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Hezbollah’s American Infrastructure Endorses Ron Paul


Hezbollah Troops Salute Iran's Achmadinejad upon his Arrival in Lebanon

COMMENT: We’ve already looked at Ron Paul’s political symbiosis with neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups. Conservative journalist and blogger Debbie Schlussel has highlighted Paul’s political relationship with the Hezbollah infrastructure in the United States.

“Hezbollah Endorses Ron Paul” by Debbie Schlussel; debbieschlussel.com; 2/28/2012.


I’ve already told you about Ron Paul’s vote to continue U.S. aid  and funding to HAMAS.  And he also has the group’s Shi’ite counterpart, Hezbollah, on his side, too, just as he did when he ran for President in 2008.

As you know, today is Michigan’s Presidential Primary.  And, yesterday, Ron Paul made a special campaign appearance in Dearbornistan for a reason.  That’s where his Hezbollah-supporter Muslims have their highest concentration in America.  The Paul campaign passed out Arabic campaign literature. Apparently, the irony was lost on Ron Paul that the literature says in English, “Restore America Now,” and everything else on it is in Arabic. And the Hezbollah USA newspaper, the openly anti-Semitic Arab American News–owned by Hezbollah agent Osama Siblani, a close relative of top Al-Manar (Hezbollah TV) execs–endorsed Ron Paul. Shocker.  So did the Arab American PAC, a pro-Hezbollah, pro-HAMAS group which endorsed George W. Bush for President and which features an Islamic terrorist and a man convicted of odometer fraud  and several other crimes as its most prominent members. And Muslim “Republicans” have also given Paul their halal seal of jihadist approval.

Also endorsing Ron Paul is Tarek Baydoun, a calorically gifted lawyer who worked as a fundraiser for Hezbollah “charity,” Al-Mabarat Charitable Organization. . . .


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  1. Not a big fan of Mrs. Schlussel but this does appear to be somewhat informative…….

    Posted by Steven L. | March 5, 2012, 11:06 am

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