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Iranian Nazi Website: Run with Government Assistance?

Comment: A pro-Nazi website in Iran may well be operating with assistance from the Iranian government.

In this context, one should not lose sight of historical and political links between Persia/Iran and the Third Reich. As discussed below, that country changed its name from Persian to Iran because the Persian political leadership became infatuated with Nazi ideology and political mythology.

In addition, the current regime has strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as to the postwar Underground Reich, Francois Genoud and the milieu of the Bank Al Taqwa, in particular. Mohamed-Ali Ramin–the member of the regime administering official approval of the Nazi website–is the official who sanctioned the 2006 Holocaust Denial conference in Tehran. Achmadinejad’s ministers have been developing links to European neo-Nazis.

Visual confirmation is easy to find. Shiite Islamofascists do not hide their ideological and historical underpinnings. When Achmadinejad recently visited Lebanon, the Hezbollah honor guard greeted him with a Nazi salute, a ritual employed regularly by the group’s youth wing.

“Who’s Behind the ‘Association of Iranian Nazis’?” by Alireza Amirhajebi; observers.france24.com; 11/18/2010.

Excerpt: . . . This looks like a new website, the first discussion posts only go back as far as August 2010. You have to be a registered member to access the forum or any of the information posted on the site. The site seems to have about 500 members. Most use pseudonyms, so their real names, ages, or professions are unknown.

What’s most surprising about the site is that its URL ends by “.ir”, the domain name extension of all official Iranian sites. This means that the association and its website have registered and been approved by both the ministry of Culture and the ministry of Communications. Obviously, authorities are at least aware that the association exists.

[The institution in charge of validating “.ir” domain name extentions is the ministry of Communications. However all Iranian sites, whatever their domain names, must register with the ministry of Culture and Islamic Orientation. The vice-minister of the latter, Mohamed-Ali Ramin, organised Tehran’s infamous negationist conference on the Holocaust in 2006]. [Italics are mine–D.E.]
In my view, members of this kind of association come from a small but slowly increasing minority of Iranian youths who are attracted by the notion that “pure-blooded” Persians are the true Aryans – a notion tainted with strong anti-Turkish and Arab sentiment. . . . .

. . . The Shah Reza Pahlavi’s close ties and economic alliance with the Nazi regime worried allies. It was at that period that the Shah changed the country’s name from Persia to Iran, which means “land of the Aryans” in Persian. “Germany has never been at war with Iran”, they argue, defending the Nazi regime as a great infrastructure builder. But in fact they know very little about the history of World War II and the atrocities committed under the Third Reich.

In parallel to this sentiment, which could be described as “Persian nationalistic”, there is the pervasive anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli discourse of the current Iranian regime. The two lines of thought converge to form the ideology that is expressed on the website, which posts messages that range from “Hitler loved Iran” to “Iran needs the power to fight Israel”. I believe this is why the government will not try to censor this kind of neo-Nazi movement, it may even back them. I wouldn’t be surprised if these groups begin taking some form of concrete action – be it in the political sphere or in the street – sometime in the future.”


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