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Is Carl Lundstrom Financing a New Download/Pirate Site?

COMMENT: There is speculation that Carl Lundstrom [1] may be the financial angel behind BayFiles. Lundstrom is the Swedish fascist financier underwriting much of the Pirate Bay operation [2], which enfolded WikiLeaks’ [3]operations for a time [4].

BayFiles has been characterized as a successor outfit to Pirate Bay.

“Pirate Bay Founders Launch New Cyberlocker” by Andrew Orlowsky; The Register; 8/30/2011. [5]

EXCERPT: The founders of The Pirate Bay have launched a Rapidshare knock-off called BayFiles. Anyone can upload material to the cyberlocker without creating an account. The site does not appear to be scanning for infringement. . . .

. . . The cyberlockers depend on paid subscriptions or on obliging the users to wait for the download to start, during which time advertisements are displayed. A program called JDownloader bypasses many of these roadblocks. One user’s description of the program reads: “Having this would mean that you get almost same functioanlity [sic] as a premium user of Rapidshare, without spending any money!” The source code is increasingly used by NAS manufacturers to make their media servers more attractive by automating the download process.

The funding behind BayFiles remains a mystery. The Pirate Bay’s millionaire backer and largest shareholder is neo-fascist Carl Lundström, who was thrown out of the far-right New Democracy party for being too right wing. One web report suggests Lundstrom is also behind BayFiles, but this is unconfirmed.