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GOP Rhetoric Associating Obama and Tiger Woods

Comment: In FTR #702, we touched on the Tiger Woods imbroglio and speculation that psychological association between Woods and Obama–what research psychologists call “stimulus generalization”–may have underlain that case.

Recently, Governor Tim Pawlenty–viewed as a possible 2012 GOP presidential candidate–directly referenced that association.

CPAC 2010 Updates:Latest News, Video from Conservative Political Action Conference”; Sam Stein, Ryan Grim, Michael Falcone and Arthur Delaney; Huffington Post; 2/18/2010.

” . . . On Friday Pawlenty also offered this advice to his fellow Republicans: ‘I think we should take a page out of her playbook and take a nine iron and smash a window out of big government in this country,’ said Pawlenty, referring to Tiger Woods’s wife. . . .”

Incidentally, the conference was sponsored by the John Birch Society.

“Return of the Fright Wing” by John Avlon; The Daily Beast; 2/16/2010.

. . . It’s CPAC time again—the Conservative Political Action Committee’s annual Washington cattle call. This year, they’ve attracted an all-star lineup in a bid for renewed respectability: a half-dozen GOP presidential hopefuls (Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, etc.), conservative congressional darlings, a keynote address by Glenn Beck. And co-sponsorship by the John Birch Society. . . .”


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