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H.L. Hunt Funded the Nation of Islam; Malcolm X Vehemently Criticized the Relationship

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H.L. Hunt and wife at a fund-raising dinner for George Wallace (1968)

COMMENT: A past event which gives context to the present concerns the late H.L. Hunt’s financing of the Nation of Islam. Before his assassination, Malcolm X called attention to this and it was among the reasons for the rupture of  relations with the group and his departure from it.

Hunt’s hatred of black folks and desire to see them repatriated to Africa (or worse) was the basis for his financial support.

Divide and conquer.

His granddaughter Leah Hunt-Hendrix is a financier of the, left wing of the Democratic Party, supposedly because she and other like-minded high-rollers wish to wean the Democratic Party from the influence of Big Money.

Aside from the consummate irony of this dynamic, it calls to mind the possibility that the real reason for Hunt-Hendrix’s political generosity is to promote the refractory influence of Bernie, AOC, et al.

Instead of attempting to unseat the moderate Democrats, who recaptured the House of Representatives from the GOP last year, and whose ideology does not fit their rigid ideological precepts, Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez et al would do well to roll up their sleeves and undertake the laborious, unsexy, but altogether necessary job of recapturing state legislatures and governors’ mansions from the GOP.

THAT is the only way to effectively combat gerrymandering and voter suppression laws. Those manifest at the state level, something the GOP has effectively realized but that eludes the grasp of the “democratic socialists” who benefit from the likes of Hunt-Hendrix, Saikat Chakrabarti et al.

The Judas Factor by Karl Evanzz; Copyright 1992 by Karl Evanzz; Thundersmouth Press [HC]; ISBN 11-56025-049-6; pp. 284-286.

. . . . Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X said, had been depositing contributions from his followers in a secret bank account in Switzerland, and his wife had been doing the same in accounts she held in Beirut in Cairo. Although the Nation of Islam received hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations each year, Malcolm X said, the accounting books he examined in the Messenger’s office revealed that the Nation of Islam was spending far more cash than followers were contributing.

When Bradley and Jamal inquired how this was possible, Malcolm X’s reply hit them like a bombshell. “There is a Texas millionaire who supports not only Elijah Muhammmad but the Minutemen and the John Birch Society,” Malcolm X said. “His name is H.L. Hunt. I think he is in oil. Have you ever heard of him?”

Bradley had but Jamal had not.

Haroldson Lafayette Hunt wasn’t just a millionaire; he was a very racist, very right-wing spend thrift who was worth nearly a half billion dollars in 1960. According to a lawsuit filed against him, he once sold food that was “unfit for human consumption, knowing that such sales would end up in Negro and low-income areas.” Hunt regarded African Americans as a threat to Caucasian control of American politics, as he made clear in numerous radio broadcasts and interviews. During a radio broadcast in mid-1960, hunt exposed his abhorrence of African Americans. “We are now in an area where whites, however free from racial prejudice, will be forced into the Republican party by the Negro population which will help control the national Democratic Party and undoubtedly share or pre-empt many local offices.” So great was his fear of black political power that within days of Kennedy’s November 3rd of Nixon, Hunt contacted the Republican National Committee to request that it study why the “rural vote” went to Kennedy.

Alfred Zoll, one of Hunt’s chief ideological allies, had since 1936 advocated sending all African Americans back to Africa. Hence, it’s not really surprising that he would be interested in financing the Nation of Islam.

On October 28, 1960, Hunt, who opposed then Senator John F. Kennedy’s presidential bid because Kennedy was Catholic, admitted to mailing 102,000 copies of an anti-Kennedy leaflet in an effort to win the Democratic nomination for Texas Senator Lyndon B. Johnson. A few days later, he announced that he would support Kennedy’s race for the presidency against Vice President Richard M. Nixon. Hunt’s decision was unusual, given his hatred of Catholics, and the fact that he had financed Nixon’s bid to gain the vice presidency in 1952 on the Eisenhower ticket.

In early 1963, Hunt’s commercial corporations were linked to the antisemitic Liberty Lobby and the John Birch society.

On November 18, 1963, one of Hunt’s sons, Nelson Bunker Hunt, donated money which was used for a  rancid anti-Kennedy ad that John Birch Society supporters wanted to run in the Dallas Morning News on November 21, the day before President Kennedy was scheduled to arrive in Dallas.

On November 21, the day the ad ran, a mafia member from Chicago named Jack Ruby went to H.L. Hunt’s office, as did other characters whom historywould link with the event that occurred at 12:30 the next day; at 12:23 on November 22, H.L. Hunt watched as Kennedy, the man he hated, drove in a motorcade through Dealey Plaza. Minutes later, President Kennedy was dead, and Hunt was on his way to a month-long stay in Mexican hideaway. Three days later, Ruby killed Lee Harvey Oswald, the man accused of assassinating President Kennedy, and who, for unexplained reasons, had a personnel file at CIA headquarters in Langley. . . .


One comment for “H.L. Hunt Funded the Nation of Islam; Malcolm X Vehemently Criticized the Relationship”

  1. Here are a few crumbs to digest:
    HL Hunt was a Nazi sympathizer at the begginning of WWII.

    After the Korean war, Willoughby became a lobbyist for Franco and Spain. He worked with the famed Dallas oil billionaire and right-wing funder and firebrand H.L. Hunt on the Committee for the Defense of Christian Culture, an anti-Communist and anti-civil rights group. Willoughby’s beliefs, activities and networks have drawn the attention of those looking at the authorship of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. (For more on Willoughby, see Dick Russell’s book The Man Who Knew Too Much.): https://whowhatwhy.org/2016/01/18/21735/

    The “Patriot Christians” may be serving the purposes of a non-state actor. In the book “Serpents Walk” the “Christian Fascists” were manipulated to serve the Party’s purposes in the United States.

    Posted by Mary Benton | May 17, 2019, 4:56 am

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