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How WikiLeaks and the Modern Guardian Would Have Covered World War II

Our leaking has been successful, Captain Snowden and Admiral Assange!


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“. . . they’re act­ing like a cult. They’re act­ing like a reli­gion. They’re act­ing like a gov­ern­ment. They’re act­ing like a bunch of spies. They’re hid­ing their iden­tity. They don’t account for the money. They promise all sorts of good things. They sel­dom let you know what they’re really up to. . . There was sus­pi­cion from day one that this was entrap­ment run by some­one unknown to suck a num­ber of peo­ple into a trap. So we actu­ally don’t know. But it’s cer­tainly a stan­dard coun­ter­in­tel­li­gence tech­nique. . . .” John Young, an original WikiLeaks founder on why he broke with the group.

COMMENT: Philosopher Friedrich Nitzsche noted that; “A joke is the epigram on the death of a feeling.” That is our sentiment upon reading a very clever and revealing piece of satire by Richard Littlejohn in the Daily Mail

In our next post, we will take up the very real possibility that Eddie the Friendly Spook (Snowden) is working for the BND–the German foreign intelligence service. Certainly, Snowden’s Ride is an intelligence operation directed against the administration of Barack Obama at one level, and the United States and the U.K. at another. 

Before we venture into that analysis, Richard Littlejohn’s clever and very substantive satire of the WikiLeaks/Snowden axis and their attitude is worth examination.

As we saw in our last post on Fast Eddie and Citizen Assange, both Snowden and Assange hold ultra-right wing views.  As seen in previous posts on Snowden’s Ride (U-2 Incident, II) both the individuals and institutions figuring in the landscape of Eddie the Friendly Spook’s operations, as well as those of WikiLeaks, track to the far right and the Underground Reich.

Had the WikiLeakers, the Guardianistas and the defenders of Snowden been functioning during the Second World War, they would have responded to the Bletchley Park code-breakers much  as Littlejohn has written.

(Bletchley Park was the facility at which the German codes were broken during the Second World War, permitting Allied navies to win the Battle of the Atlantic against German U-Boats. In the Daily Mail column excerpted below, the reference to Polly Haw Haw connotes Lord Haw Haw, who broadcast propaganda for the Third Reich.)

One of the fascinatingly nauseating aspects of the left is their penchant for conforming to the right-wing’s stereotypes  of them. Given to compulsive America-bashing, they remain oblivious to the fascist and Nazi foundations and orientations of far too many of the causes they embrace.

Our previous posts on the subject of Eddie the Friendly Spook are: Part IPart IIPart IIIPart IVPart V, Part VI. Please examine them at length and follow the links.

In addition, users of this website are emphatically encouraged to examine our work on WikiLeaks as well: FTR #’s 724725732745.)

“World War II: WikiLeaks Style” by Richard Littlejohn; Daily Mail [UK]; 6/27/2013.

EXCERPT: This column has always been wary of those who use technology to invade our privacy — whether it’s Google burgling online activity or GCHQ recording emails and phone calls.

However, I don’t share the Left’s paranoia that all surveillance is evil, or their deluded belief that all whistleblowers are heroic.

Frankly, I trust the Funny People more than I trust Google. . . .

. . . . That’s not how the Guardianistas view the world. To them, the Atlantic Alliance is the root of all evil, which is why they lionise the fugitive National Security Agency defector Edward Snowden and the WikiLeaks weirdo and alleged rapist Julian Assange.

All this got me wondering what might have happened had the modern-day Guardian been around in World War II . . .
By our Defence Correspondent,
Polly Haw-Haw.

The Conservative-led British Coalition Government is operating a secret listening station in the Buckinghamshire countryside, the Guardian can reveal today.

Behind the seemingly innocent facade of a multi-thousand-pound mansion on the exclusive Bletchley Park estate lurks a sinister den of spies, equipped with the very latest surveillance technology.

Officially designated the Government Code and Cypher School, it is known to those who work there simply as ‘Station X’.

Located on the edge of yet-to-be-built Milton Keynes, its purpose has until now been shrouded in mystery. It was believed to be a training school for the Women’s Royal Naval Service.

But classified documents passed to this newspaper by a whistleblower show that the covert facility has been monitoring millions of telephonic and telegraph transmissions, including those of our Allies.

The Bletchley spies are answerable only to the Prime Minister, the privileged Old Harrovian Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill.

Working around the clock, they are understood to have intercepted hundreds of private signals between Berlin and German U-boats.

Until now this heavily encrypted information would have been of little use. But the Guardian can reveal that ‘Station X’ has recently managed to obtain a top-secret ‘Enigma’ machine that deciphers the messages.

This allows British intelligence accurately to pinpoint the position of German submarine ‘wolf packs’ on peace-keeping operations in the Atlantic. Even though America is supposed to be neutral, Washington has been sending convoys of supplies to support the British war effort under a secret deal agreed between millionaire U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the half-American, swivel-eyed Tory toff Churchill.

Berlin believes that these sanctions-busting convoys give Britain an unfair advantage and has ordered U-boats to torpedo them.

The whistleblower, who used to work in Bletchley Park’s notorious ‘Hut 8’, approached the Guardian because he was worried the information uncovered by ‘Enigma’ could lead to German submarines being sunk by British warships, with consequent loss of life.

Quite apart from the fact that the ‘Station X’ intercepts are a clear breach of the yet-to-be-written Data Protection Act, there are also fears that the information could be shared with the yet-to- be-formed Right-wing Central Intelligence Agency, based at Langley, Virginia.

This could, in turn, lead to American aggression in Europe for the second time this century.

Under the yet-to-be-established European Convention on Human Rights, the United States is already facing charges of war crimes committed during the European Civil War 1914-18.

At Bletchley Park last night, there was little activity apart from a number of women in uniform who looked a bit like Kate Winslet coming and going on those bikes they all ride in Call The Midwife.

The Ministry of War refused to comment.

Meanwhile, the editor of the Guardian continued to resist calls to identify the whistleblower, who is currently wanted on rape charges in Sweden and is holed up for the time being in the Ecuadorian embassy in Islington.

As part of this newspaper’s commitment to world peace, the Guardian has passed the classified dossier to the German ambassador in neutral Dublin, who described it as like a ‘Hollywood nightmare’.
A spokesman for the Berlin government thanked us for our revelations, adding: ‘This could lengthen the war by two years . . .’



2 comments for “How WikiLeaks and the Modern Guardian Would Have Covered World War II”

  1. Very good. This journalist has a talent not only for acute analysis but also for comedy. Somehow intelligence meets humor here. Excellent post. I agree totally. As John Loftus pointed out, these NSA programs are the same that were going on during WWII and that continued to go on after the war until today without interruption. No news here. The media is 60 years late and has it all wrong on top of that.

    Posted by Claude | June 30, 2013, 10:00 pm
  2. WikiLeaks Party in crisis over lack of transparency and support for far-right politicians

    By Agence France-Presse



    Julian Assange on Thursday took responsibility for the resignation of a key candidate from his WikiLeaks Party running in Australian elections, blaming his focus on Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning.

    The fledgling party is in crisis after its number two candidate for the Australian Senate behind Assange, ethicist Leslie Cannold, said she was disillusioned with its lack of transparency and accountability and quit Wednesday.

    She would have likely taken the WikiLeaks founder’s place in the upper house in the event the party was successful in the September 7 polls and Assange was unable to return to Australia, his home country.

    Other members of the party, which has vowed to closely scrutinise any government in power, have also walked away, including four of its 11 governing National Council representatives.


    Cannold’s resignation came after a debacle within the WikiLeaks Party over how it would direct its preferences towards other parties on the ballot paper if it did not win a seat, a process which can influence how senators are chosen in Australia.

    WikiLeaks supporters were outraged after the party chose to give the far-right Australia First party run by a neo-Nazi and the pro-guns lobby their votes over the left-wing Greens.

    Daniel Mathews, a member of the party’s 11-person National Council — which includes Assange and his father John Shipton — also quit.

    Mathews, who in a statement said he had been friends with Assange since university, said he was sorry to be leaving under such circumstances.

    “I am afraid that my experiences with this party are not all positive,” he said.

    Posted by Swamp | August 22, 2013, 8:14 am

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