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How Did George W. Bush Spend the Campaign?

COMMENT: How appropriate to find George W. Bush giving speeches for up to $100,000 a pop on how to invest outside the United States, and doing so in the Cayman Islands no less.

Not only did Romney have much of his personal fortune stashed in Cayman Islands-based offshore entities in order to escape taxes, but Romney embodied the manifestly failed economic doctrines that Bush implemented. 

The  role of  “offshore” in the global and U.S.  economies has been detailed by Lucy Komisar in a number of our visits.  

“On Wall Street, a Lucrative Second Career Awaits Former Politicians” by Steven M. Davidoff; New York Times; 11/7/2012.

EXCERPT: . . . .President Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush, has largely stayed away from business ventures after leaving the White House. But he has taken to the speakers’ circuit, where fees can run more than $100,000 a speech. Last week, the former president gave a speech at the Ritz-Carlton on Grand Cayman Island at the Cayman Alternative Investment Summit. The speech was closed to journalists and raised some eyebrows because the idea behind such a conference was to promote investing outside the United States. . . .


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