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Is Attorney General Eric Holder a Ringer for Karl Rove?

COMMENT: In a For The Record series produced between Obama’s election and his inauguration, we noted that Obama’s Chicago political milieu was inextricably linked with the  Karl Rove/Bank Al-Taqwa/Talat Othman concatenation that was the focal point  of the Operation  Green Quest investigation.

(Green Quest was the investigation of terrorist funding, and culminated in the 3/20/2002 raids that exposed Othman, Grover Norquist, Karl Rove and their profound involvement with the Muslim Brotherhood milieu involved with funding Hamas and Al Qaeda.)

In that discussion, we wondered if Obama was being “badjacketed”–set up for discrediting if he did not cooperate with the powers that be. We revisited that analysis during our series on the Muslim Brotherhood Spring in 2011. Obama might easily have had a terrorist albatross hung around his neck because of his connections to the Rove/Green Quest milieu.

One wonders if his cooperation with the Muslim Brotherhood Spring operation (begun under the George W. Bush administration) might have been mandated by the potential dirty laundry to be washed should Obama’s Chicago/Rove/Al-Taqwa connections have come to light.

The incisive Legal Schnauzer blogspot informs us that Attorney General Eric Holder’s former law firm is deeply connected to Karl Rove and that they actively blocked the release of Rove’s e-mails to investigators seeking access to them. That access might very well have shed light on the scandal surrounding the firing of U.S. attorneys and the nakedly political prosecution of former Alabama governor Don Siegelman.

Given Karl Rove’s penchant for “badjacketting,” one must wonder to what extent Holder was selected precisely because of his vulnerability in this regard, and to what extent the Rove/Othman/Chicago links to Obama may have figured in Holder’s selection.

Many have puzzled over the Obama administration’s failure to prosecute the criminal establishment that the Bush administration embodied. By the same token there have been no effective prosecutions of the hyenas of Wall Street for their willful subversion of the U.S. and global economies. The possibility that Rove and company may have Eric Holder (and, perhaps, Barack Obama) by the short hairs is one to be considered.

The Holder/Covington & Burlington connection might also explain aspects of the bloodletting in Alabama. If the GOP murderers who have dispatched Major Bushinsky and others had a “man on the inside” in this scheme, it would certainly facilitate the targeting and cover-up of the victims.

And, yes, the term “GOP murderers” is redundant.

“Holder’s Law Firm Brags about Its GOP Ties”; Legal Schnauzer; 8/18/2009.

EXCERPT: We recently learned that Attorney General Eric Holder’s old law firm has alarmingly close ties to the Republican National Committee (RNC) and key figures from the George W. Bush administration.

Now we learn that the firm, Covington & Burling, actually brags on its Web site about its role in helping protect Karl Rove’s e-mails that were stored on RNC servers.

Alabama attorney and Siegelman-case whistleblower Jill Simpson helped break the initial report about Holder’s old firm. And Douglas Yates, an alert Legal Schnauzer reader from Fairbanks, Alaska, has added to it by revealing that Covington & Burling actually brags about its handiwork on behalf of the RNC–and Karl Rove.

Yates spotted this gem on the C & B Web site:

“We represented the Republican National Committee in connection with investigations by the House Judiciary Committee and House Oversight and Government Reform Committees regarding US attorney firings and the hosting of e-mail accounts for White House officials.”

Simpson says Holder’s conflicts of interest could not be more clear. And they cover both the U.S. attorney firings and political prosecutions, such as the Don Siegelman and Paul Minor cases:

“It seems Covington denied the RNC e-mails to the House Judiciary Committee on the firing of the nine U.S. attorneys and the political prosecutions. What that means is that Holder’s very firm denied the e-mails in the Don Siegelman case, and the Paul Minor case. In fact they have been the ones negotiating with Congress, and I don’t believe they have ever turned over the RNC e-mails at Chattanooga. So there you have it–Holder’s firm protected Karl Rove from turning over the e-mails on the nine U.S. attorneys and the Siegelman and Minor matters, all while Holder was at that firm.”


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  1. Forgiveness requested in advance for a self-indulgent rant:

    Holder, it was noted by many prior to his confirmation as Attorney General, was known to be compromised vis-à-vis his role in covering up the wrongful death of Kenneth Trentadue, a mistaken-identity lookalike who died in police custody in the events surrounding the Oklahoma City bombing and investigation. The case is well-known & can be found on Wikipedia, among other sources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenneth_Michael_Trentadue

    Kenneth’s brother Jesse was an attorney who received bizarre, deceptive & obstructive treatment from Holder’s office. Jesse Trentadue’s records in his 17-year pursuit of justice can be found in pdf-file format also on the Internet, along with numerous interviews from various website sources.

    President Obama’s pattern of choices for his cabinet — beginning with Rahm Emanuel (who was nearly fired three times during the Clinton Administration for various outlandish behaviors not to be recounted here), Larry Summers, and Tim Geithner — were all quite compromised.

    Timothy Geithner is an intriguing example. Not only was Geithner in a very dubious position as connected to AIG (http://tinyurl.com/7wppjmo
    ) & previous head of the Federal Reserve of New York in the months that hatched the egg of the sinister 2008 manufactured economic crisis. Geithner, in fact, was the son of Peter Geithner, head of the Ford Foundation in Indonesia during the time that Obama’s mother Stanley Ann Dunham worked with the Ford Foundation:

    It’s a small world after all.

    “Ringer” is, of course, the boxing terminology used to describe a pugilist who is paid to throw a fight.

    One might suspect Barack Obama himself of living up to this terminology.

    John Conyers (D-MI), the veteran black Congressman who was the first to champion Obama’s candidacy, was taken aback in 2011 when Obama offered Social Security to the Republicans for cuts, unsolicited — without any demand or request by the Republicans that he give them this Holy Grail that Republicans have sought since 1935.

    “The Republicans did not call for Social Security cuts in the budget — the President of the United States called for that,” said Conyers, threatening to organize protests in front of the White House for this fundamental betrayal of the Democratic Party:


    One could create a powerful list of betrayals by President Obama — and such is the stuff of ordinary politics.

    But there are extraordinary gifts to the Cheneyists on Obama’s list, including the assassination without trial of U.S. citizens, and the passage of the NDAA’s elimination of Habeas Corpus, that will become police state norms with no legitimate claim to opposition in the wake of the Obama presidency.

    “Is it too soon to speak of the Bush-Obama presidency?” asks David Bromwich at Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-bromwich/symptoms-of-the-bushobama_b_930260.html

    Far-right-wing ex-NSA & CIA chief General Michael Hayden has said “There is more continuity than divergence between the Bush & Obama presidencies.”

    Valerie Plame’s husband, Ambassador Joe Wilson, warned against Obama during the Democratic primary campaign of 2008 (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/joe-wilson/the-real-hillary-i-know-a_b_77878.html). Plame-Wilson associate, ex-CIA Larry Johnson also raised questions about Obama.

    But it seems these questions were drowned out by Birtherism, a perfect smokescreen for deterring deep background investigation into Obama’s biography. Rove himself couldn’t have crafted a better firewall, if in fact he were a part of Obama’s meteoric rise, or had Obama “by the shorthairs”.

    One wonders about Poppy Bush’s multiple “unscheduled visits” to Obama at the White House.



    One wonders about Obama’s first post-college job, unnamed by Obama as a “consulting house to multinational corporations” (http://www.nytimes.com/2007/10/30/us/politics/30obama.html?pagewanted=all) that Australian writer John Pilger identifies as CIA-connected Business International, a firm that infiltrated & destroyed labor & “Leftist” groups from within.

    There are obvious “traps” yet to be sprung and blamed on Obama, from the dangerously cancer-ridden economy — poised for a second, much-larger collapse — to the New Deal-destroying rationale that is likely to be used by the Supreme Court to strike down the problematic “mandate” of the Affordable Care Act, which will have precedent-setting ramifications that could bring down Medicare and even Social Security.

    “It would be kind of a tragedy if we got to the end of four years of Democratic rule without having really tried any Democratic policies,” says comedian Bill Maher.

    One wonders about the “achievements” of the Obama presidency, and whether they are all only superficial & “culture war” achievements — while the real consequences, from codifying Bush/Cheney’s radical departures into normalized policy (CIA prisons, Guantanamo, etc.) to new tools for future Cheneyists (NDAA, assassinations of citizens without due process), to the Muslim Brotherhood Spring operation, were the real goal all along.

    Posted by R. Wilson | April 17, 2012, 8:24 pm
  2. @ Robert Wilson–

    Yeah, that’s a rant all right. I’ll respond with one of my own, albeit shorter and more to the point.

    None of what has happened, except for the attack on Social Security by BO has surprised me.

    Obama is Bill Clinton in black face–no goddamn compliment coming from me.

    That having been said, Obama–whose funky-ass political connections to the Rove/Othman/Green Quest milieu were noted by Yours Truly before he took office–is facing just what Bubba Bill faced.

    Enormous inertia for one thing, a hostile media establishment, a hostile military, a hostile court system and a self-righteous public so butt-fuck ignorant that they couldn’t effectively distinguish between a dirt road and a chicken with lips, and so abysmally selfish that they would do almost anything to preserve their puerile consumer culture to the last.

    As inadequate as Clinton was, he still had the “high, hard ones” under his chin to keep him off the plate.

    So has Obama. It was you, I believe, Mr. Wilson who pointed out the death of Ashley Turton to us, same weekend as Rep. Giffords was gunned down and just before the GOP-dominated House was to take office.

    Obama was certainly compromised out of the gate, and MAY have been commissioned to deep-six the New Deal, or perhaps he is just compromised, and getting threats to the lives of his wife and children as well as his own. In the series on the “Muslim Brotherhood Spring” I referred to Obama as “Lee Harvey Obama” and did so for a reason.

    It was definitely you who pointed out the members of 1st Marines Recon posing with a Waffen SS banner. They were, some of them anyway, snipers. Marine Recon are the special forces of the USMC and they are SERIOUS fucking customers.

    Do you REALLY think Obama hasn’t gotten the message?

    Plus, again, the dominant consideration is inertia. Obama inherited a fundamentally corrupt society, two wars, a depression and a public WHO DO NOT DESERVE THE CONSTITUTION OR THE BILL OF RIGHTS IN MY CONSIDERED PROFESSIONAL OPINION.

    The only thing those brain-dead producer/consumers care about is “American Idol/Survivor/Dancing with the Stars” or the latest Internet picture of some starlet flashing her boobs.

    I could go on about some of the strategic retreats I’ve had to make over the years, when ACTIVE Nazis and white supremacists showed up at stations at which I worked, promoting African/American slavery as a virtue.

    The only person to object publicly, I eventually had to accept some of this shit or quit the station and cease to reach the people I reached.

    No one is ever separate from the institutions that move our society.

    That goes for Obama, me, you and everyone else.

    As for killing American citizens without due process–Boo, Hoo, Hoo!

    Man, that tears me the fuck up, it really does—NOT!!

    The constitution ceased to have any meaning whatsoever on 11/22/1963.

    As New Orleans DA Jim Garrison, one of the real heroes of this society, noted–if the President of the United States is not safe, no one is.

    And no one gives a shit about the Kennedy assassination or those of MLK or Kennedy’s brother or God knows how many other people.

    Check out FTR #’s 606, 682 about AIDS, as well as the annotated AFA programs.

    Those programs present a very compelling argument that AIDS was deliberately created by elements of our national security establishment, building on boiler plate research done by the Third Reich.

    4 out of every 5 deaths in Rwanda these days are people dying of AIDS.

    (In a Mr. Rogers-Stylie) “Can you say ‘genocide,’ boys and girls?”

    Do you think people give a fuck? No, they don’t. I was damn near killed back in 1986 because of my work on AIDS. Only dumb luck has me still drawing breath.

    From a personal perspective, no one should be shocked at what is going on.

    It is only too predictable.

    Hell, just examine what I had to say in May of 1980, accessed at the upper right hand corner of the front page of the website.

    For all of the profound reservations I have about Obama, I’m going to hold my nose and vote for him again.

    Mitt Romney is the Bormann candidate. A very knowledgeable, well-placed source informed me that one of Romney’s close aides committed suicide not too long ago, citing in the suicide note his stunned dismay at learning that his boss was a Nazi.

    As a society, we are risen from the seeds we have sown.

    In closing I will note two things: first your relative silence/passivity in recent months, which I lament and, beyond that, the numerous articles you cited from the “Huffington Post.”

    This is not to say that the articles are wrong, per se, but rather that this bastion of progressive journalism comes from none other than Arianna Huffington!!!

    Has it occurred to you Sir Wilson, that maybe, just maybe, “Huffington Post” is to contemporary liberal journalism as Barack Obama/Eric Holder are to contemporary progressive politics.

    Arianna Huffington??!! I wouldn’t piss on that front-running Nazi bitch if her stinking Goddamn whore-ass were on fire!

    Now THAT is a rant!


    Dave Emory

    Posted by Dave Emory | April 17, 2012, 9:18 pm
  3. @ R. Wilson and Dave: Wow! Now that’s a conversation, guys! You know, I barely meet anyone with whom I can have this kind of exchange. Everyone in my environment is so dumb, asleep, deaf, blind, or just too egocentric to take the time to listen to what others have to say without interrupting mid-sentence. It is as if they all think that what they have to say is so important, precious, etc. I wish I could have a beer with you guys! What a change it would bring! Sometimes I feel that I have more pleasure talking to myself than with any of the people I meet regularly.

    More related on the topic on this article, I would say that, of course, as Dave says, the present is the direct result of the past. If the roots are made with elements of communism, fascism, nazism, Islamism, as so forth, the end result won’t be a democratic society in the spirit of the Enlightment. It will be something like Brave New World or 1984, or worse. We already live in a world like that in fact, but people are too stupid to realize it.

    Welcome back, R. Wilson. We are so few who CAN actually think by ourselves, I think we are better sticking with one another.


    Posted by Claude | April 17, 2012, 9:57 pm
  4. @Dave: One other thing. Talking about getting the message from the military, check this article. Apparently, the U.S. Military conducted a “training exercice” in Obama’s cherished city of Chicago:


    Well, if he didn’t get it the first time, now he and all his friends in that marvelous city will. I think we will see more and more things like that.

    Posted by Claude | April 17, 2012, 11:04 pm
  5. @ Claude–

    I wouldn’t necessarily see that as a message to Obama. Chicago, L.A., N.Y., S.F. and other major cities have reportedly been potential targets of WMD terror incidents.

    While that MIGHT be a message, the planes allowed to buzz Camp David or the White House, the top-secret plans for Presidential Security found in the gutter in an Australian city and other incidents are much more to the point, in my opinion.

    The compromising of Obama’s Secret Service detail while in Latin America is worth noting as well.

    THAT could prove more than a little interesting down the line.


    Dave Emory

    Posted by Dave Emory | April 17, 2012, 11:24 pm
  6. @Dave
    I’m interested to know the source of your animosity for Mrs. Huffington—other than producing insipid boiler plate “progressive” reportage.

    By the way, I don’t believe you. I think you would piss on Arianna Huffington if she was on fire.

    Take care.

    Also, @Claude
    I feel as you do, the void of community regarding these topics studied and internalized on spitfirelist is sometimes hard to take. I’m trying in my town of Portland, OR to start a spitfirelist meet-up group that addresses this need. Look for it on Criagslist. Unfortunately, there aren’t to many of us.

    Posted by GrumpusRex | April 18, 2012, 6:24 am
  7. @G-Rex, Robert Wilson

    Arianna Huffington was a hard-core GOP Clinton basher in the 1990’s, married to GOP Representative Michael Huffington.

    M. Huffington got his start in politics as an intern in the office of Rep. George H.W. Bush.

    He was appointed to a Pentagon post by Reagan in the 1980’s and might be best known for shipping torture equipment to the Indonesian government, this under the auspices of his activities as an energy mogul. (His father founded HUFFCO–an energy company for which lil’ Mikey worked.)

    Eventually, lil’ Mikey’s political career unraveled to an extent, when it came out that he was gay.

    Shortly afterward, Arianna underwent a Damascus-road conversion, became a so-called “progressive” and rounded up millions of dollars to launch “Huffington Post.”

    Just like that, she goes from far right to middle left–if one takes her at face value, which I don’t. In addition, she has “instant gravitas” with the so-called progressive community.

    BTW–in a previous incarnation, Arianna Stassinopolos (as she was called) was a purple-haired devotee of a New Age mind-control cult headed up by one “John Roger.”

    Far out.


    Dave Emory

    Posted by Dave Emory | April 18, 2012, 9:45 am
  8. […] Is Attorney General Eric Holder a Ringer for Karl Rove? […]

    Posted by Miscellaneous articles for – Articles divers pour 04-18-2012 | Lys-d'Or | April 18, 2012, 10:44 am
  9. @Claude: I find myself in a similar conundrum. I grew up in the D/FW area in Texas. Most of these poor folks, sadly, are about as asleep as they can be. There may be some hope for the Austin area, though, as there’s a lot more liberals there compared to most other places in the state, and the lefties are usually more willing to wake up than those on the right(some right-leaning moderates are awake, too, I suspect).

    Posted by Steven L. | April 18, 2012, 2:32 pm
  10. @Dave: To continue in the line of what you were saying about Mrs Huffington, we have to bear in mind that she created a platform to allow writers and journalists to blog without financial retribution. The official idea was to furnish such a platform in order to make not-so-famous writers and journalists a space to get in the spotlight. And then they worked for free for many years.

    But…suddenly, she sold that platform to AOL, and pocketed, along with associates and investors, some 315 million dollars. Question: Have any of the contributors seen any of that money? No. She swallowed the whole thing. The unpaid bloggers filed a lawsuit, as you know, and lost.

    Me too I am skeptical about this sudden change of heart of hers. I have never seen in my entire life someone conservative becoming progressive later in life. As people get older, they tend to become more careful, prudent and conservative, not the other way around.

    But I guess it is the new “normal” now: nice people from the elite start projects, they make little men and women work for free or for peanuts…cash in the millions and then leave them in their misery. The whole adventure is not that surprising.

    Posted by Claude | April 18, 2012, 10:46 pm
  11. Killing American citizens without due process is certainly something the CIA (and assorted agencies) have been doing all along.

    But codifying that into law or open policy is another matter.

    Let’s ask ourselves why it was necessary to make a public show of killing Awlaki (and his 16-year-old son in a separate strike), instead of the old-fashioned private cloak-and-dagger “Stuxnet” we-don’t-know-who-did-it method, which is equally as illegal, but does not set an open precedent that will be handed-down to the next right-wing president as a new tool to be wielded without obstruction.

    America’s fascists would love nothing more than to establish Colombia-style domestic right-wing Death Squads, to domestically assassinate U.S. citizens legally, on the whim of an official declaring “you’re a terrorist” with no due process.

    I hate to be in the ludicrous position of defending covert assassinations, but keeping it covert does at least inhibit carte blanche mass-killings & mass-graves, such as Colombia’s. Hiding it implies shame, and pays backwards lip-service respect & fear to the primacy of law.

    I’m well-aware of the significance of 11/22/63, and how the Constitution is rendered meaningless when a coup is committed that incorporates such widespread complicity that none dare call it treason.

    However, let’sl recall that Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy did not take the position that “after 11/22/63, the Constitution is pointless”. Would RFK have embraced “realpolitik” and assassinated his domestic enemies too, because the Constitution no longer really mattered? Was RFK “complicit” if we know from many sources his private beliefs that “domestic enemies” were the real assassins of his brother, but he kept quiet under LBJ?

    Aside from that, I agree with most everything Dave wrote.

    Dave continues: “In clos­ing I will note two things: first your rel­a­tive silence/passivity in recent months, which I lament and, beyond that, the numer­ous arti­cles you cited from the “Huff­in­g­ton Post.”

    I’m a daily visitor to this site, but my contributions have dropped due to increased workload & various home issues, as I’ve noted before. And my “beat” is being well-covered by Pterrafractyl. Almost every article I would’ve submitted has been already better-covered by Mr. Pt, and hat’s off.

    Huffington Post, is of course a suspect website source, but I am perhaps under the mistaken impression that the Emory research community here does due diligence on sorting out the poison from the pearls on each respective sourced site, whether it’s citing Wikipedia or Little Green Footballs.

    But point taken.

    Posted by R. Wilson | April 18, 2012, 11:07 pm
  12. And P.S.: I don’t think we’ll have to worry about voting for Obama. As I’ve written, there’s an Election of 1824 scenario being set-up. I don’t take Rove’s or Cheney’s or the Bush Crime Family’s public endorsements at face value. They’re keeping fingerprints off Palin-as-cat’s paw. There are too many “rogue candidates” for anyone to get the 270 electoral votes. And there’s an engineered GOP schism setting up the House of Reps “split vote”. Clinton/Clark will be chosen by default, despite being 3rd place behind Palin/Rand Paul, and Romney/Ryan. WIldcards like oil speculation, Euro withdrawal & European defaults are still ready for engineering. And Obama’s “heart attack” won’t be evidence that he wasn’t Team Bush, any more than the Secret Service Colombia “scandal” should be taken at face value either and not as political theatre.

    Back to Karl Rove’s Holder: I think it’s instructive which appointees get a smooth approval by the Senate & which don’t. Holder’s confirmation was strange precisely because it went too easily. Republicans aren’t known for restraint when there’s any opportunity to grandstand & obstruct.

    Likewise, but for different reasons, Hillary Clinton went from being “Hitlery” and “witch” and “the vast right-wing conspiracy girl” to Cheney’s darling. Ari Fleischer defended her last week regarding Colombia. No political hay is made of her “Bosnian sniper fire” story, or other campaign gaffes. Isn’t it strange how the Republicans are not making a peep about “Hitlery”? That’s uncharacteristic of the fascists. They have plans for her. Contrast Holder & HRC with Elizabeth Warren for a good compass on where the plot goes from here.

    Posted by R. Wilson | April 18, 2012, 11:14 pm
  13. @Robert Wilson–

    Rant #2:

    We’ll see. I feel it’s going to be Obama and Romney. What I’m looking to see is if Jeb Boy is the VP candidate, or whether they’ll keep him on the back burner for a few more years.

    You may be right about brokered conventions/1824 scenarios but I’ll have to see it to believe it.

    Just watch the polls, showing BO and Mittens neck and neck. Obama, for all his faults, differs from GOP on all kinds of things from gas mileage requirements on cars, energy policy, federal court appointments, extending the Bush tax cuts, health care and all kinds of other things.

    “Cayman Islands accounts” Romney, who is as reactionary as they come shouldn’t be within hailing distance. He’s no “moderate”, any more than the clit-cutters of the Muslim Brotherhood are “moderate.”

    I watch the media, who are overwhelmingly pro-Romney. His economic policies will be utterly disastrous if implemented, and they will be if a GOP legislature enters office with him.

    No way should this even be close after what the GOP did to the economy. But the media support Romney and do not support Obama. The slant to the coverage of this campaign is stunning.

    Check out the Ryan budget. BO is quite correct in labeling it social Darwinism. Romney characterized it as “marvelous.”

    Our Godforsaken media establishment–decked out in hotpants, halter tops, fishnet stockings, platform shoes and push-up bras, snapping their chewing gum as they accost passing motorists for a fee–are outdoing themselves.

    Oh, yes, speaking of whores, Hillary is history, BTW–already having said she won’t continue as Secretary at Foggy Bottom.

    What I’m torn about is whether the corporations–who clearly want Romney despite the bones Obama’s tossed to them–want Romney now, or would like to see a failed Obama second term.

    An Obama presidency in a second term, that might well be impaled on a Middle East firestorm stemming from the Muslim Brotherhood Spring and a new Wall Street “too big to fail crisis” clearing the way for a generation of GOP rule, as Norquist & Rove have predicted.

    If you think things are bad now, just wait. They are going to get unimaginably worse.

    The bottom line: fascism was not an aberration but a philosophy embraced by a decisive number of the world’s most powerful financial institutions, individuals and allied political interests.

    The Corporate State, as Mussolini put it, is triumphant. Fascism won the Second World War and the world will be knee deep in blood before long.

    As far as the death squads, they exist now and have for a long time. Thousands of Americans have fallen before them and many others will.

    You discussed Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King in a hypothetical context. I discussed them in a non-hypothetical context–they were offed, just like JFK and by the same interests. How many people have called for an investigation of their deaths?

    And do you REALLY think the American people care? I’ve been on the air for more than thirty years–for a quarter of a century in NY, LA and the Silicon Valley simultaneously– discussing those killings and many other things. Do you think the citizens of this country care? They DO NOT CARE!!!

    And I feel no pity for them whatsoever. None. Adlai Stevenson noted that “In a democracy, people usually get the kind of government they deserve.” The U.S. was a democracy at one time. It isn’t any more.

    The American people are getting the kind of government they deserve.

    Your distinction between “overt” and “covert” death squads is purely academic and without merit. The Powers That Be can operate quite openly and with impunity, whenever they see fit to do so.

    A congressional select committee found that there were conspiracies underlying the deaths of JFK and MLK and recommended the DOJ undertake an investigation of David Ferrie and the anti-Castro Cubans in New Orleans. That’s who Garrison was after. No one blinked here in the “Land of the Free [Lunch]”

    In addition, technology changes a great deal, vis a vis the methodology of slaughter. Check out FTR #’s 682, 606. There is a gene that provides immunity to infection by HIV. Only pure-bred Northern Europeans have it–Aryans. Do you REALLY think that is a Goddamn coincidence?

    People of African extraction have a pronounced genetic susceptibility to HIV. Do you REALLY think that is a coincidence?

    Hell’s Bells, they’re doing it now, and no one cares. Do you think Arianna & company will dare talk about it? Do you think Amy No-Damn-Goodman or any of the other front-running Nazi morons at Pacifica Radio will talk about it? Don’t hold your breath.

    Most importantly, the theoretical principals of Von Clausewitz are front and center in this discussion. Just as he noted that “War is the continuation of politics by other means,” so, too “Politics is the continuation of war by other means.”

    You do not need death camps, death squads, gas chambers, crematoria or the like to exterminate millions. The people slated for death in this country will be done to death by denying them proper nutrition, medical care, shelter, education, environmental protection, workplace safety, employment. The death toll will stretch WELL into the tens of millions.

    THAT is the real significance of the Ryan budget and the Romney/Underground Reich/GOP “austerity” agenda. The continuation of war by other means. “Death instead of Taxes.” “Give me Liberty, Give them Death!”

    And, BTW, I support the killing of Awlaki. He was involved in 9/11 and continued to motivate terrorists to kill Americans. American citizen or no, he was a son-of-a bitch and deserved what he got. Same with his miserable little son, who was following in Daddy’s footsteps. The implications of that for domestic policy are non-existent, for reasons I’ve already cited.

    Murdering a President because one differs with his policies is one thing. Murdering an incendiary cleric who provided support to the 9/11 hijackers is something very different and falls clearly within the purview of warfare, NOT jurisprudence.

    Everyone who has ever served in the American armed forces has taken an oath to defend the United States of America and its constitution against all enemies “foreign AND domestic.”

    Due process has no relevance whatsoever in this context. None.

    How much “due process” did this U.S. citizen’s colleagues afford their victims in World Trade Center, Pentagon and the hijacked planes?

    Now, if Obama would just use Predator drones and Hellfire missiles to dispatch Karl Rove, Grover Norquist, Talat Othman, Yaqub Mirza, Youssef Nada, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Ted Nugent, Arianna Huffington, Amy No-Damn-Goodman (denier of conspiratorial process behind killings of JFK, RFK, MLK et al; champion of Sami al-Arian, the investigation of whom led to the Operation Green Quest raids of 3/20/2002; beneficiary of the financial largess of George Soros), George Soros, Sami al-Arian, Julian Assange, Chip Berlet, Gerald Posner, Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson (“I have a scheme!”), Alexander Cockburn (denier of conspiratorial process behind death of JFK), Noam Chomsky (denier of conspiratorial process behind death of JFK), the Bush family, the Romney family, the Kardashian family, Snooki, John Boehner, Peter Thiel, Patri Friedman, David Ray Griffin, the Truthers, the Birthers, the folks who produce American Idol, Donald Trump and a whole lot of other people, maybe we’d get some place!


    Dave Emory

    Posted by Dave Emory | April 19, 2012, 12:04 am
  14. @R. Wilson: TBH, I have agreed with a good part of what you’ve written but at this time, I have seen nothing to suggest that this election could even come close to the madness of 1824’s……with that said, though, the GOP split does seem to be widening, and, quite frankly, if anything at all, it’s despite the Establishment’s best efforts to keep their favorite party together.

    @Dave: I don’t think Hillary’ll be running either. That said, though, Obama’s Presidency could perhaps run into more trouble….however, though, all of what I’ve seen so far doesn’t seem to indicate that the Arab Spring(I guess you could call it the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ Spring now, though, that they’ve pretty much co-opted the movement.)is going to be a major factor, and that the economy continues to improve somewhat. With that said, though, there is a possibility that things could indeed start to change.

    And, about the election? Despite the Establishment’s favoring the Repub candidate, most of the evidence I’ve seen seems to be telling me that a LOT of people are beginning to bail on the GOP; they’re either likely to stay home or they may just choose a third-party candidate(i.e. Ron Paul), kinda like what happened in ’92 when Ross Perot basically fatally undermined Quayle’s campaign. The thing is, Obama’s already taken the lead by a good margin at this point in the game. If a guy like Ron Paul ends up running, this could backfire on the Establishment people even more; I don’t know how many of you guys know this but the majority of progressives woke up to RP’s bullshit quite a while ago…..although it is indeed true that some people remain hoodwinked, there just aren’t a lot of things going in his favor at the moment, so it’s always possible he’ll remain on the sidelines, perhaps as one of Mittens’s cheerleaders.

    Posted by Steven L. | April 19, 2012, 12:41 am
  15. @Dave: These two rants are like missiles of truth. However, I feel that you are really angry. It’s understadable after 30 years of fight against a system that has managed to put everyone asleep. I don’t know what to say to you to cheer you up. For myself, there are days when I am completely disgusted by humans. I don’t understand why they do the things they do. It’s so easy to build a better world, all you have to do is to follow the teachings of Jesus, Confucius, Socrates, Hermann Hesse and similar thinkers.

    Frank Gaffney, a decent conservative, with the Center for Security Policy has been doing some great work lately on Secure Freedom Radio. Maybe you could appear on his show, or vice versa, and start building new collaborations and contributions. People who want to do good on this planet must join forces against the enemy. That’s the only way.

    Take care brother.

    Posted by Claude | April 20, 2012, 10:58 am
  16. @Claude–

    Yeah, I’m angry. Upon examination, R. Wilson’s post was, on the balance, a closet right-wing polemic. It may not have been intended as such, but it serves the interests of Romney/Bush/Hitler.

    Convince enough folks there’s no difference between Obama/Romney and you accomplish what the Naderoids accomplished in 2000.

    In addition to the quotes from the closet right-wing “Huffington Post,” the testimony comes from the likes of Joe Wilson (who worked with Abdurahman Alamadoudi’s brother, wife of Valerie Plame, now obsessed with finding out more about her Ukrainian [OUN/B?] heritage.)

    When the dust settled, the whole Plame/Wilson affair ended up as an attempt at hanging the Iraq invasion on Israel/the Jews. It’s a long story, but that’s the way it played out.

    For all the shortcomings of Obama, one need only look at the difference between Obama’s Supreme Court appointees and and the Scalia/Alito BundesSchutzen.

    The fed court appointments are the most important thing any President does.

    And weeping over Awlaki is simply sick. One of the reasons that the right-wing’s screeching rhetoric has JUST ENOUGH resonance to work is that the so-called progressive sector gives them all the ammo to shoot accurately.

    American citizen or no, Awlaki was a participant in 9/11, fled the country right afterward, went to Yemen and continued to agitate for asymmetrical warfare against the U.S.

    To a considerable extent, the so-called progressive sector IS pro-terrorist.

    As I noted, everyone who has ever served in the U.S. armed forces has taken an oath pledging to defend this country and its constitution against all enemies “foreign AND domestic.”

    That oath has never been impugned or ruled unconstitutional.

    My real anger, however, is at myself.

    I’d allowed myself to place too much faith in R. Wilson, who’s done some good work in the past.

    I’m pissed at myself for not being more rigorously vigilant against closet-Nazi B.S. Not to say Wilson’s closet-Nazi, but that screed he unloaded sure as hell is. I should have just trashed the comment.



    Posted by Dave Emory | April 20, 2012, 4:42 pm
  17. @ Steven–

    George H.W. Bush was running for President in 1992. Quayle was the VP candidate. Ross Perot is ONI. That election was a manifestation of the long-standing conflict between CIA and ONI.

    You don’t pay much attention to the posts I put up here, do you sonny boy?

    Ron Paul will take votes away from Obama, more so than Romney (his close political ally), due to the sort of apparently compulsive stupidity on the part of the so-called progressive sector that’s been all too much in evidence on this website of late.



    Posted by Dave Emory | April 20, 2012, 4:48 pm
  18. @Dave: I did pay attention, Dave. I just happen to find myself disagreeing with a few things concerning this election, that’s all.
    Ron Paul’s a slick little bastard, yes, but I’m still not convinced he’ll make too big of a dent this year, not yet.
    (However, though, I must admit it’s only April, and there is always a possibility that things could very well happen as you described, so I’ll keep my eyes open.)

    That said, though, I must be honest and admit that I haven’t looked at your older material in a long time. Perhaps it’s time to visit the archives again, eh? =)

    And, quite frankly, I’m not too happy with the fact that the progressive sector has had some apologists for terrorism, either, nor that some of these same people continue to be too terribly dense to understand that RP is a slick operator who’s only pandering for votes like every other ReCon(yes, pun intended), and that he’s been in bed with fascists for many years now.

    @Claude: And, btw, you may wish to look at my com­ment on that Hun­gar­ian labor pro­gram article….Gaffney isn’t such a good guy(you can check Wikipedia if you’d like, that arti­cle has decent sources).

    Frankly, I’d rather stick to John Lof­tus because he seems to be a far more gen­uine per­son and wasn’t involved in that bloody dis­as­ter called PNAC, unlike GAFFEney(yes, pun intended.).

    Posted by Steven L. | April 20, 2012, 6:16 pm
  19. And, frankly, Dave, I agree with you on Al-Awlaki as well. The bastard had it coming for a long while now, for all the things he did, and convinced other people to do.

    BTW, Dave, I have a question about a certain Democrat: what is your opinion of Elizabeth Warren, the Mass. Senatorial candidate?

    Posted by Steven L. | April 20, 2012, 6:39 pm
  20. @Dave Emory,

    I found your comment that “A very knowl­edge­able, well-placed source informed me that one of Romney’s close aides com­mit­ted sui­cide not too long ago, cit­ing in the sui­cide note his stunned dis­may at learn­ing that his boss was a Nazi.” to be very interesting and potentially revelatory if factual. May I ask, would you be willing to divulge or disclose the name of this Romney aide that committed suicide? I don’t think divulging their name would in any way endanger or expose your source. I’d be interested to know and I’m surprised no one else drew attention to these comments of yours, perhaps the most earth shattering.

    Posted by Josh | April 28, 2012, 10:50 pm
  21. @Josh

    Unfortunately I can’t do that. Part of the professional position that the individual is in is a formal, signed agreement that they cannot “publish.” That means disclosing something under their own name publicly.

    Anyone familiar with my methodology over the years knows that annotation/sourcing is fundamental to what I do.

    If I could give the attribution, I would. I revealed that statement because I consider it to be of paramount importance.

    Suffice it to say, you can put it in the bank.

    Check out the links between Ron Paul, whose Nazi connections are a matter of public record and Mitt. (The “All Roads Lead to Romney.”

    Thanks for your interest,


    Posted by Dave Emory | April 28, 2012, 11:26 pm
  22. @Dave: I can’t honestly blame you for keeping the secret, as it were: That person’s life could be placed in very serious jeopardy if their identity was to be disclosed….. so I definitely see where you’re coming from, and I would have made the same decision myself.

    That said, I do hope that we can continue to keep exposing more and more dirt on ol’ Ronnie as time goes on. This site will continue to be one of my top sources for such. =)

    Posted by Steven L. | April 29, 2012, 4:35 am
  23. I wasn’t asking for the identity of the source. I was asking for the identity of the person who committed suicide, which reveals nothing about the source. I’m wondering the name of the Romney aide, not the name of the source for the story.

    Posted by Josh | April 29, 2012, 1:21 pm
  24. @Josh–

    Don’t know if that will be possible. I’ll see, but don’t count on it.

    The situation is as follows: the disclosure was in a suicide note penned by a long time friend and political supporter of Romney’s.

    The person took their own life when they discovered that Romney was, literally, a Nazi.

    Although very conservative, the deceased was not a Nazi and was shocked to see an element of the Third Reich alive, breathing, thriving in 2010.

    They were not able to stand the cognitive dissonance and, not being young, could not endure the knowledge that they had helped further a cause to which they were opposed and which they had long thought to have disappeared.

    Making a specific disclosure might be exposing people to retribution.

    I’ll see, but don’t count on it.

    I also think it isn’t THAT important, past a point.

    On the subject of the GOP and Nazis:

    I played a small role in breaking the original Von Bolschwing story back in 1981. (The Heinz Hohne material came from Yours Truly).

    It is a matter of record that the GOP incorporated Third Reich alumni as part of their ethnic outreach wing.

    The head of Presidential Liaison (as discussed in FTR #529) under Reagan was Ykaterina Chumachenko, head of the OUN/B!

    The Bush family has a Third Reich history dating back to the early 1920’s.

    On the Bush/Nazi links–FTR#’s 273, 361, 370, 435.

    Poppy was very close to the Gehlen/ABN milieu.

    Again, check out “Citizen Ron Paul”, a truly foul creature whose Nazi sympathies/affiliations are on the record.

    Paul and Romney are joined at the hip, as I pointed out in the post about “All roads lead to Romney”.

    So it really should come as no surprise that the “verMITTler” (German word for “agent”) should be a Nazi.

    In conclusion, NEVER forget the profound, inextricable link between fascism/Nazism and transnational corporate dealings.

    The introduction to the “Books for Download” section contains a good macro-economic synopsis of this dynamic.

    And NEVER overlook the warning I sounded in 1980 in “Uncle Sam and the Swastika”, excerpted on the front page of this website.

    Mitt’s Nazi fingerprints shouldn’t surprise.



    Posted by Dave Emory | April 29, 2012, 2:27 pm

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