her partner were found on 4 November 2011 at the caravan where Böhnhardt and Mundlos were suicided, giving rise to the belief that this attack was linked to the NSU.

Of course, its more likely that as the motive in the Police murder was not xenophobia, the previous murders were not either. In which case, did these cops stumble on something they shouldn’t have in a seemingly unrelated investigation?

They had to be silenced.

The whole way through, this has been covered up, until Beate is the last woman standing, with everyone else dead or suffering amnesia. This is classic house cleaning, and German intelligence have taken such a risk with it, that it can only be covering something massive – like the Hamburg Cell link back to German intelligence.

Could these people have supplied evidence pointing at Germany being the hand behind 9/11?


2 comments for “German Intelligence, The National Socialist Underground and 9/11”

  1. And here is a profile of “The last Woman Standing”–

    I wonder what her defense team found in “discovery”. Considering the suppression of Turks and journalists in the lead-up to the trial, it’s unlikely that intelligence connections will come out:


    ‘Nazi Bride’ case highlights rising influence of women in Germany’s far-right movement
    By Andy Eckardt, Producer, NBC News


    German Police via Reuters Beate Zschaepe, 38, is accused of complicity in the murder of eight ethnic Turks, a Greek and a policewoman, two bombings and 15 bank robberies. She has been described as “Germany’s most dangerous neo-Nazi.”MAINZ, Germany — Dubbed the “Nazi Bride,” Beate Zschaepe has become the face of right-wing militancy in Germany.

    The 38-year-old woman is allegedly the sole surviving member of the National Socialist Underground, a neo-Nazi terror cell accused of a seven-year racist killing spree.

    On Monday, Zschaepe will go on trial accused of complicity in the murder of eight ethnic Turks, a Greek and a policewoman, two bombings and 15 bank robberies.

    But she is alleged to be far more than just the tagalong lover of the far-right gang’s leader.

    German federal prosecutor Wolfgang Range alleges that Zschaepe gave the terror cell “the appearance of legality and normalcy towards the outside.”

    German Police via Reuters National Socialist Underground member Uwe Boehnhardt was found dead after a bungled armed robbery in November 2011.Speaking to Der Spiegel magazine, Range added: “I am convinced that she wasn’t just an accessory or merely a companion, but was in fact acting on the same level as the others.”

    Zschaepe and two alleged accomplices, who took their own lives, have been described by Range as a “unified killing commando” responsible for a series of execution-style murders.

    Zschaepe’s case will spotlight the increasingly prominent role that women are playing in the neo-Nazi scene. In particular, they have been gaining influence in German far-right politics.

    Statistics suggest nearly 20 percent of executives in Germany’s extremist NPD party are women, which is a higher percentage than in many smaller mainstream parties.

    “Women are increasingly taking center stage in the far-right scene,” said Michaela Koettig, a professor for social work at the University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt. “They are filling important positions after being fully socialized by the scene.”

    Up to 40 far-right women’s organizations alone have been established since 2000, according to Koettig.

    “Like their male comrades, women from the extreme right are also violent and fully politically motivated in their actions,” said Koettig, who has been conducting research on far-right extremism for the past 20 years.

    Overall, the German government’s domestic intelligence agency estimates that there are more than 22,000 active members in the country’s right-wing scene, including 9,800 violent extremists. Statistics on the exact number of female supporters do not exist.

    Zschaepe, who has been branded “Germany’s most dangerous neo-Nazi,” has so far kept silent. Prosecutors hope that she will testify during her trial, which could run for more than a year in Munich.

    If found guilty, Zschaepe faces life in prison.

    Zschaepe’s alleged accomplices, Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Boenhardt, were found dead following a bungled armed robbery in November 2011. Zschaepe turned herself in to police three days later.

    The German intelligence community came under fire for failing to detect the group and was accused of being blind on the “right eye,” suggesting that the agencies had dedicated too much of their attention to left-wing extremism and Islamists instead.

    German Police via Reuters Uwe Mundlos was the third member of the National Socialist Underground, according to German authorities.Investigators had focused on the victims’ potential links to the local crime scene and to foreign criminal organizations, while neglecting a possible far-right motive in the killings, which occurred between 2000 and 2007.

    Chancellor Angela Merkel has publicly apologized to the families of the murder victims.

    German officials now warn that right-wing extremists are trying to conceal their true identities in order to gain a foothold in German society.

    In its annual report, the Bavarian Office for the Protection of the Constitution, an intelligence agency in this southern German state, highlighted that neo-Nazi groups are disguising their organizations to recruit new members and spread right-wing ideology.

    “We do not see a widespread infiltration into civil society yet, but right-wing groups and the far-right NPD party are investing a lot of time and money to mask their ideology, to set up a facade,” said Markus Schaefert, spokesman for the Bavarian intelligence service.

    In the city of Fuerth, neo-Nazis this year launched a so-called “citizens’ initiative” called “Soziales Fuerth” — or “social Fuerth” — which is aimed at creating the image of an organization that cares for the needs and concerns of local residents.

    The website prominently displays the face of a young blond-haired child with blue eyes. Its logo features the slogan “out of love for the people and the homeland.”

    According to the latest intelligence report, these new so-called “social initiatives” are following “the strategy to draw attention to issues on the level of local politics and to present themselves as an electable alternative.”

    Such groups are turning to social media and sites such as Facebook to mask their ideologies.

    But even more worrying are the groups’ strategies to influence young people as early as possible, experts say.

    “As there is mounting political and social pressure towards the neo-Nazi scene and the right-wing NPD party, the extremists, who themselves are often parents with young children, are trying to ingrain [themselves] in society,” said Winfriede Scheiber, head of the intelligence service in the eastern German state of Brandenburg.

    Experts say that neo-Nazis are using community facilities to reach adolescents and young children, seeking to influence their thinking at an early stage in life, or to even recruit them.

    “We are worried about the development that moms and dads with right-wing ideologies are increasingly taking up duties in kindergartens, nursing homes or sports clubs,” Schreiber added.

    Koettig, the social work professor, said such extremists “stay inconspicuous at first and then, once they play a leading role in sports clubs or have become members of their school’s parents’ association, gradually introduce their ideology.”

    Reuters contributed to this report.

    Posted by Swamp | May 10, 2013, 9:11 am
  2. “In the best case the comprehensive failure of many of those involved resulted from simple lack of interest,” the panel said in its 1,895-page report. But so many mistakes were made that one might even be justified in suspecting “deliberate sabotage.”:

    Hunt for German neo-Nazis was ‘complete disaster’
    Associated Press
    By FRANK JORDANS August 21, 2014 1:38 PM

    BERLIN (AP) — Police and security services in Germany’s eastern state of Thuringia bungled the hunt for three neo-Nazis, who years later turned out to be the main suspects in a far-right murder spree, according to an official report published Thursday.

    A panel of lawmakers in the state assembly examined thousands of case files and interviewed dozens of former investigators, concluding that efforts to find the fugitive trio between 1998 and 2003 were a “complete disaster.”

    “In the best case the comprehensive failure of many of those involved resulted from simple lack of interest,” the panel said in its 1,895-page report. But so many mistakes were made that one might even be justified in suspecting “deliberate sabotage.”

    The neo-Nazi group, calling itself National Socialist Underground, allegedly killed eight Turks, a Greek and a policewoman between 2000 and 2007. It is also believed to be behind two bombings and 15 bank robberies. The group’s sole survivor, Beate Zschaepe, and four alleged supporters are currently on trial in Munich.

    Zschaepe and her erstwhile accomplices, Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Boenhardt, grew up in Thuringia and first came into contact with the far-right scene there.

    The report lists a string of errors by investigators who failed to follow up leads that could have led to their arrest, beginning with the fact that police didn’t start searching for the trio until six hours after finding explosives in a garage rented by Zschaepe in the Thuringian city of Jena in January 1998.

    Other mistakes included not properly investigating a list found in the garage that contained the names and phone numbers of the group’s contacts — as well as police informants.

    Posted by Pterrafractyl | August 25, 2014, 12:27 pm

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