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Harken Energy: A Money-Laundering Vehicle for–among other things–Japanese War Gold?

Comment: The brilliant new book Family of Secrets by Russ Baker analyzes the development of Harken Energy, one of George W. Bush’s energy companies. Detailing the many strange aspects of the company’s development, Baker posits that the firm may well have been a money-laundering vehicle for powerful, reactionary interests around the world.

Discussing the Marcos gold (much of it coming from the Golden Lily treasure according to the Seagraves), Baker asks a very important question:

” . . . If all this gold was going somewhere, we have to ask: Was some of it going into Harken Energy, where George W. Bush was deeply involved? Certainly [attorney] Alan Quasha had a relationship with his father that somewhat paralleled that of W. and Poppy’s. . . .

. . . .When Alan Quasha took control of Harken in 1983, he was essentially an unknown and a small-timer. Several years later, he appeared to be on top of the world. Did gold and/or Marcos’s billions have anything to do with this? What about Harvard’s role? [Harvard University was another major investor in Harken.] It is possibly a coincidence that Robert G. Stone of the Harvard Corporation also served on the board of the Gold Fund of the investment giant Scudder Investments. The Gold Fund was established in 1988, shortly after Stone brought Harvard’s money into Harken. Four years later, Harken chairman Alan Quasha joined the board of American Express’s AXP Precious Metals Fund. . . .” (Family of Secrets; pp. 349-351.)

Read a mini-review of this remarkable book.


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