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Germany and the Fragmenting of the United Kingdom

COMMENT: During the Second World War, the Scottish National Party sought an alliance with the Third Reich as a vehicle for independence from Britain. Today, so-called “progressive groups” such as the Greens and the European Free Alliance are supporting both Scottish and Welsh secessionist movements. They are supported by Germany and elements of the EU governing infrastructure.

In FTR #700, we looked at the European Free Alliance support for redrawing the map of Europe in a manner that would please Hitler. Germany would annex the South Tyrol, Austria and parts of Switzerland to form a “Greater Germany.” 

It is both interesting and significant that some of the German NGO’s that are agitating for the breakup of sovereign Eur0pean nations were also networking with terrorist and Muslim Brotherhood elements in the so-caled “Arab Spring.”

The European Free Alliance’s map for the New Order in Europe can be found here

“Dodgy NGOs and the Arab Spring”; Germany Watch; 8/18/2011.

EXCERPT: . . . .On another note, closer to home there have been German efforts to promote the fragmentation of other EU-countries through regionaliZation-policy (“devolution” to bodies dominated by pseudo-nationalist parties in Scotland and Wales, especially). Again, promoting democracy, the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung together with the European Parliament, funded Canon Kenyon Wright’s “Constitutional Convention” for an elected regional assembly, in Wales, in 1998 – as stated on the programme for the first meeting of the “Convention”.

I hear that FES also supported the Scottish National Party, who plan to break up the UK.

That is particularly interesting, as the Nazis supported the early form of the SNP to run as a Scottish Quisling Govt for Germany upon invasion of Britain, according to declassified MI5 files. The enemy of my enemy is my friend eh? . . .

“Scottish Nationalists Tried to Forge Nazi Alliance” by Jamie Wilson; The Guardian; 5/09/2001.

EXCERPT: Renegade Scottish nationalists proposed an alliance with Germany in the second world war so as to set up a Scottish republic while England was under attack, documents released yesterday by the public record office reveal.

The interceptions by British code breakers revealed that communications between the head of the German legation in Dublin and his superiors in Berlin included a memorandum, received on August 15, 1943, from a group known as the Scottish Independent Movement.

The memo contained proposals for a German Scottish alliance “as a weapon in the fight against the gross materialism of the capitalistic-communistic union of English, Americans, Bolsheviks etc”.

According to the memo, the group asked the Germans to broadcast to Scotland on the German wireless. They also wanted an Irish republican “versed in the Scottish independence movement” sent to Germany, and the Germans to separate conscripted Scots prisoners from other PoWs.

The group asked for Scotland to be spared from German bombing and requested that during the “impending attack on England” certain republicans and some war material should be sent to Scotland from Ireland to take advantage of the general panic in England to proclaim a “Scottish republic”.

The final request by the Scots was for Germany to call an “international congress of liberation” at which Scotland would be represented, and for a Celtic union with headquarters in Dublin. . . .


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  1. Hi Dave.

    This is continuing at pace.

    Not sure if it hit the news over there, but the last week things have been kicking off in Ireland again.

    N.Ireland is British. Yet the Union Jack has been essentially designated a foreign flag, and can only be flown 17 days a year.


    German Officer “next time, you shall have all you can cope with at home, and not bother with us”

    Posted by GW | December 10, 2012, 7:36 am
  2. @GW: Yep. The truth about Northern Ireland is really quite tragic, and personally, I’d actually be pretty supportive of N.I. being reunited with the rest of the island, if I weren’t so concerned about criminal elements in the German and other governments taking advantage of such.

    Posted by Steven L. | December 10, 2012, 2:33 pm
  3. Listen to Lord Walsingham talking with Dr. Stan Monteith on Radio Liberty archives. http://www.radioliberty.com
    Click listen on-line and go to 12th Feb 2013. Lord W has written an account of his involvement with the negotiations
    around the Coal & Steel Community (of which he was secretary in
    1950/51). The Coal & Steel Community was the foundation stone of the EU, today dominated by Germany

    Posted by Robert Theobald | February 15, 2013, 10:03 pm

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